Embracing Chaos: How Feng Shui can help you navigate transitions and create new harmonious space


Being someone who knows the principles of Feng Shui in a deep way, I would have thought there was no room for chaos in this Chinese approach to space arrangement and energy. However, I came to realize that chaos can sometimes be a blessing in disguise, especially during times of transition.

There are two characters in Chinese that mean “chaos.” One is luan, which is typically paired with another character to describe an upended, unpleasant situation. When luan is paired with pa (pa luan), it means “fear.” Paired with xiang (luan xiang), it means “crazy.” The other character that is used for chaos is hun which implies the element of mud, a lack of clarity as in a muddy view, or something that interferes with a clear vision.

Obviously, Feng Shui dictates that there is an order to all of life – no mud, just clarity.

But then, we moved.

embracing chaos with feng shui principles

To avoid an anticipated chaotic experience, I began making decisions months before the move about what to take with us and what to let go. I could easily identify what I no longer needed, or used, or wore, or liked. There was little pain in releasing these items.

The next layer was a bit more difficult and took some consideration about whether to get rid of something or to move it with us. I kept what I absolutely could not relinquish for whatever reason, those items that would be part of my life “no matter what.” After all, Feng Shui supports us loving everything we have, and I did.

Soon enough, I came to my senses. Not everything I loved so dearly would have a place in our new, smaller home. That’s when chaos landed.

Last-minute decisions were made to let go of my “taking no matter what” items. Unrelated things were put in the same box. Despite my initial attempt to number each box and log that number and the contents onto an Excel spreadsheet, in the end, items were put in wherever they would fit. There was no time to fuss with an inventory. I was suddenly in the midst of the one thing I had tried to avoid – chaos.

The next few days in our new space turned into the “What’s in THIS box?” game. Not only did we need to locate specific items, but we also had to determine where they were going to go. There were some treasures that simply didn’t fit in our new home because they were too big, too small, didn’t match the vibe, or there was nowhere to house such a thing. I had to do more releasing despite my efforts to have this phase completed by the time we moved.

We didn’t know what to expect when the boxes were opened. Each one was a surprise. We were now in a place where we could smile, maybe even laugh a little, remembering the state we were in when we taped up some of these boxes. Some items amazed us as to how beautifully they blended in; others clearly had to find another home. It was clear that the personality of the space we were moving into was different than the personality of the home we were leaving.

The chaos during this transition, which I was trying to avoid, was the most memorable. Despite my efforts to avoid chaos, it was somehow freeing. I released expectations and allowed the involvement and assistance of the new space in determining how we were going to set up this new, harmonious arrangement. Rather than attempting to re-create our old space in the new one, the new one let me know that things would be different going forward.

A little chaos shifted my expectations and opened my eyes. I discovered that chaos can be a powerful tool for growth and transformation, especially when combined with the principles of Feng Shui. By embracing the unexpected and allowing the new space to influence my decisions, I was able to create a home that truly reflected my family’s personality and needs. And THAT is good Feng Shui.

Are you looking to create a more harmonious and balanced environment in your work or home space? By incorporating the principles of Feng Shui, you can transform your space into a sanctuary of peace and tranquility, promoting positivity and productivity.

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