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Happy Spring!

Happy Holi, and Nowruz Pirooz, Nowruz Mobarak to all who celebrate!

It’s a deep time for new beginnings & planting seeds with the Spring Equinox, and New Moon is in Aries today.

Beginning of the zodiac, new season, for many New Year and new moon.

So much newness!

Consequently, I was not surprised when this card from Gentle Creatures Wisdom deck wanted to fly into our lives this week.


conjuror tarot card reading

Our soft brown, horned creature sits by a fire, right hand up where a snowy owl is coming in to land and confer. A Full Moon is bright in the background.

It’s interesting to note I am writing this literally during the true New Moon in Aries – a beginning of beginnings – into the very beginning of it’s waxing phase. So this Full Moon in the card may signify an invitation to take the upcoming waxing Moon cycle to conjure what you desire. To seed or start dreaming your visions with March 21st’s New Moon, then intentionally conjure and release them to the magick of the unknown, of the natural world, of fire, of owl, of forest on April 5th’s Full Moon.

Please note, the terms Conjure and Conjurer have deep connotations in many African Religious Traditions (ART) that I am not qualified to speak on. If they are of your tradition and this card speaks to you in those ways, wonderful.

In our creature’s left hand is a wand, with what looks to me like a dried, speared pear at the top, leaves, feathers, and beads flowing in the wind.

At our Creature’s feet are mushrooms: sustenance, magick, mind altering, a connection to all life through the mycelial web. The patience to wait for conditions to be right before popping up; to be clear about who and what you are – tasty or poison – while still expecting others to do the work to know and understand you and your medicines.

Take your time. Set your intentions. Listen to the elements, and creatures, ask support of your guides, Ancestors, Descendants, the land.

Cast your spell.

Arwen writes:
“Once you have done your asking, hush. Be silent. Remember that you have two ears and one mouth so you can listen twice as much. Many of us never allow the Universe to answer us. We keep talking right over the messages. Or we deny the answer.”

May we listen to where the world, our needs, wants, and desires, are answering us.

Even if it’s not an answer we want.

May it be the answer we need.

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