Pleiadian Message for May 2023

Beloved ones we greet you,

The great winds of change are influencing a shift in the tides within the energetic rhythm that exists throughout the earth plane. This shift is creating a build-up of pressure within the Earth’s magnetic core. This pressure is forming an expansive momentum of fluid light, which is being released from the magnetic core, like a huge wave, that is flooding and impacting the Vortexes, Ley lines and Portals throughout Earth. This momentum is heralding in a time of sacred resurrection for the planet. This resurrection includes the re-establishment of a brilliant magnetic field of light that is once more being made manifest, creating the interaction between all sacred sites within the planet. Each singular sacred site is being evolved back to its original pristine frequency.

The magnetic field of Earth is forging a powerful network of specific energy designed to set in motion further change on Earth. This Network is also destined to give you a greater access to a more fluid aspect of light that interacts within the multidimensional component of your sacred Heart. The magnetic fluid being electrical in nature allows for an interaction through the crystalline structure of your Heart while transforming the electrical frequency within the Heart’s multidimensional function. Your Heart is your multidimensional tool that is now ready to be utilized by you in your day to day living. An aspect of your Heart’s role is to provide a multidimensional nutritional substance to fortify your systems and allow you to ascend to an expansive realm of conscious reconnection.

Through this magnetic fluidity you can more easily align to your Higher Self component of communion. Your telepathic center will begin to reawaken as it responds automatically to the electrical frequency call that will flow through the electrical Network of magnetic light. This Network will enable you to self-launch, which is achieved through an automatic conscious interaction that will exist through the magnetic Network. This is being formulated to fortify you as you realign and return to the functioning of your sacred gifts. Allowing you to begin to function within your authentic unique space of consciousness that is part of the makeup of this resident Universe.

Pleiadian May 2023 messageImage by Ebenezer42 from Pixabay

The magnetic Network is going to arise from a pure form of light, originating from the God consciousness state, and is designed to magnify and reinstall a pure essence of life force across the planet. Focused light forms will be reopened, through this life force creation. This higher life force frequency will create layers of realignments, opening to an entirely different series of multidimensional portals that are to be revealed for the first time in eons on Earth. These Portals are scattered throughout the earth plane and yet are strategically positioned at specific energetic timeline alternate reality locations.

These Portals are specifically designed to begin the dissolving of many ancient dense vibrational pockets that are especially focused around and within the sacred sites scattered throughout the planet. A pure vibrational consciousness has always existed within the multidimensional layers of the Magnetic core, now these layers are beginning to respond. A picture: a lotus flower opening, the petals pure and white, a sacred violet flame arises within the very center of the lotus flower, surrounded by a fluid soft pink hew of pure life force consciousness that is rising upwards, outwards. Expanding continually in its light force.

Change is upon you. Your unique Heart will begin pulsing within this flowing into expansive levels of re-alignment, enlivened through the action of the violet flame as it arises from the lotus flower. It’s as though your Heart will be held, enfolded within the sacred violet flame.

This is your time of resurrection whether your mind understands this or not. Nothing will get in the way of your transmutation. Those of you on the path will be moved, repositioned within the framework of the sacred Network, within the path of the violet flame. Through the sacred opening of the violet flame within the Core, you will be enabled to interact consciously with this empowering essence. As you begin to consciously engage through your Heart there will be a natural interaction within your heart cells to the sacred flame. All life force within the Universe is naturally engaged and aligned by the frequency of the violet flame. This is an all consuming, life force vibrational light that you are destined to return.

You are being called to make ready for this happening which is destined to begin at the end of July 2023. The activation of the Diamond Arc of Consciousness on the planet will create the energetic branch that will ultimately set in motion this happening.

Begin to ready yourself for this time by taking moments to align into the stillness within your Heart. Alignment, transmutation, these are the steps that you are being called to set in motion your resurrection. This is the time for you to take conscious steps towards preparing the cells of your Heart to receive the activation of the violet flame within your Heart. One conscious step of aligning to the stillness allows your heart cells to prepare for this change to naturally begin to take place within your heart cells. You make the difference by one conscious action of alignment to your Heart.

Process for Preparation

Know that your Heart’s conscious desire is to let go and allow transmutation. Remember your Heart is your only reference point to Truth. Your Heart is your compass, your guiding light. Your Heart is your sacred multidimensional tool.

Your Heart and Divine Access Point (DAP) are one, they make up your sacred Heart. The DAP is located at the base of your throat, just above the Sternum bone. Your Heart/DAP interact naturally to your Pineal, Crown, Sacrum, Spinal column, and Brain stem.

Begin your preparation working with the process daily. Each time you create the process every cell in your physical body will respond, transform, and transmute on another level.

The Process

  1. Physically connect to your upper chest, resting both palms of your hands on your chest.
  2. Bring your awareness to where you feel the warmth or pressure of your hands on your chest.
  3. Take a conscious breath, breath in the mouth and out the mouth. Place the breath like a soft wind into where you see sense or feel the opening of your Heart. Take another Conscious breath and let go. Open your awareness to where you feel see or sense the opening.
  4. Place the sound, EEE… EEE… EEE… within the space of your Heart.
  5. A doorway opens within the space, responding to your sound. The cells of the Heart recognize your sound.
  6. Bring your sound within the space that you see sense or feel. EEE… EEE… EEE…
  7. Take a Conscious breath and let go within the space…
  8. Hold one hand on your Heart and touch your Pineal with the other hand, (Pineal is 2.5cm or 1” above the 3rd eye)
  9. Bring your awareness to the Pineal position, move through the opening whether you see sense or feel this.
  10. Place your sound, EEE… EEE… EEE… within the space that you experience, take a Conscious breath, and let go within the space, within the light that you see sense or feel.
  11. Move your awareness up to your Crown, which is just above the top of your head. Feel see or sense a spiral like movement within the space. allow yourself to align to the spiral flow. Take a conscious breath and let go within the space.
  12. Place the sound, EEE… EEE… EEE… witness how the space draws you into the flow, recognizes you through your sound. Let go and be in the flow… Repeat this sound 2 more times to your Crown.
  13. Move your awareness back to your Heart, feel see or sense how the flow from the Crown enters the Heart, expands the flow within your Heart. Take a Conscious breath and let go within the space that you see sense or feel.
  14. Bring your sound, EEE… EEE… EEE… within the space of your Heart. Letting go.

We witness you and allow the changes within you to unfold naturally. Your Heart is like the lotus flower. Your Heart is the lotus flower. As your awareness aligns to your Heart the process of alignment is like water to the flower.

Let go and allow your Heart to unfold, prepare your Heart to be ignited by the violet flame.

The Pleiadians


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