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A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of Group Tarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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Rest In Peace and Power Rachel Pollock.

Your memory and breadth of work across tarot, sci-fi, and graphic novels is a blessing. We only met once – it was a wonderful class and at the time I had no idea your life outside of the tarot world. Didn’t know you created the first trans superhero. Didn’t know you were trans – learning that was a good reminder to me to check my cisgendering assumptions. Thankfully, it was all in my own head, I didn’t say anything, just realized after learning the truth that having been socialized in a society that normalizes and centers white cis heteronormativeness, despite trans friends and partners, even I can fall under the assumptions from my socialization.

Then recognize and change my thought patterns.

I wish I had a Rachel Pollock deck to use today in honor of her work and legacy, but I do not. I putzed around the internet a touch, seeing if I might figure out a way to randomize her work to “pull a card” digitally, but nothing really felt right.

The deck I have that is closest stylistically, is Motherpeace Tarot by Karen Vogel and Vikki Noble, but it’s not calling to share.

Unsurprisingly, as soon as I stopped thinking, what deck do I have that is closest to a Rachel deck? Instead, asking what deck would like to share today? I heard the answer loud and clear.

Pride Tarot compiled by US Games.

Isn’t that usually the way. We need to be asking the right questions to receive the aligned answers.

Today I’m asking, what would Rachel Pollock like us to know?

We are given,
The Eight of Pentacles reversed.

eight of pentacles reversed tarot card

Sometimes repetition isn’t the answer. Sometimes putting down the paintbrush, taking a shower, eating a good meal then going to bed is the healthiest choice.

Ask yourself, are you trying to be a perfectionist? If so why? Perfectionism is a part of white supremacy culture, something we’re working on dismantling, so what’s driving you? Tarot and journaling are excellent tools to dig deeper here, if you are so called.

Yes, repetition is important and leads to mastery.

Rest is also important, to reset and integrate the practice, it’s why yoga classes end with Shavasana and Feldenkrais sessions have lots of rests built in. They give the brain time to form new neural pathways.

I’m really noticing how dirty our artist is in contrast to the clean swoosh of the green paint on the walls & floor and the blue wall with its lovely arch and beautiful baseboard. It’s a similar style to the house I grew up in, and a contained mess. Even though there’s a pen, nib down on the floor, there is no ink spill. The cup has a blotting or scratch paper underneath that has been used, keeping the floors clear.

In some ways it’s like this artist has been in the flow for a while. Forgetting time, forgetting to eat, to bathe; the only movement is the pen on the paper and breath. This may be a flow you get into on retreat

Many artists talk about getting into the zone where time falls away. Having experienced it myself, it is a magickal place, full of incomprehensible knowing and absolute trust. The judgement part of my brain falls away into complete being. Presence. Doing.

Rachel now is in that place where time falls away and may be reminding us, that the flow ending is a normal part of the creation cycle.

It’s ok.

Create your art and take that shower.

Write your words and stretch.

Roll out your spine – sitting on the floor as this artist is, I imagine their hips and back might love some release and stretch.

Get some food.

Blow your nose….

Hmmm… looking closely at our artist’s face, there are little droplets coming off them. Tears? Sweat? That with the red nose is also an invitation to use art to process grief. Whether you knew or knew of Rachel Pollock or not, we all have had a lot of losses over the last three years. Art is a powerful way to heal and move feelings.

I also have a silly voice in my head saying, “dirty hippie take a shower!” in a laughing jovial tone.

Ongoing, Kareem Ramadan, and I hope a lovely Easter or Passover, were enjoyed by those who celebrate. I was pleased to participate in an interfaith seder with Subud community Friday. T’was lovely to share food, story, and song.

Feeding your soul and art and body in all the ways they need will help get through the rest of the week.

More About the Creator:
To Purchase this Deck: Lots of options! Local brick & mortar is best or here’s my Bookshop affiliate link
Recommended Reading: If Rachel Pollock is new to you, here’s some of her writings

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