Spirit Animal Message for June 2023: Don’t Stop Now!

Few birds are more adorable than the waddling, quacking Duck! But for all its awkward cuteness, Duck can be a powerful spirit animal guide.

A strong migratory flier, Duck is no stranger to the journey process. And its affinity with water gives Duck the potential to be an excellent spirit guide when it comes to feeling your way through life.

Whether you are diving into deeply emotional waters or dabbling in the realm of intuition, a Duck animal totem can help get you winging in the right direction. Let’s take a closer look at what the Duck spirit animal has to offer us this month!

duck spirit animal message

Duck Spirit Animal Symbolism At-A-Glance:

Positive Duck Energy: Integrity, Practicality, Organized, Effortless, Prosperity, Good Luck

Negative Duck Energy: Foolish or Naive, Vulnerable to Being Targeted, Messy, Unsuccessful, Sexual Domination, Difficult Transitions

Duck Power Animal Message for June 2023:

“I am of the air and also a lover of water. I bridge the two in a practical way and so bring both air and water to earth.

“I fly with purpose. I am here to help you through difficult transitions and assure you that the energy it takes to accomplish a transition can feel extreme, but rest assured, once you are through it, you will find yourself able to effortlessly accomplish your goals with minimal effort. Be persistent, and don’t give up. A breakthrough is sure to happen!”

Interpreting Duck’s Message:

Duck knows all about sticky transitions. Have you ever watched a Duck take off from a pond? It takes a LOT of energy to lift itself out of the water. (Think of trying to pull yourself out of a pool without touching the bottom, and you can start to appreciate what Duck has to deal with.)

This month, many of us are experiencing profound transitions in the wake of several powerful astrological events, including April’s rare hybrid solar eclipse. For some, it’s life transitions such as a move, career change, a new baby, or even a passing of the body. For others, it’s more subtle but just as powerful: the shift into a higher vibration of being.

Regardless, any transition happening at this time is likely to feel momentous. So, it’s natural that you might feel some resistance as you start to break free of old patterns or energies.

Duck’s message is twofold:

  • First, it’s the promise that things really are better where we’re headed.
  • Second, it’s the encouragement to stay the course.

3 Ways Duck Spirit Animal Can Help You Through Your Next Transition

Here is a secret Duck uses in takeoff that you might find helpful: in addition to powerfully flapping its wings, a duck uses its feet and tail to push against the water and propel itself forward and upwards.

Why is this significant? If you guessed “root chakra” and “grounding,” you’re spot on! Anything you can do to ground yourself and balance your root chakra will help ease this time of transition.

In addition, we can look to Duck for two more ways to get through with grace and ease:

  • Get your ducks in a row: think ahead to what you will need in the days, weeks, or years to come. Getting yourself organized and ready for what’s next will take a lot of stress out of the process!
  • Water off a duck’s back: Ducks keep their feathers well-oiled to stay afloat without getting wet. Practicing spiritual protection techniques, such as putting a bubble of light around yourself, can help you steer clear of negative energy that might otherwise bring you down.

Want a Deeper Dive into Duck Medicine?

If Duck’s message for June 2023 is resonating with you, I invite you to take it deeper. Here are a few ways you might enjoy exploring this energy:

  • Explore the rune Jera. When I was doing the art for this month’s reading, Duck led me to this divination symbol from the Nordic tradition. Jera literally means “year” and speaks of honoring long cycles of time. It’s often associated with harvest. My impression is that we’re at a point in time when something has matured in the planetary field, and many who have been diligently “doing the work” spiritually will begin to experience the rewards. But you may like to meditate on this ancient rune yourself to see what it reveals to you!
  • Enjoy the element of water. Bringing water into your daily life and spiritual ritual may help to cleanse or move stuck energy so you can move forward with greater ease.
  • Connect with the goddess Sequana. Sequana was a river goddess from the Celtic tradition who represented the river Seine. She was regarded as a healing goddess and was often shown riding in a duck-shaped boat. You may also feel guided to connect with the spirit of a river, pond, or spring local to you. Leaving a little offering of food or a sprinkling of flower petals along with a blessing for the water is a simple way to start.
  • Learn more about ducks and duck energy. There are many good articles online about ducks, both scientific and spiritual. Or, follow me on YouTube and watch for my video on Duck Spirit Animal for a deeper dive into the spiritual meaning of Duck!

Do you resonate with this message? Do you have a connection with Duck spirit? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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