Starcodes: April 14-20


Starcodes for the week of April 14-20, 2023

This could be a week of contradictions and turning points. Contradictions abound as our moods blow hot and cold; we can press the accelerator and the brakes with both excitement and concern on the same project- and build both trust and doubt in our process.

These contradictions affect our attitude; we can see the world as both rotting with crisis and hypocrisy and full of authentically beautiful possibilities as Venus in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces with Mars in doubtful, self-protective Cancer. Roll with it, the truth may be somewhere in the middle of all these contradictions.

A new Moon- solar eclipse this coming Wednesday could trigger those turning points- though such an eclipse resonates throughout the month. It will occur at 29° of Aries after 10:00 pm, and within a few hours both the Moon and the Sun enter Taurus and square Pluto. A few people, and maybe countries, will experience pivotal events this month- though most of us will just experience a chance to let go of what’s outdated (whether we like it or not) to make room for fresh growth.

We can feel the brink of change arriving along with these potentially turbulent winds, something stirs our excitement and our anxiety, make us want to change our mind or roar forward on a good decision as Mercury approaches a conjunction with Uranus this week. Momentum builds. That momentum could run into some glitches next Friday as Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks, but don’t stop there. If necessary, slow down or deal with a side agenda for a few weeks. Use that coming retrograde cycle to repair any recent damage, check assumptions, know the tools, learn the job, and find tune the details before proceeding.

This weekend starts off sparky, sometimes anxious and impulsive. We want to trust but then have doubts as Venus squares Saturn with Mars in Cancer. Instead of testing or analyzing relationships, set healthy boundaries and support what works.

Since this coming eclipse can precipitate change, it will help if we know what change we want and channel the changes there. The sparking, feisty Aries energy peaks on that solar eclipse next Wednesday at 10:12 PM MDT -although it is only visible on the other side of the world, it will be felt everywhere and resonate through the month.

Twenty minutes later the Moon enters Taurus and overnight the Sun enters Taurus, they both square Pluto for that punctuation, the turning point. Something becomes clear. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater; if events unfold, let’s get specific about what needs to happen.

On a more pleasant, mundane note, spring fever, that social restlessness, proliferates on the winds as much as the pollen with Venus in flirtatious Gemini. Safety is an issue- even in these impulsive times, we want to know we’re on safe territory. We could look at legislation and climate science with a fresh awareness, and, hopefully, will look at what is really a danger, and what is not dangerous but is being used to camouflage the less convenient work needed in the years ahead.

Starcodes week of April 14 through 20Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Friday, April 14: Feel both the love and worry, concerns about our world or our beloveds run along with hope and new ideas, yet also with some frustration over delays. Look for important work or parental decisions this morning. People will feel loved and supported through our efforts more than our words, through doing what people actually need, not what we think they need, under an abstracted Aquarius Moon and as Venus squares Saturn.

Venus square Saturn 10:38 AM, Moon square Mercury 1:15 PM, Moon square Uranus 8:07 PM.

Saturday, April 15: Connect and collaborate this morning as the sociable Aquarius Moon cheerfully sextiles Jupiter and the Sun. The mood grows more sensitive, internal, introspective as the Moon enters Pisces and conjuncts thoughtful Saturn tonight; be kind around exposed vulnerabilities. Rest up.

Moon sextile Jupiter 4:36 AM, Moon sextile Sun 9:15 AM, Moon enters Pisces 4:56 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 10:77 PM.

Sunday, April 16: The mood can be curious and open-minded, people are both searching for the new yet needing reassurance about what they already have as that sensitive Pisces Moon trines Mars midday. Contemplate changes, just know it may take longer than expected. Share stories, catch up with feelings, support and encourage one another. We just need to process.

Moon square Venus 2:58 AM, Moon trine Mars 11:48 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 5:24 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 10:24 PM.

Monday, April 17: We may be slow off the mark this morning, dreamy as the Moon conjunct Neptune but the energy picks up through the day as the waning Moon enters Aries. We can get truly edgy if our feelings are hurt but could feel a belief otherwise with fresh energy. What begins now may have legs, although it may need to go through a few months adjustment.

Moon conjunct Neptune 12:56 PM, Moon enters Aries 7:09 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 7:41 PM.

Tuesday, April 18: The mood is both willful and sensitive (though more to our own feelings and to others), we can accidentally step on toes and cause relationship glitches and cause relationship glitches today as Venus semi-squares Jupiter. Remember to be as affectionate and positive- as affirmative as possible- even while doing what needs to be done, particularly late afternoon through a cranky Moon squares Mars. Really watch a sudden flare of temper, stay on track with what will actually help the situation, not just be some emotional discharge. Speak up, but both speak about injustice and note what’s working.

Venus semi-square Jupiter 2:45 AM, Moon sextile Venus 9:46 AM, Moon square Mars 4:16 PM.

Wednesday, April 19: Be specific, take action but do not throw the baby out with the bath water. Review what’s needed to expand or liberate our situation- and all the fights it takes to get there- as the wanning Moon conjuncts Jupiter this morning. The new Moon, solar eclipse tonight at 10:12 PM can mark a turning point, endings and beginnings. Just don’t jump to conclusions. The Moon enters Taurus right afterwards, squares Pluto, the Sun does so overnight-and we may need to deal with emotional fallout. There may be some great or terrible event, but for most of us this time can just mark a decision or sensation, a closet cleaned, not an event.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 11:26 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun- eclipse 10:12 PM 29° Aries, Moon enters Taurus 10:29 PM, Moon square Pluto 11:04 PM.

Thursday, April 20: The Sun and waxing Moon in fertile, grounding Taurus call us back to our stability in the face of world events and thoughtful exchanges. Let go the dross, clear the ground, and step forward to embrace and heal the future. Plant seedlings, ideas, hugs, healthy new beginnings.

Sun enters Taurus 2:13 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 6:30 AM, Sun square Pluto 10:26 AM, Moon sextile Mars 10:36 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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