Conscious Energy Healing

In 2002, I set out on an unexpected journey. The sandcastles of my carefully constructed worldview were washed away by a rising tide of experiences beyond my understanding. A wall came crashing down. Beyond it lay a set of doorways. With each step along this path, I became friends with the unknown and the unknowable. Ultimately, even the walker, path, and passageway dissolved.

Dr. Bill with a patient at age 4
Dr. Bill, age 4, with one of his first patients.

In 2002 I was the subject of an experiment along with 47 other people at the “Human Bioenergetics Laboratory” located on the University of Arizona School of Medicine’s Tucson campus. Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., a professor at the Medical School and researcher of the paranormal designed the experiment. When I arrived that Friday, I was a practicing physician and molecular biologist. When I left on Sunday, I was an energy medicine practitioner.

Over the last 21 years, I have continued to practice what I now affectionately referred to as “Medical Qigong,” and incorporate it into my standard western medical practice. I had heard that term in passing many times before. I never really gave it much thought until that day, when I met a world-renowned and awesomely powerful practitioner by the name of Reverend Rosalyn L. Bruyere, D.D. ( What I once regarded as myth, fantasy, and fraud has become my reality and I now realize that all of us have the ability to perform miracles.

When I returned to Colorado and my solo Internal Medicine practice two days later, I was not prepared for what happened. A desperate patient had returned seeking my help. He had undergone a total knee replacement for osteoarthritis, and, for whatever reason, the pain had only worsened, and the mobility of the joint was almost absent. Unable to exercise, his diabetes and hypertension were out of control despite multiple medications. He was on anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications and was suicidal from the pain. He was dying.

Rosalyn had spent a few minutes with me teaching me an ancient and very basic technique of energy medicine. Out of pure desperation, I decided to try it. I followed instructions and pulled “energy,” which Rosalyn had referred to as “Qi,” into my body from the ground through my feet into my abdomen. I placed my hands facing each other on either side of his knee and emitted the energy out of my palms, alternating the flow towards each other.

There was a very clear barrier in his knee restricting the passage of the energy between my hands. After a minute or so, the barrier suddenly dissolved, and the Qi energy began to bounce strongly between my palms. At that exact moment, the patient reported complete relief from his pain. I opened my eyes and looked at his expression of surprise. I had him stand up. The pain and poor mobility of his joint was completely gone!

We were both stunned. I had done in minutes what western medicine could not do. No narcotic or anti-inflammatory medicine had even touched the pain. He had even been placed under anesthesia to forcefully move the knee to try to fix the restriction and pain. This had failed. What force caused this effect remains a mystery to me to this day, despite over twenty years of study and experience.

While I could easily explain the resolution of the pain as being independent of an actual change in the tissues, the restoration of his mobility could not be explained that easily. After years of experience, with even this, the simplest of Energy Medicine techniques, I have witnessed instances of very rapid recovery of tissue and organ function that put me in a state of awe. I will never know the extent of our ability to affect the physical by using these methods.

To my knowledge, after following that case for years, the effect was permanent. In the next week, his blood sugar levels quickly improved, his high blood pressure normalized, and he had no further chest pain or shortness of breath. We quickly tapered his pain medications. Now that he was once again in control of his fate, his anxiety and anti-depressant medications followed. Within six months, as he began to exercise again, he lost enough weight that we withdrew his insulin and blood pressure medications.

It was not just that these things happened, it was the speed with which they happened that shocked me. His neuropathy from diabetes, a condition very difficult to treat and reverse, went away in a very short period of time. I was left without an explanation.

Energy Medicine (EM) saved his life. I was witnessing the tremendous power of the human body to heal, repair and recover. I love this power and am helpless as a healer without it. The famous physician Albert Schweitzer said it best:

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us not knowing that truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work.”

I continued to study with Rosalyn for over 2 decades. I repeated the same treatment for thousands of patients over the last 21 years and found that it works almost on every occasion, regardless of the severity of the problem. Almost everyone can be taught to manipulate “Qi” in this simple manner and I have taught thousands of patients to do so.

Other techniques and realizations would come to me that further changed my worldview. You are not what you think you are. You are not what you have been told you are.

You are a vibrating cloud of conscious energy that has access to states of consciousness that allow you to perform what can only be described as miracles for yourself and others. You have two bodies. One is easily seen and composed of what we refer to as “matter.” Your other body is composed of energy, subtle energy, that is less easily appreciated but can also be manipulated. You have two minds and access to a third more powerful mind.

The mind that you are most familiar with, the ordinary mind, is associated with the physical object we refer to as the brain. While the brain is extremely powerful, it is not the source of consciousness. It is merely a filter that allows survival in the physical world. Human consciousness has been proven to exist without brain activity.

“The brain does not create consciousness, but consciousness created the brain, the most complex physical form on earth, for its expression.”
– Eckhart Tolle

Your second mind, which we will call the Superconscious Mind, can be accessed by the ordinary mind. When certain states of consciousness are achieved, we experience brief episodes where we enter the field of consciousness associated with this mind. On these occasions, people report what is known as intuitive episodes. Information from the broader field of consciousness enters our awareness and time and space lose their meaning.

