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Over the Hump by Kate Mura of Group Tarot

A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of Group Tarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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Happy Hump Day!
Did you miss me?

Hopefully, you all saw the lovely email from The Edge about my upcoming Writers and Creatives Retreat with Rio Abajo Rio, October 1-7. I hope you’ll join us! There are three rooms left, and if you’re willing to share a beautiful king sized bed, your value is AMAZING!

My camping in the mountains near Tijeras, NM was glorious. So rejuvenating. There’s a reason why the desert invites this kind of creative and personal work, the awareness of need and resilience, in the land itself, which feeds and supports all life forms here, is exquisite.

Which was a good thing, because last week was a full, busy week! I had a wonderful time teaching a speed dating version of Moving Through The Majors for Joy Map. If you want to enjoy the full online course series, here’s the link. Yes, you can use your Edge Community discount code. These classes will take you through a physical embodiment of each card – two per session. That’s a lot of hours of content! As well as one on one sessions with me to discuss the work and integration. It was such fun distilling them down for the intensive! It might even be added to the workshops at retreat…

Then it was a three show weekend.

Saturday was a dream come true.

Issa Noor and I have been dear friends for a decade. I cannot count the many times I have sang and danced to his brilliant music – including a last minute dash out to Beloved a few years back to stage manage for him and Rahim Alhaj. Finally, we merged our artforms together in a sublime salon of The Tarot Show and his Sound Journey. It was glorious. If you are interested in hosting IRL or virtual salon’s email [email protected].

Which would have been enough to fill my heart and soul.

But then, I had a two show day at a private salon for dear friends of my parents on Sunday. Sharing The Tarot Show with a large group of Christians was quite the experience! And beautiful. Like how during the homily or sermon, all of what the priest or minister says may not resonate with everyone, but hopefully all in the parish – or audience – leave with food for thought and a few moments – or more! – of “I felt like she/he/they were talking directly to me.”

From the feedback I received, that happened.

*such love and gratitude!* because it was a bit unnerving being the only out witch in the group.

Today, to get us through the week, we return to Sovereign Oracle cards by Theresa Pridemore.

Their nugget sized wisdom is perfect right now, as I am also packing to leave this marvelous NM visit and head back to the Pacific NW for Beltaine in the Grove.

I’m thinking about nourishment and recharging for us. We are given,
Thrive and Friction.

thrive and friction tarot card reading

* Imagine an easeful, prosperous outcome.
* Create a pathway to resources that support your vision.
* Release any tendency to assume a struggle is necessary.

* Receive the gift in the conflict.
* Empathize with an opposing viewpoint.
* Remember that when rough surfaces rub together enough, the final result is smoother.

Within that last bullet point of Friction also lives the creation of pearls, and sex, which can be incredibly nourishing and recharging for some, when joyful and consensual.

It’s an interesting combination of cards to receive…

There may be friction around releasing any tendency to assume struggle is necessary. Or crunchiness around taking a break, prioritizing down time – especially as many of us were socialized to believe that struggle and hard, effort filled work is necessary. We’ve been indoctrinated within capitalistic hustle culture – and we’re actively working on stopping this habit. We are changing to imagine easy, prosperous outcomes.

Yet, sometimes we fail. Sometimes we fall off the wagon.

Can we find the gift in the failure? In the doing little bits of work on Monday, or not keeping your word, or something else specific for you. Take a deep breath and then reconnect with an aligned revisitation to the life you want to live, how you want to live this unique precious life, and remember that all experiences are valuable, even if there’s friction in accepting those lessons in the moment.

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