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Last month in March, I suggested you use the creative 3-vibrational energy to Create Thy Future. Now that you have put your creative talents together in creating your future, it’s time to plan how you will make it happen. Planning anchors your dream into the 3rd dimension of time and space where you live. Look at your creative dream for your future as a journey, a trip, or an adventure that you will be taking. This will give you a template to plan and work toward.

April’s powerful 4-vibrational energy of grounding, planning, and building is designed to inspire you to make your plan and work your plan so that it will become real in 2023. Remember, 2023’s vibrational energy is encouraging you to Know Thy Self so that you can create and build from who you are being as a naturally creative force of human design.

You already have a head start in your planning because you know what you want, and you know your destination. In March, you learned that when you have a visual image of what you want to manifest, you can look at it and hold it in your mind. This image reminds you of what it is that you want to hold in your hand. The next part of the plan is deciding when you want to start. I suggest if you don’t know or aren’t sure when would be the ideal time to get started, look at your personal numerology timelines for 2023. This will suggest optimum timelines. It also gives you hints about what to watch for, such as detours, bumps, or opportunities on the road.

plan your journey numerology

As soon as you discover the best time to start your manifesting journey, you will be ready to begin. Starting is fun and exciting. However, keeping a growth mindset will give you the tools to avoid the detours and potholes when self-doubt and concerns about your success creep into your plans. When and if this happens, remember to use another one of your tools. Be grateful for all you have accomplished at this time in your life. This will support your belief that you can make things happen for yourself.

It’s important to create milestones so that you can track your progress while traveling on the experiential highways of your journey. Milestones on a personal manifesting journey are like reaching a planned destination on a road trip. When you reach a planned milestone destination, you stop and rest. As you look at your map, you take in all the successful travel experiences you just had. At each milestone, be sure to celebrate how far you have traveled. It becomes very rewarding to celebrate your successes.

Personal growth journeys can be challenging, and they can be fun. Creative planning is the secret to making sure they are fun.

Here are 3 key elements to creating a successful journey:

  • Planning will ground your adventure into reality
  • Choosing the ideal time to begin puts you in the flow of your successes
  • Hakuna Matata, don’t worry, be happy for the rest of your life (The Lion King movie 1994)


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