Certain individuals can enter and remain in this state of consciousness associated with this mind and report information they cannot be attained with the ordinary mind. Because of this, we refer to them as “physics” and many of us regard them as insane or frauds. They operate with a sensory that we do not appreciate that many call the 6th sense or third eye. They are capable of receiving and perceiving information not available to the brain and five senses.

Over the last 21 years, I have uncovered reproducible evidence that we are all psychic. While we live most of our lives operating principally with the ordinary mind and brain, beyond this, beyond a thin veil of understanding, lay experiences that we can all have that immediately convince us that this second mind exists. What is amazing is that through manipulation of our subtle energy bodies, we can easily enter this state of consciousness associated with the superconscious mind and receive information that is stunning in its vastness and operate in a realm where what we consider magical or mystical becomes the ordinary.

When we experience intuition or other psychic experiences with our ordinary mind it is as if we are looking through a keyhole at a larger, more inclusive super conscious mind. We do not have to settle for this limited view and can open the door to the Superconscious mind very easily. In this state, the metaphysical can directly affect the physical, and a new means of treating disease becomes evident. Once we can enter the superconscious mind on a consistent basis it is as if we are looking through another keyhole at the one mind or universal mind.

The transition from these states of consciousness associated with these minds is remarkably easy. I have taught well over 1000 people how to attain this level of consciousness within minutes and do so in my medical practice every day. In terms of medical effectiveness, I have found no other technique that even approaches this. People heal from things that they are not supposed to based on western medical expectations.

The Gold Technique

Around two years into my exploration of the medical utility of energy medicine, one of the students Rosalyn Bruyere had worked with for years had developed a technique for the treatment of neurologic disorders which she called the gold technique. I found this technique extremely useful in my medical practice and it quickly became my preferred method of treatment for my patients. The technique is very simple and involves absorbing subtle energy into the practitioner’s body, converting it into a particular form of energy, and emitting it out the palms into the central nervous system through the brain.

With this technique, I found that I could treat any portion of the body very quickly and effectively as well as determine where there were energy defects that needed attention. These areas of energy defects I could confirm were associated with physical problems detectable with medical imaging. One day after performing many of these treatments the most astonishing thing I have ever experienced happened.

I was working with a woman who was totally disabled from total body pain attributed to a disorder known as fibromyalgia as well as severe anxiety. It had destroyed her life. I had worked with her before and had limited success. She would always return to her state of severe pain and anxiety following the treatments almost immediately.

While I was performing the technique that day, I went into a state of profound bliss and peace unexpectedly. Simultaneously and immediately the patient reported complete relief of her pain and anxiety. At that moment I experienced a very odd sensation that took me many years to understand. I felt a wave of energy come across my body in a gentle but appreciable manner when her pain disappeared. After that treatment, the patient reported that her pain disappeared for over a week, a circumstance she had not experienced for decades. Once I was able to teach her to enter that state consistently, her pain and anxiety left, never to return.

I wasn’t able to return to discuss this with Rosalyn Bruyere for months until I was able to attend another teaching session with her in California. I was only briefly able to recount the experience as she is very busy and has many students. Her reply: “Oh, that is just the Biggest Aura Wins effect.”

After careful investigation over many years, I was able to determine that the energy field of every individual is constantly monitoring the energy fields that exist around it, including those of other human beings. When I entered a state of complete relaxation and bliss, my patient was able to utilize my field to enter the same state of consciousness. In this particular state of consciousness, I have been able to determine that pain and anxiety reliably disappear in everyone who can attain it.

I now use the gold technique on a daily basis in my medical practice. Simply by having the patient record and remember the body and mental sensations that occur in this state they are able to reproduce and then reenter the state at will. Depending on the ability of the patient to spend significant amounts of time in this state of consciousness, not only do their symptoms abate but they experience healing of physical issues on a level that is somewhat difficult to explain.

On one level, the absence of stress and anxiety diverts subtle energy resources, which are like nutrients to the body organs, from the stress response to the repair response naturally without any further needed intervention. On another level, something more mysterious is occurring. If intent is used while in this state of consciousness, which is something like a prayer, physical disorders that have not been resolved through standard medical techniques resolve.

I have studied medicine and science since the age of four and I am now 66. I have practiced medicine for over 33 years working with people who are extremely ill and dying of diseases that cannot be addressed by standard western medicine at all. There is no question in my mind that energy medicine techniques are not only effective but extremely easy and extremely cheap. In fact, once one knows how to perform them, they are essentially free.

Having perfected my teaching skills over these years I can say that for most people two or three sessions lasting around 30 minutes apiece allow the majority of people to achieve healing on an unprecedented level. As I’m approaching retirement, I do not want this technique to disappear with my exit from standard medicine. Because of its simplicity and power and broad application, I have decided to ignore my discomfort at the possibility of criticism from my peers. I am constructing an audiobook with the hope that this will guide patients to this state of consciousness as effectively as I have in person.




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