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In 2015, my mother was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. It was just over a year later when she lost her battle. I don’t want to pretend that I know cannabis would have saved her. However, I do know that cannabis could have helped with the side effects of her cancer treatment, in turn giving her body a fighting chance.

Since working at Strains, I’ve seen a few customers in similar circumstances, and they have stated that very thing. Cannabis is helping their nausea, and they are eating more, not to mention relieving pain and stress, which is much needed in these circumstances.

time to have a conversation about cannabis

Additionally, for a few years, we have been hearing the whispers at family gatherings, weddings, or reunions from in-laws and grandparents asking about CBD or THC. Mothers are looking for recommendations for stress at home or menstrual pains. The most common issue people seem to have is sleeping, something cannabis has helped thousands with. Most folks would be surprised how many people in their life may be secretly using cannabis.

We have reached a point where a large number of the population have tried cannabis and found it useful for themselves or their loved ones. Cannabis has shown that it can provide relief for so many people with PTSD, seizures, or even anxiety that, so far, over 30 states have legalized medicinal cannabis use. Of those, 11 states plus Washington DC have legalized recreational use for adults. It has a wide range of medical properties and is a safer alternative to alcohol.

To some, cannabis is still seen as a drug, and changing that perception is done by getting the proper information to people, especially those who may be suffering needlessly. With that being said, our shop is located in a smaller, distant suburb of the Twin Cities, yet the support we’ve received from the community and the surrounding area is incredible. So it’s clear that more people are more accepting of cannabis and seeing the good it can do.

At Strains of the Earth, we strive to break the stigma behind cannabis and educate people about its benefits. We provide a professional yet welcoming environment for anyone familiar or new to these products. We are also an active part of our community in both Jordan and Carver. Helping people is our main goal, and we continue to grow our own knowledge of how to do that.

Recently we expanded into a wider variety of holistic products. There has been a newer craze in the nation in the past few years, and we believe in the potentiality of mushrooms and their functional interaction with the body. To clarify, this is referring to regular mushrooms. Though, regular may not be a fair word to use. Many mushrooms have powerful ingredients that can have profound positive effects. For example, studies have shown that using a species named Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) has improved cognition in individuals with mild Alzheimer’s disease.

Mental health is finally getting proper attention, and natural products have shown promise in helping in this area. With the proper information, cannabis and many other products are being used correctly, and we can reduce the amount of overuse/abuse. Its therapeutic, medicinal, and even industrial and commercial uses continue to grow.

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