Starcodes: April 7-13


Starcodes for the week of April 7-13, 2023

Revolution, resistance, and all around contrariness stirs the pot. We’ll want to make decisions which can open our possibilities and expand our world, launch new beginnings aligned with Easter and Passover or seek freedom – on our terms – while the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Aries early next week, or take the protest into the street. We can be open-minded when we’re calm or puttering in the garden but can grow truly stubborn under pressure with Mercury and Venus now in relatively peaceful but seriously determined Taurus. All while the Sun flares and infuses these aspects with extra energy and torque.

This lineup can open doors, but not just for us. It adds fuel to political debate, but it’s up to us to set the direction. It can be easy to define ourselves by what we’re against, but more empowering if we focus on what we are for instead. If people around us get feisty, ask them to define their vision, define what’d they’d like to see; it can slow down the contention and hopefully help a person clarify their thoughts. And maybe admit any foolishness hiding in prejudice.

An ongoing trine this week between Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces helps us launch new work campaigns and put considered action into long-term plans. It could also help us heal some rifts across generational boundaries, but first it pokes at sore points that need to be addressed. It’ll be so easy to just move into defense, but we can make real progress where we drop those spikes and really care.

The weekend begins with an emotionally stormy but with an undertone of heart under a broody Scorpio Moon. Our mind sharpen, but could be all too willing to banter and debate as mental Mercury sextiles contentious Mars. Just don’t debate if someone shares their deepest feelings; reach for that kind Taurus curiosity instead. This aspect can also help us with spring cleaning, it can be satisfying to get at those dark corners and clear out the winter’s dross.

On the personal front, so much going on our relationships can feel threadbare, just when we’re feeling sensitive. We need to feed our relationships with appreciative moments and a little spark, loving the energy that flows between people – whether they are family, friends, or loves – as Venus in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces and adds a sweet, creative, affectionate, and beauty-inspiring note.

Our mood grows more optimistic and impatient on Sunday and Monday as the Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius. Venus enters Gemini late on Monday and trines Pluto- and ask us talk about what really matters. Strange circumstances can help us meet important new people early next week, watch for new allies as Venus enters Gemini. Stand in the stream of life, stay centered but engage.

We feel changes in the wind as Mercury approaches a conjunction with Uranus, but those may be delayed or drawn out-as just before the conjunction, Mercury retrogrades for three weeks on April 21. Mercury is already in its shadow, in the part where it will double black through during its retrograde cycle, so progress may start to slow down. We can use this retrograde cycle to catch up with ourselves and understand where we are before we proceed, so, rather than have them jump out and surprise us, we can move towards those changes in a thoughtful and constructive manner.

Friday, April 7: Brooding dreams cannot give us a clear picture\ but can let us know what’s really bothering us as the Moon enters Scorpio and squares Pluto in the wee hours. Give the mind worthy work today; a competent if obsessive grand trine with Mars, Saturn, and the Scorpio Moon can help us stay on track but needs a healthy focus. Stubbornness won’t further but could act like a break on bad decisions as that Moon opposes Mercury. Evening eases our hearts as Venus sextile Neptune; appreciate artistry and imagine the world with a positive difference.

Moon enters Scorpio 12:29 AM, Moon squares Pluto 12:53 AM, Moon trines Saturn 6:44 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 11:52 AM, Venus sextile Neptune 11:58 AM, Moon trine Mars 12:42 PM.

Saturday, April 8: We move quickly where our path is clear as Mercury sextile Mars. Responsibilities can frustratingly get in the way of our spontaneity as the Sun semi-squares Saturn, but we can check off the chores list. A gentle bravery can help us push against an ambient reserve and explore new territory, manage new responsibilities, and help us see the positive side of maturity. Tonight, take a break for those chores, don’t ask anybody to get real, let spirit and imagination wander as that Scorpio Moon trines Neptune.

Mercury sextile Mars 12:28 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 7:55 AM, Sun semi-squares Saturn 8:19 AM, Moon trine Neptune 11:49 PM.

Sunday, April 9: This morning we may want to play hooky, get outside, have a life and shoot from the hip with unexpected frankness as the Moon enters Sagittarius, which could add both humor, life, and contention to family easter gathering. Responsibilities could cramp our style, elders could feel a bit cranky unless shown respect, as the Moon squares Saturn mid-afternoon. Get the work done, honor family traditions, then break routine and dive into life.

Moon opposed Venus 3:09 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 6:56 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 7:22 AM, Moon square Saturn 1:21 PM.

Monday, April 10: It’s a great day for adventure, but it could be hard to buckle down to repetitive work as that Sagittarius Moon trines the Sun and Jupiter. Look for movement, new horizons, new ideas; don’t push anybody- but do be willing to look farther down the road today and feel the potential. If we can’t concentrate on work, let’s concentrate on what really does grab our interests. Find a fresh way to be more honest with oneself and others without a mean edge.

Moon trine Sun 7:48 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:55 PM, Venus enters Gemini 10:47 PM.

Tuesday, April 11: Take a moment to process bittersweet awareness and any recent loss as Venus trines Pluto and asks for more emotional honesty. Leave the meanness behind. It could be a day of great or terrible events as the Sun conjunct Jupiter: either things are blown out of proportion, or they could be really big events or turning points. Leave meanness and defensiveness behind and stay on target as the Moon enters Capricorn. Watch for misunderstandings late in the day, just watch assumptions and confirm what is heard as Mercury semi-squares Neptune.

Venus trine Pluto 4:14 AM, Moon square Neptune 4:47 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 11:33 AM, Sun conjunct Jupiter 4:07 PM, Mercury semi-squares Neptune 5:26 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 6:07 PM.

Wednesday, April 12: Follow-through is key; so much as just gotten started but can be held up by recent distractions or side agendas. Come back to what is important, not just urgent, and continue. Appreciate the goals of the present path, or change direction. Show up for responsibilities and ask others to do the same as the Capricorn Moon trines Mercury and Uranus in Taurus.

Venus semi-squares Chiron 12:15 AM, Moon opposes Mars 3:02 AM, Moon trines Mercury 7:35 AM, Moon trine Uranus 5:23 PM.

Thursday, April 13: Deal with logistics and administrative stuff, make sure details are wrangled this morning. Those details start to drop from our brains this afternoon as the Moon enters broad- horizon- focused Aquarius and conjuncts Pluto. Become aware of, but not ruled by, a shift in group dynamics and public opinion.

Moon square Jupiter 1:19 AM, Moon square Sun 3:11 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 8:14 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 2:42 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 3:11 PM, Moon trines Venus 8:23 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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