Starcodes: March 10-16

Starcodes for the week of March 10-16, 2023

This week brings a touch of magical realism or unrealistic pragmatism, depending on how we play it, as the dream world seeps into our daily life while the world insists that we stay on track. The mood is generally soft and atmospheric during the low-energy dregs of winter with Saturn in sensitive Pisces, the Sun and Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and Mars in Gemini squares Neptune.

A doubt, questioning, confusion, lie, or misperception that began in October as Mars first squared Neptune, continued to work around Thanksgiving as retrograde Mars squared Neptune again, now comes up for one last response and then begins to resolve after this week as direct Mars squares Neptune for the third time. Think about an insecurity, a problem, or confusion which now blocks, but can roll away. A new dream is on the horizon.

This Neptunian quality has another edge, this year we have witnesses the cultural preconceptions, illusions, shared delusions, cultural projections, and the problems they cause, all negative sides of Neptune. These Neptunian aspects can also really stir the winds and the waters, keep an eye out for water damage, storm damage, and even spilled coffee by the computer.

If only we could dive into this sea of Pisces to rest and dream of a productive summer ahead. Venus now in Aries wants action. Mercury, which symbolizes our nervous system and how we communicate, connects with deep, brooding Pluto and restless Uranus and spurs creative discomfort. Instead of feeling ineffectual and guilty about it, we can timeshare throughout the day. Resting introspection prepares us for action.

We need this softness, this room to let our psyches adjust to some major changes to the astrological landscape which occur this month. Saturn entered Pisces last week, Venus enters her home sign of Taurus by the end of this week, the Sun and Mercury enter Aries March 19/20, Pluto enters Aquarius March 23, and Mars enters Cancer on March 25.

But for now – this weekend – a focused Scorpio Moon takes as deep into our personal life to concentrate or obsess, depending upon what we choose to do with this focus. We may not be feeling particularly sociable but when we do reach out we could create surprising connections, humor, and even a flirtatious moment as Venus in Aries sextiles Mars in Gemini.

On Monday a restless Sagittarius Moon can make it a challenge to track all that needs to be done as it instills a desire to travel or broaden our horizons. Throughout the week we can feel that magical realism or unrealistic pragmatism in a low-energy moment where we want magic but may have trouble staying focused as Mars squares Neptune and the Sun conjuncts Neptune. Find that magic, that intuitive approach, dream over seed catalogs for a future garden. Run with that metaphor and get ready to seed life’s next chapter.

Wednesday and Thursday the Capricorn Moon helps us focus even though with Mercury conjunct Neptune our minds are open but may have trouble with the details. Towards the end of the week consequences come due, that can be a lovely bit of good coming our way for work we’ve done before, or difficulties arising because of some event in the past. Stay hopeful, do the right and honorable thing and work on untangling knots rather than re-tangling as Venus squares Pluto then enters Taurus.

Starcodes week of March 10 through 16

Friday, March 10: We could all use some encouragement, our brains could feel fuzzy and our hearts busy or laden. But we don’t have to do it alone; ask, people will tend to be helpful. Late afternoon our brains sharpen but so do our moody concerns as the Moon enters broody Scorpio and Mercury challenges Pluto. Step out of a desire for retribution and focus on the real goals. Concentrate rather than worry.

Moon opposed Venus 2:06 AM, Moon trine Mars 4 AM, Moon square Pluto 4:36 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 5:05 PM, Moon trine Saturn 5:51 PM, Mercury semi-square Pluto 11:05 PM.

Saturday, March 11: It furthers to have something positive to obsess upon as the Scorpio Moon takes us deep. It’s a good day to concentrate on a project and see it through, but if the mind starts to wander into unproductive places, haul it back. We may not feel like reaching out, but if we do the reaction can be positive as Venus in Aries sextiles Mars and brings a flirtatious undertone and friendly support, just irritation with those that waste our time. Keep signals clear. Tonight, some shift in perspective allows us to see the world in a different light as Jupiter conjunct Chiron.

Venus sextile Mars 8:04 AM, Mercury sextile Uranus 2:04 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 10:42 PM, Jupiter conjunct Chiron 11:53 PM.

Sunday, March 12: This is a day of potential magic and emotional power, irritation and depth; let go of outdated dreams and do some deep work on a goal that matters as the Scorpio Moon trines the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces. As Venus and Mars sextile, Mars squares Neptune, notice tension between an outgoing sociability and internal trust issues; be optimistic but realistic and proceed but with eyes open.

Moon trine Mercury 12:07 AM, Moon trine Sun 10:31 AM, Moon trine Neptune 4:18 PM.

Monday, March 13: Track carefully anything that absolutely needs to get done as the Sagittarius Moon squares Saturn this morning; though we can multitask easily, our attention is as easily scattered and distracted. Enjoy the conversation this afternoon, use this magical sense of possibilities to open a door.

Moon sextile Pluto 12:58 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 1:20 AM, Moon square Saturn 2:33 AM.

Tuesday, March 14: Feel a hint of spring fever, a desire to start travel plans or take on the next adventure as The Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter this morning. Don’t take action until it’s clear, but it could be time to let go of a project or friendship that’s just not working as Mars finishes its square to Neptune and create room for a new phase. We could also see the end of an illusion, delusion, or con; speak honestly where truth is needed, bear witness to what is clear, but keep the dust of unsubstantiated opinions down.

Moon trine Jupiter 3:56 AM, Moon square Mercury 3:38 PM, Mars square Neptune 5:38 PM, Moon square Sun 8:08 PM, Moon square Neptune 9:37 PM, Moon opposes Mars 9:45 PM.

Wednesday, March 15: The vibe is spacey but can shift to competence if we can remember what we’re doing as the Sun conjuncts dreamy Neptune under a competent Capricorn moon. We can get cranky when things don’t quite as go quite as planned, but the unexpected can actually add to the situation. Expect tangential lines and confused process. It’s a great night for a good movie, or long meditation or art class; be careful around alcohol and engage Neptune constructively.

Moon trine Venus 2:50 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 6:05 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 7:41 AM, Sun conjunct Neptune 5:39 PM.

Thursday, March 16: Our intuition is strong, so pay attention to dreams, hits, or sudden flashes of inspiration as Mercury conjunct Neptune. But watch sudden impulses as the Sun and Mercury also square activating Mars. Watch for accidents involving water, liquids, escapist substances, mistaken identity. Some recent losses can make us want more security, need more reassurance as Venus squares Pluto then enters Taurus.

Moon square Jupiter 8:16 AM, Moon trine Uranus 9:21 AM, Mercury conjunct Neptune 11:12 AM, son square Mars 12:09 PM, Venus square Pluto 1:58 PM, Venus enters Taurus 4:34 PM, Mercury square Mars 10:48 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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