Starcodes: April 28 – May 4


Starcodes for the week of April 28 – May 4, 2023

Blessings on your May Day. Whether you celebrate May 1st or on May 5th, the real halfway point between spring equinox and summer solstice, may your week be full of budding flowers and chirping birds, the earthy celebration of organic life returning.

This could be a generally good week, a time where we bud and bloom ourselves as long as we’re not in a hurry and we pay attention to where we’re going and communicate consistently. And watch where our mind wanders.

Our minds will wander, a trip down memory lane can be a lovely melancholic tour or a dusty road of ruts as Mercury retrograde in Taurus, semi-squares Neptune, and asks us to slow down and remember. If we wander down those old pathways, let’s make sure we’re finding lost gems or doing constructive work rather than bashing ourselves on the same old hurdles. Politics could look like a bad review session of all the problems we thought we’d overcome or a standoff stalemate. It is not a good time to announce running for office. We can go to the past to retrieve what’s valuable from the past and decide what to do differently next time, but let’s choose carefully where we wallow and let those regrets slide by.

This week the Sun, Mercury retrograde, Uranus, and North node in Taurus encourages us to move at a steady pace and take the time to enjoy the natural world reviving. Just when this Taurus line-up wants us to slow down Mars impatiently sextiles Uranus and paradoxically pushes us forward. This aspect can loan us mechanical competence, but also the need for it with a sprinkling of technical snafus or minor accidents when we rush.

Activating Mars is now in domestic, self-protective Cancer and encourages us to start home improvement projects, but people can get cranky when criticized. So slow down, exude kindness, and let life be a steady dance.

The weekend begins under relatively high spirits as an outgoing Leo Moon trines expansive Jupiter. Sociable Venus in talkative Gemini helps facilitate easy conversation and new connections but can keep our emotions running on the surface.

Later in the week Venus squares confusing, imaginative Neptune, which can give us great daydreams but cause us to send confusing interpersonal signals. Don’t assume to know what beloveds are feeling and thinking; remember to actually ask. Fact check anything picked up in social media or supermarket conversation.

This weekend is great for health for focusing on our health, our spring cleanup inside and out as the Virgo Moon trines the Taurus line-up while Mercury sextiles Uranus. Early next week begins with some turbulence or fog as Mercury semi-squares Neptune and Pluto turns retrograde. Magic can happen, but it will be important to make sure we understand what’s really going on rather than make assumptions. Midweek, watch for social oddities, misperceptions, or accidental mishaps. Don’t let your feelings get hurt if someone doesn’t return an email or doesn’t say hello at the store, it’s a distracted time and it probably isn’t personal.

The unpredictable wildcard is the Sun’s activity. When the sun is particularly active, solar flares and coronal mass ejections charge our atmosphere, blaze our night skies and activate our worldly events. Beautiful aurora borealis coincide with change here on earth, we just get stirred up along with the ionosphere, which can be tricky now when the planets ask us not to stop, but slow down, take a deep breath, have patience, and proceed with fortitude and intention. Remember to keep those lines of communication open.

Starcodes week of April 28 through May 4

Friday, April 28: Early morning we can work at cross purposes or replicate work this morning unless we check in with one another as the Leo Moon squares Mercury. We can think it’s all about us. Midday brings a sense of adventure as the Moon squares Uranus, think through impulses, but it may be time for a change. Watch for technical snafus mid-afternoon, check for last-minute change in plans due to surprises. Everybody may need to feel heard or seen tonight, it’s not a night for details or reality, but to feel the heart and laugh together where possible as the Moon sextiles Venus. Enjoy stress relief after in a crazy time.

Moon square Mercury 3:44 AM, Moon square Uranus 1:25 PM, Moon sextile Venus 5:41 PM.

Saturday, April 29: Catch up on relationships this sociable morning as that Leo Moon trines Jupiter. Find beauty in the world. The Moon enters responsibility-focused Virgo this afternoon; think about health and start the spring cleanup in the body, house, garden, or political sphere as Mars sextiles Uranus and encourages positive action. Tonight, give people leeway to be thoughtful and introverted.

Moon trine Jupiter 4:52 AM, Moon enters Virgo 12:59 PM, Mars sextile Uranus 2:04 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 11:41 PM.

Sunday, April 30: Projects run smoothly today as long as we can keep talking as the Moon trine’s the sun and Mercury in our signs. Good day to build, heal, or solve short-term problems, just realize we are were all working at different rhythms and listen to a compassionate heart instead of pushing another to work at your pace a priority.

Moon trine Sun 8:59 AM, Moon trine Mercury 1:05 PM.

Monday, May 1: The merry month of May begins with a hopeful but potentially tricky Monday morning. Our communication glitches could thicken. Be spacious and forgiving-and maybe bring a basket of flowers. We need extra patience to counteract a self-critical or self-conscious edge as a Mercury semi-square Neptune fuzzes our thinking while a persnickety Virgo Moon sharpens our critical edge. With patience, it will all work out in the wash and a new cycle begins as the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Note details and keep track of time. Look for a new understanding of how the past influences the present this afternoon. Kindly let minds puddle tonight as the Moon opposes Neptune adds magic but spaced us out.

Moon trine Uranus 1:38 AM, Mercury semi-square Neptune 2:06 AM, Moon sextile Mars 3:08 AM, Pluto turns retrograde 11:08 AM, Moon square Venus 11:31 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 5:27 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 5:52 PM.

Tuesday, May 2: We may continue to feel fuzzyheaded as the Moon enters creative Libra and the Sun semi-squares Neptune but can take this less personally and work with what does work. Work from our heart, our art, our compassion, our understanding from the soul -rather than from the head. It may be hard to figure out the next step or where this path is taking us right this very moment- but we can see enough to take one next step in a good direction.

Moon enters Libra 12:08 AM, Moon trine Pluto 12:51 AM, Sun semi-square Neptune 4:24 AM.

Wednesday, May 3: Listen to intention. We may want to be friendly and intend the best but find that social miscues, slightly odd timing, and toes stepped upon make us irritable as Mercury semi-squares Venus and the Moon squares Mars. Once defenses are triggered, back off and don’t take it personally; try again later. Don’t get hooked on the pickles, just love people.

Mercury semi-square Venus 4:22 AM, Moon square Mars 3:10 PM.

Thursday, May 4: Our tails can twitch, we may need time to concentrate on our own work as the waxing Moon enters Scorpio and squares Pluto while Venus squares Neptune. It’s so easy to misinterpret other’s actions one way or the other when we’re in a bubble of our own creation. Work that bubble, heal, but be aware that it takes extra energy to situationally aware. Our hearts may soften tonight; engage a moment of cultural richness or creative sensitivity. Consider going to an art opening, or just enjoying one another’s company over a good dinner as Venus sextiles Jupiter.

Moon square Venus 1:54 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 3:16 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 8:32 AM, Moon square Pluto 9:12 AM, Venus square Neptune 11:40 AM, Moon trine Saturn 6:53 PM, Venus sextile Jupiter 10:02 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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