Dear Shannon: Gone But Not Out and Blinded by the Light


gone but not out guidance

Dear Shannon,

I am not old, but I feel old. How can I recapture my sense of youthful fluidity?

Gone But Not Out

Dear Gone,

Rigidity of mind is a sign of “age,” and flexibility of mind is a sign of “maturity.” The steps to develop the latter are:

  1. Experimentation with novelty – take new routes to work, stop at a different grocery store, listen to a different radio station.
  2. Not holding such a high ideal around “the best” or “the winner” in any category. Seeing the gray, the pro’s and con’s of each side, standing in another’s shoes, even when you vehemently disagree with them, find the core of why they might feel that way.
  3. Noticing the desire to medicate your anxiety with only one specific remedy. Discovering multiple ways to self-soothe that are different from that single one.
  4. Allowing yourself to “run out of” foods and substances that you have become attached to.

Practice these mantras: “I allow. I receive. I can. I am present to what is, right now.”

Always remember #YouAreGuided,

Hi Shannon,

I feel resentful and blind to the messages my angels and guides are sending. Other people think I’m lucky. I’m not seeing it. Help?

Blinded by the light

Dear Blinded,

When you follow your hunches, most plans work out beautifully. When you rebel, delay, procrastinate, question excessively, or try to control outcomes, you’re getting in the way.

Try this script: “Universe, please surprise and delight me! I am eager to hear from you. Please let me know you are listening and caring for me!” Write down the next image that pops into your mind, the next sound or song you hear, and the next “odd” occurrence that takes place within a few minutes. Pursue those as clues on the path.

Always remember #YouAreGuided,


Shannon Walbran is an advice columnist for The Edge Magazine. She is a certified intuitive life coach, practicing since 2003. Shannon helps clients worldwide and is based in both St. Paul, Minnesota, and Johannesburg, South Africa. Her website is

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