Reclaim Your Life With a New Form of Self-Care


Is True Quantum Healing the New Form of Self-Care?

Holding space and being compassionate with ourselves can be exceptionally challenging. This is especially true if we were conditioned to always put others first. Pressing that ‘on’ switch in our minds and hearts for ourselves can take more effort than anticipated. This is where we can lean on each other for support.

True Quantum Healing self care

The concept of self-care can be defined as:

“The ability to care for oneself through awareness, self-control, and self-reliance in order to achieve, maintain, or promote optimal health and well-being.”

The main reason True Quantum Healing is a new expression of self-care is simple: you are in control of your own healing. You get what you are ready to put forth. The readiness to radically love yourself is key. During a session, your practitioner will inform you of the different stressors causing your specific illness and/or disruption. They will hold the space and walk you through the session. They will do this by creating a loving container that assists in cultivating a compassionate teacher-student connection. They will do this all while providing powerful energy shifts and transformational healings within the area [of the self-] at question.

The student benefits greatly by remaining receptive to the healings and teachings. To put it plainly; the more receptive you are, the more you will receive from the session. The teacher will meet the student at the level of readiness that the student presents. Trust between teacher and student is a big factor in the effectiveness of True Quantum Healing and it takes time to grow. The student must be ready, and the teacher must be willing to guide in the most Source-aligned manner. This is the forging of a new type of relationship.

What is it that separates True Quantum Healing from other forms of energy healing? The potency of True Source intent which leads to the accuracy of identifying the correct problem and providing the correct solution. This efficiently generates successful and quick results. All problems, big or small, can be significantly improved through quantum healing work. Holistic healing for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic needs; True Quantum Healing practitioners treat the WHOLE person and have truly “seen and been through it all.”

You don’t have to do all the heavy lifting throughout your healing journey. Put the boulder down and allow someone to help you carry it. Life is hard as it is. You deserve to give yourself permission to take a break. You deserve to be kinder to yourself. After all, aren’t you tired of doing it for everyone else?

True Quantum Holistic

True Quantum Holistic – A Different Type of Healing

Vanessa and Andrew would be more than happy to connect and answer any questions you may have. They can be reached on the web at, by email at [email protected] or by text at (423) 445-0077.

Start your healing journey with these two well-versed healers today!


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