Starcodes: April 21-27

Starcodes for the week of April 21-27, 2023

Consider holding still and taking root for a day or two. Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus for the next three weeks. We have work to do once Mercury starts retracing it steps for but while it’s holding still, let us take a moment to take a deep breath. Channel Ferdinand the Bull in a field of flowers. Because trying to rush anywhere or hurry the process this weekend will not further.

If any tension arises, check for misunderstandings before reacting. We’d seen too many news stories lately with crimes committed by people who jumped to conclusions and attacked. Although the heat calmed down a bit after last week’s solar eclipse and as the Sun enters Taurus, this strange erratic problem, even violence, could continue. But we don’t have to replicate it, we can ask good questions and check our facts before we jump anywhere.

Mercury appears to retrograde for three weeks, three times a year. This retrograde could herald extra electrical and Internet glitches as Mercury almost conjunct electrical, impulsive Uranus right before it pivots, backs up, then completes that conjunction in early June. While we’re in this field, pad in extra time for any work that needs to be done online or with high-tech equipment, have a plan B ready, and be patient with one another. If possible, avoid purchasing tech equipment or software this week.

Be ready to use a moment of unexpected spare time with joy and interest, even if it’s because you’re stuck in a traffic jam or your plans are canceled. Keep a good book on you that is not tech-dependent and look for what opportunities open when one door closes.

Don’t be surprised if people from the past pop in, but don’t get caught up in old patterns. See the hooks, step aside and respond with a fresh breath. This Mercury retrograde could slow down our plans, but it’s a wonderful time to repair, renew, reconnect with old contacts, revive old business, and follow through on plans already in place.

As the weekend begins, the Sun and waxing Moon in Taurus offer us fertile astrological loam for new seedlings, new ideas, new relationships. Last week’s solar eclipse in Aries could have burned some bridges and cleared clutter, so we may have more room to plant the future- whether we asked for it or not. It’s a good time to go work in the garden, prepare the soil of our life for a new crop and think through what we want to plant. But as with any garden plot, we must plant the seeds and nurture the harvest.

This week is also time to get cuddly, with one another, with our gardens, with our own health, as the Taurus lineup calls us to get comfortable in our bodies; if our words falter, communicate with hearts, actions, and creativity.

Starcodes week of April 21 through 27

Friday, April 21: Be rather than do, as Mercury retrogrades under a steadying Taurus Moon. Be with one another, be with the work in hand, be open with compassion to the world. Move with care and grace, speak thoughtfully, and if things feel turbulent or accident-prone, slow down and sit for a minute. Really, and be late and arrive safely. Hug beloveds, eat good food, and take care of one another. Tonight, it furthers to let the mind wander constructively, escape be entertained, but please drive with care as the Moon sextiles dreamy Neptune

Moon conjunct Mercury 2:05 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 6:09 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 9:41 PM.

Saturday, April 22: The Moon heads into verbal Gemini and we need to talk; lots of words pour out though few will get to the point. Some public figures may make outrageous gaffs. This is not a time for a decision, but it is a great time to process, laugh, communicate. Just make sure let’s just make sure we understand what was actually said. Midday, as the Moon squares Saturn, watch for driving or mechanical issues. If tired, just rest rather than complain. Evening brings more social connection and heart, and brings back the laughter as long as we are exercising basic Mercury retrograde care.

Moon trine Pluto 4:48 AM, Moon square Saturn 12:59 PM.

Sunday, April 23: We can begin to get our rhythm back. Express warmth this morning and take an opportunity to fix or heal some recent misunderstanding midday. Evening brings clearer decisions as Mercury sextile Mars. Edit, clear, organize, and set healthy limits. It will help to organize the week, check calendars, and track what needs to be done in an otherwise potentially confusing time.

Moon conjunct Venus 6:43 AM, Mercury sextile Mars 9:19 PM.

Monday, April 24: Engage patient determination this truly Mercury retrograde Monday. Pierce through some confusion or fuzzy thinking this morning and let people work alone in their corner midday as the Moon enters introverted Cancer. Our feelings, rather than logic, run the show for the moment, so look for the real story behind the words. After an oddly lumpy and glitchy afternoon, the mood can stabilize this evening as the Moon trines Saturn.

Moon sextile Jupiter 2:48 AM, Moon trine Neptune 6:14 AM, Moon sextile Sun 10:10 PM, Moon trine Saturn 10:39 PM.

Tuesday, April 25: Make decisions about work in progress or proposals already on the table as the Sun sextiles hard-working Saturn and Venus sextiles Chiron. We may feel sensitized and not be interested in taking personal risk- but practical actions help us feel more grounded and safer in the world. If someone tries to control others to feel safer in their own skin, don’t participate but do address their insecurity.

Sun sextile Saturn 4:47 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 5:46 PM, Venus sextile Chiron 5:49 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 9:08 PM.

Wednesday, April 26: Continue. Weed, nurture, and garden the house, yard, work, and relationships and practice good self-care in the process. Be careful with either stinginess or over-giving midafternoon as the Moon squares Jupiter, neither enable nor withhold, but find a healthy way to share hugs and resources.

Moon sextile Uranus 12:45 AM, Moon square Jupiter 3:09 PM, Moon trine Neptune 5:40 PM.

Thursday, April 27: The mood is more stubbornly outgoing as the Moon enters Leo though morning could bring up feelings of loss or missed opportunity as the Moon opposes Pluto; people may need attention for recent grief. Let them know you love them even when they heal. Take a challenge to step out of a win- lose situation to find a way that all parties can benefit.

Moon opposed Pluto 1:13 AM, Mars square Chiron 7:34 AM, Moon square Sun 3:19 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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