New Taurus Moon 2023


Exact time of full moon: May 19, 2023 at 10:53am CST

It’s all been so much. It’s all been TOO much. We have just had two lunation cycles through hot and passionate Aries. The second of which contained one of the most intense Mercury Retrogrades THIS Astrologer has ever experienced! I don’t ever like to say that Astrology CAUSES things to happen. Astrology is holographic. It is synchronistic. It is reflective. It works more through quantum mechanics than relativity. It is not causal. However, it would be really easy for me to ‘blame’ the Astrology for the pile up on the to-do list and the incredibly intense emotions some of us may have been feeling lately.

Sitting down to write this reflection on the New Moon in Taurus, exact at 10:53 am central on May 19, I would usually say things like “it’s a great time to slow down and take it easy,” but I don’t know if I can honestly say that! A couple days after the New Moon we enter the season of Gemini. Gemini IS the to-do list! Gemini is usually the season of information gathering, taking care of details, and engaging the ‘10,000 things’.

Taurus zodiac astrology for 2023Image by Darkmoon Art from Pixabay

So, to recommend that for the next 28 days, we set an intention of calming down, slowing down, coming back to our senses, finding peace, taking it easy, and relaxing into our instinctive, natural wisdom, seems more like lip service in the context of an alternate reality, where I know that it has all been too much, too intense, and too heated emotionally. But perhaps that is the trick? Perhaps that is our great work?

Therefore, here I am, pointing to myself LONG before I feel I can make these suggestions for you, that with this New Moon, it is imperative that we set an intention of calming down, slowing down, coming back to our senses, finding peace, taking it easy, and relaxing into our instinctive, natural wisdom! Since it is all too much, since it seems like the music will never stop, since the to-do list is not shrinking anytime soon and since we have to engage the 10,000 things, we have this opportunity to learn the biggest lessons of the day, which is to find our peace amidst it all.

Again, I’m pointing to myself first when I say these things. I have no expectations of perfection. I know that these are the things that I have to learn. The to-do list has crushed me, personally, lately therefore my prayer for myself, and if it is applicable, for all of us, is to find the still center point amidst the tornadoes we may find ourselves surrounded by.
I can’t stop a tornado. We can’t simply crumple up and throw away the to-do list. But I… We… Can learn or remember how to breathe. We can remember that we have the ability, no matter how excruciatingly challenging it is, to bring our emotions to a still point of equilibrium. For some of us, it may be the hardest thing we have ever had to do in any lifetime, but that appears to be our lesson now for the next month. Let’s set the intention for coming back to the simplicity of natural processes, restoring our peace, and grounding our intensity. If we can do this, all will be well.

– Courtesy of Evolutionary Astrology with Ryan Evans


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Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans is a Certified Master Level Astrologer. A student of 25 years and a professional for 15, having studied with Steven Forrest, Pat Kaluza, and others, he practices an integrative approach to Astrology combining imagery, past life analysis, and healthy encouragement of choice and free-will. As an organic flower farmer of 20 years, he aligns his engagement and practice of Astrology with the observed and experienced lessons and teachings of the Natural World and her rhythms. In a reading, Ryan describes the mythology and poetry of the Solar System and the Seasons of the Earth and how they are reflected in the myth and poetry of YOU.


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