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During World War II, Winston Churchill regularly consulted mediums and psychics, including my own father, and brought them together – the very best in the country to form what was known in secret documents as The Black Team.

After the war oe Benjamin would advertise as Churchill’s favorite medium. Every single thing was decided by these occultists, even the date for the D-Day invasion. At one point, Churchill and his mentor Lord Rothschild were both the victim of a fake psychic who gave false info about the war. Churchill relied on psychics, much like President Ronnie Reagan, Hilary Clinton and Tony Blair.

Because Britain’s wartime intelligence services leaked like a sieve, all this occult info ended up at the Kremlin, and Russia went on to develop some very gifted psychic spies of their own.

Russian specialists developed telepathic contact with dolphins and transmitted thought commands. This would later be used in the military sphere for dolphins to carry bombs to enemy ships.

Film exists of Russian housewives Nina Kulagina and Alla Vinogradova moving objects by thought alone, and of Boris Ermolan levitating small objects.

In 1992 Rogozin worked as first Chief Deputy of Presidential security*. He developed and worked with telepathy, passing messages across the Pacific Fleet, clairvoyance, astrology, applied psychology, parapsychology, hypnosis by soul travel, and his own abilities grew at a fantastic rate, and he became known as “The Nostradamus of the Security Services.”

General Rogozin paperwork

This panicked the US administration who instigated their own psychic developments across the world with various cover names, under the cover of Stanford University, to have parity with Major General Georgy Rogozin and the Russian teams of psychics. Huge sums were spent by the USA on such things as remote viewing – previously known as lucid dreaming, out of body experiences or astral projection.

I myself witnessed a demonstration of this in the London US embassy in the early 1970s by psychic Frank Hyde who mentally rummaged through secret documents in the upstairs secure room, much to the shock of those downstairs watching. After the huge success of the Russian experiments, the USA asked General Stubblebine to develop their own psychic soldiers. In the UK the book Men Who Stare at Goats became a byword for mickey taking, as no goats were ever involved. The well-known Lawyer Victor Zammit has had for many years offered £1 milion to anyone who can disprove the psychic sciences or life after death, this was copied by the now disgraced James Randi.

Rasputin the Russian healer monk had his skills exactly duplicated here in London by Healer Harry Edwards, and today the spiritual healer Sefim Shubetsov uses these same techniques. In Russia the Bulgarian blind psychic Baba Vanga was officially tested and over 90% of what she predicted was correct and she was consulted by many heads of state, including Churchill’s emissaries. The militarization of psychic faculties has brought out a plethora of fake mediums spoon bending cranks card readers and the genuinely deluded, but this does not negate the real positive data in the studies.

Carl Jung said a persistently negative state of skepticism he called Misodneism and said it was linked to atheism, depression and mental illness.

General Rogozin palm print*Rogozin, while serving under Alexander Korzhakov, a former KGB general who was head of the presidential security service from 1993 to 1996, dealt in occult and parapsychological activities. Rogozin claimed to raise the souls of the dead, penetrate people’s subconscious through photographs, and wrote horoscopes for Boris Yeltsin. The retired Russian general Boris Ratnikov reported that his boss Rogozin would lie down and fall into a hypnotic state. He claimed to use a photograph to penetrate Madeleine Albright’s subconscious among others, Decisions on the Cuban missile crisis were also confused and delayed by Russian thought control.

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