New Aries Moon 2023


Exact time of full moon: March 21, 2023 at 12:22pm CST

We think Aries is the beginning. Understandably so, springtime is a time of rebirth. Like the seedling popping out of the soil, we have contained within us all the motivation necessary to grow up into a big, beautiful forest. But the fact of the matter is that frost can still happen. Yes, the days are now longer than the nights and the Sun is getting higher and higher in the sky. Yet with all the intensity, bravado, and self-assuredness that so often accompanies the archetype of Aries, it is important to understand how tender the seedling actually is.

The Sun is hot and can scorch the young plant. The wind is strong and can blow the plant face down into the mud- after the rain had already beaten it down! Therefore, it is incumbent upon the little seedling to remember its intention for manifesting in the first place. According to the Archetypology of the Seasons, that happened at Winter Solstice. Think back to three months ago. What were your New Year’s resolutions then? What life had you imagined yourself living, now that it’s Spring? Winter Solstice is the beginning. Aries is the birth from the underworld into the world of the manifest.

Aries zodiac astrology for 2023Image by Darkmoon Art from Pixabay

In my book, Winter Solstice, with the rebirth of the Sun, is the beginning of the year, Aries is already one quarter in! We set an intention in Capricorn season for what we want the entire year to look like. Here, with this New Moon in Aries just hours after the Spring Equinox, our deepest intentions are tested.

Do we have the strength and courage to bring our intentions into manifestation? Are we willing to do the work necessary? In spite of the proverbial, scorching sun, pounding rain, and toppling wind, can we still maintain our individual and authentic trajectory through the world? It may still freeze from time to time. There may be bigger plants blocking the light. But now is our chance.

Astrologically speaking, with this New Aries Moon, if we need to make an empowered choice, make it. If we need to do something we know is right, but might upset some other people, do it. If anything in our life is scary, and we know that moving through the situation would ultimately be in our best interest, move through it. There is an immediacy now which we must heed. When we find the energy to move, we must move. Any fear will paralyze us.

Be strong, make the choice, choose with confidence knowing who you are and what your mission is. Hold true to your core intentions. Act and work as if it were all up to us knowing full well that we are part of a much larger orchestra.

– Courtesy of Evolutionary Astrology with Ryan Evans


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Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans is a Certified Master Level Astrologer. A student of 25 years and a professional for 15, having studied with Steven Forrest, Pat Kaluza, and others, he practices an integrative approach to Astrology combining imagery, past life analysis, and healthy encouragement of choice and free-will. As an organic flower farmer of 20 years, he aligns his engagement and practice of Astrology with the observed and experienced lessons and teachings of the Natural World and her rhythms. In a reading, Ryan describes the mythology and poetry of the Solar System and the Seasons of the Earth and how they are reflected in the myth and poetry of YOU.


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