Cannabis: Down to the root as an entheogen


Long before cannabis was outcast as the “devil’s lettuce” or heavily processed, chemically extracted, and molded gummy bear, it was used in sacred ceremonies and rituals of ancient cultures. For at least 5,500 years, cannabis has played a role in spiritual life. This sacred plant medicine has been and continues to play a role in ceremonies for religious traditions such as Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. Cannabis medicine has been used in burial rituals to commune with the gods through mystical visions, initiation of religious members, and tantric practices. At its core, cannabis is an entheogen or substance that connects one with the divine that dwells inside. This is what makes her so magical and so sacred. This is why we must use her medicine with great caution for awakening and not to numb and disassociate.

Current research shows that each human was created with an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This one body system is responsible for modulating all eleven other body systems. The fundamental function of the ECS is to return the body to homeostasis after stress, to reset back to balance and safety. Within this system is a molecule called anandamide, also known as the “bliss” molecule. It binds to the CB1 receptors of the brain in the same way THC does. That makes weed a supplement to the bliss naturally found in the body. I believe the ECS is innate intelligence that connects us to all that is and holds the power and potential to create healing miracles.

cannabis entheogen bliss moleculeImage by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Bliss is the term enlightened ones used to describe the feeling of unified oneness. And we don’t just experience this “high” when we smoke week. Have you ever received an excellent massage? Or experienced “runners high.” This is all a result of increased circulating anandamide or bliss. The feeling a mother experiences holding her baby immediately after birth that’s bliss too. So why have we been programmed to fear this feeling or experience, exactly?

When I began to use this plant ally while engaging in spiritual practices like group meditations, breathwork, bodywork, religious services, and sex, my awakening journey went next level. If we allow her magic to unfold for us, cannabis medicine is a teacher. She has shown me patterns of self-destruction that keep me from expressing myself as divine love in this world. She opened me up to allow my inner voice to be heard and felt from within. She enhanced my awareness and perception to experience my light body in all its radiance and beauty. She has connected me deeply to the nature surrounding me and the people I am blessed to share my life with. She has been with me as I have healed through cPTSD. She’s shown me the divine within over and over again. So I can keep seeing and keep healing.

Her medicine works by showing us the energy of the body. The molecules of bliss illuminate the light body allowing us to see deep within ourselves, but that’s only if you care to look. Many consume cannabis plant medicine from a state of unconsciousness. Not knowing her powerful effects to connect you to your spirit. Cannabis medicine has the potential to heal the planet. What would the world look like if we respected this plant as the true medicine and connecter to the divine within all? All it takes is a few more of us to change our relationship with this plant spirit, get intentional with our cannabis practice, and surrender to the journey of awakening. Who wants to come with me? Stay for the following article, and we will discuss cannabis rituals for your practice.


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