Starcodes: March 24-30


Starcodes for the week of March 24-30, 2023

The world’s agenda, and our own concerns, begin to change themes and start a new chapter over the last week and this one as the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, and Pluto change signs and spring advances. In the first few weeks after a planet changes signs we often see a course correction and an example of the work we’ll need to do during its journey in that sign.

Like a riverbank softening under spring rains, our concept of security, foundations, limitations, and boundaries softened and became muddied as Saturn entered Pisces on March 6. A string of bank wobbles began 3 days later. Water damage from thawing snows and weird storms wear away foundations around the country. But this Saturn will also offer us an opportunity to rebuild foundations in a good and solid way.

Last week Pluto, symbol of political, electrical, and personal power, entered collective, collaborative, crowd-oriented Aquarius for the first time – it will retrograde back and forth for the next two years between Capricorn and Aquarius. The UN released a report on the climate and stated we are hitting a crisis point in the ecosystem which will take all our united efforts to turn around. This Pluto says if we can work together collaboratively, in a crowd, towards a common goal, we can transform it. But let’s keep our eyes out for destructive mob behavior.

Mars symbolizes what motivates us, excites us, and what makes us angry. While it was in versatile, diverse Gemini for the last seven months (as it retrograded back and forth), the culture wasted time being angry about versatile gender identity rather than tackling those ecological challenges which looms so precipitously. As Mars enters Cancer this weekend, that emphasis could begin to shift, the mood will be self-protective, but outrage may focus more on home and homelands, and protection of nation boundaries. Or that Mars outrage can stay active as a diversion from the scarier Pluto work that needs to be done.

On a more personal level, Saturn in Pisces and Mars in Cancer ask us to take care of our own personal home front. Look for news around home renovations, home purchases, concerns about home prices and issues around population movement. These two planets in sensitive water signs can also bring out a defensive streak and leave us full of great advice but uninterested in hearing anyone else’s great suggestions.

The Sun and Mercury now in direct, invigorating Aries ask us to be brave rather than irritable, be willing to start over, just like the crocus and trees after this last long winter. To soften all this new work, Venus in Taurus reminds us to hug each other once in a while, and reassure companions that the more things change, the more our affection and collaboration can stay the same.

The weekend could begin with good friendship and good food under an earthy Taurus Moon. A conflict or crisis may wake us up, but could have a silver lining or not be as bad as it first looks as Mars quincunx Pluto.

Late Saturday and Sunday a Gemini Moon keeps the conversation flowing. If people are touchy or nervy, don’t argue, just listen; many people will begin to work out what’s bugging them with just a place to put it all on the table. Let’s stuff the advice unless specifically requested, as it will probably be about our nerves, not their problems.

Some new options arise on Tuesday as thoughtful Mercury conjuncts expansive Jupiter. Midweek the Moon in Cancer instills a needs comfort and reassurance as we reach out, but we need to be extra careful of one another’s boundaries. Towards the end of the week Mars trines Saturn and encourages us to put in effort to the new forms, new work, new plans.

Starcodes week of March 24 through 30

Friday, March 24: Plant seeds, plant ideas, plant changes we want to grow roots as the waxing Moon in fertile Taurus conjuncts Venus this morning and Uranus around dinnertime. Let this be a tactile day, the smell of earth, the feeling of muscles moving help us shift out of frustration and into forward motion. Watch a territorial streak. Tonight, our thoughts can perseverate on our worries as Mercury quintiles Pluto, but we can find in that ingenuity -the thread of potential forward. Instead of worry, we can choose deep and meaningful conversations.

Moon conjunct Venus 4:30 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 5:51 PM, Mercury quintile Pluto 10:08 pm.

Saturday, March 25: The energy wanders, we may be chewing over some recent worry or slight, or just contemplating some risky next steps. It can be hard to get going unless we’re really excited or irritated, and then the momentum builds up. Our minds focus and conversation sparks as the Moon enters verbal Gemini around dinnertime. Let people talk about themselves, be curious but respect boundaries.

Mars enters Cancer 5:45 AM, Mars quincunx Pluto 7:33 AM, Venus semi-square Neptune 10:10 AM, Moon enters Gemini 6:41 PM, Moon trine Pluto 6:46 PM, Moon square Saturn 10:37 PM.

Sunday, March 26: On this nervy, multitasking day, our introverted and extroverted sides can tug us in opposite directions and leave us stranded in the middle. Mars in Cancer nudges us to take care of the home front while the Gemini Moon wants us to get out there and interact. Rather than be oppositional, find common ground to start a conversation. Stay steady, listen for truth in the worries- but sift out probability from nerves and appreciate what stabilizes our life.

Moon sextile Sun 5:03 AM.

Monday, March 27: Humor and anxiety can tingle through our nervous systems. If we get reassurance, we grow curious about new possibilities. Watch for communication glitches and make sure to hear what was intended, as anxiety can skew our interpretation to either the best or worst case scenarios as Mercury semi-sex tile Uranus and semi-squares Saturn. Keep talking, offer solutions, but consider waiting until tomorrow to make a decision.

Moon sextile Mercury 1:39 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Uranus, 4:44 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 4:57 AM, Mercury semi-square Saturn, Moon square Neptune 7:39 PM.

Tuesday, March 28: Calm a cranky, defensive moment early on as the Moon enters contemplative but protective Cancer and conjuncts irritable Mars, as Mars semi-squares Uranus. Notice territorial acts in the headline. Speak from the heart but avoid anything that smacks of a guilt trip. Think about decisions around the home, family, homeland, remember that’s what is good for the neighbor can also be good for us; when we help others improve their world or take care of their health, we also take care of ours. Take advantage of and opening door midday as Mercury conjunct expansive Jupiter.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter, 12:05 AM, Moon enters Cancer 4:21 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 7:19 AM, Moon trine Saturn 9:03 AM, Mars semi-squares Uranus 2:40 PM, Venus quintile Saturn 5:11 PM, Mercury Quintile Mars, 7:26 PM, Moon square Sun 8:32 PM.

Wednesday, March 29: Start conversations by finding something honestly supportive to say; we can get a lot done today as that Mars in Cancer trines Saturn where we trust one another. It’s a tricky day to solve conflicts but great to make progress where there is already agreement.

Moon sextile Venus 10:49 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 1:39 PM, Moon square Jupiter 5:34 PM.

Thursday, March 30: Look for a door opening, solutions found, productive new systems implemented as Mars trines Saturn. Look for opportunities for generations to work together or productive new systems to fall into place. Reach out for self-promotion or a new friendship or flirtation. We may want to change things up so explore a new look or sense of aesthetics as Venus conjuncts restless Uranus, but take good care of old friends and connections in the process.

Moon square Mercury 12:29 AM, Moon trine Neptune 7:45 AM, Mars trine Saturn 1:03 PM, Venus conjunct Uranus 4:25 PM, Moon enters Leo 4:31 PM Moon opposes Pluto 4:45 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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