Starcodes: May 19-25


Starcodes for the week of May 19-25, 2023

Plant seeds carefully, what we plant now will grow on Friday’s new Moon in Taurus, the most fertile of all earth signs. Plant seedings and ideas, launch projects, start a book, or take a relationship to a new level.

If we plant an argument, that too will grow into a tangled forest. This dynamic week contains both that fertile Taurus ground and a muscular engine of willpower as Mars, the motivating planet, enters expressive Leo on Saturday, opposes powerful Pluto, and squares expansive Jupiter to form a T-square in determined fixed signs. It’s good for us to have healthy places to go and things to do with this astrological engine.

Mars symbolizes what motivates us, makes us passionate, and what ticks us off. Under Mars in Leo people do not want to be ignored. We have a healthy right to be seen and feel appreciated for what we do. Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto will all be at 0° of fixed signs, and 0° is the border between signs, so expect boundaries to be tested. Keep an eye on border problems whether it is with relatives, neighbors, or countries and watch for grandstanding, invasion, and heroic action on the world stage.

T-squares, like grand squares, work like combustion engines- minor explosions produce momentum which- if we time it right- can drive the car forward; if we don’t time it right, it blows up or blockades. T-squares act like a concave mirror and shine their light on the missing corner of the square. In this case the T-square shines towards the south node at 3° of Scorpio which suggests old resentments, grudges, deep wounds, and primal needs can catch fire in that focus.

With this T-square over the next few weeks, some people will just need to debate. Fixed signs tell us to hold our ground rather than to be aggressive, but some won’t hear that call. Notice that sparkle in their eyes when they say something contentious, then choose whether to wrestle with them or just call them on the bait. If it’s just recreational contention they won’t be interested in a real discussion and are not open to learning from our brilliant points.

After this fertile Friday morning, the weekend is exploratory, interactive, and occasionally contentious under Gemini Moon and as Mars enters Leo. Consider using this momentum, not to fight but to make a decision and take a healthy risk.

Slow the momentum early next week to attend to self-care and nurture those newly planted seeds as the Moon enters Cancer and Mars perfects it square to Jupiter. Midweek our relationships take the spotlight; a Leo Moon can help us celebrate the summer but also makes it essential that we honor, respect and appreciate our beloveds. Otherwise conflicting needs cause conflict. The Leo Moon calls us to creatively re-center ourselves and tend to business just when our dear ones need to feel important to us. We expand the heart and can pay attention to both.

Starcodes week of May 19 through 25Image by Casey Horner from Unsplash

Friday, May 19: Tap into common sense and earned wisdom and make careful choices about what seedlings we plant as Mercury sextile Saturn. Let’s plant and work on whatever we want to grow on this most fertile day after the new Moon in Taurus at 9:53 AM MDT. Run with that metaphor. Tend to home, home garden and domestic issues, family relations, plant tangible things this morning, plant ideas after noon when the Moon enters verbal Gemini. We may have a moment of loneliness later but can bring our attention to nourishing the new sprouts as the Moon approaches a trine to Pluto tonight.

Moon sextile Saturn 12:39 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 7:39 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 9:53 AM, Moon sextile Mars 11:50 AM, Moon enters Gemini 12:47 PM, Moon trine Pluto 1:19 PM.

Saturday, May 20: Engage and create today. The mood is communicative, nervy, but also prone to easy fights and small accidents as Mars in Leo opposes Pluto. We can both be energized, creative and expressive in a good moment, but a sudden arrogance or sense of entitlement can lead to problems if we focus more on our stubbornness than our empathy. Keep the heart open. Be willful, but make wonderful things happen. Events tonight could question our priorities and ask us to get real. Stay involved but exercise caution as Mars opposes Pluto.

Moon square Saturn 12:57 AM, Mars enters Leo 9:31 AM, Mars opposes Pluto 9:11 PM.

Sunday, May 21: The pollen intensifies, so does the wonderful cross-pollination of ideas; our thoughts travel and disperse concentration as the Sun enters Gemini and trines Pluto. Get philosophical, slow the mental buzz and ask deeper questions. Watch for sudden territorial moves as the Moon enters moody, protective Cancer tonight, nurture instead. Tonight put some plans into place as the Sun sextile Mars. Start thinking about the next step.

Sun enters Gemini 1:09 AM, Sun trine Pluto 7:58 AM, Moon square Neptune 4:11 PM, Moon enters Cancer 9:28 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 11:53 PM, Sun sextile Mars 11:56 PM.

Monday, May 22: We may need to hold still, take care of ourselves and consolidate our progress. Self-doubts could arise along with resistance to change as the Cancer Moon trine Saturn this morning. Instead of backing up or arguing defensively, let’s figure out how to make progress safer. Watch a competitive crankiness, even potentially military action on the big front, wherever people choose to displace their discomfort on others rather do their own homework while Mars squares Jupiter. But if we stay self-responsible, healthy competition can push us over a hurdle towards a personal best.

Moon trine Saturn 11:23 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 1:07 PM, Mars square Jupiter 11:12 PM.

Tuesday, May 23: Rather than letting the head become an escape pod from an emotional heart, we need to integrate logic and compassion, heart and head need to work through problems and make decisions as the Moon conjunct Venus in Cancer. Even though that t-square pounds, step away from reaction and focus on a clear positive goal. Don’t just weed, replace the weeds with potential. If we don’t feel like doing anything this particular day, let’s engage basic self-care and kindness while we’re waiting.

Moon conjunct Venus 6:45 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 12:07 PM.

Wednesday, May 24: We may need to express ourselves with panache as the Moon enters Leo and conjuncts Mars but let’s allow room for others to shine as well. It may be important to listen to our own needs and center ourselves to make a personal decision, that’s not selfish if it helps us have more to offer others and does not use up their oxygen. Take turns- look for an important lesson about balancing personal self-care and responsibility to others’ healing as Venus squares Chiron. Support one’s own fire, don’t dampen others.

Moon trine Neptune 3:11 AM, Moon enters Leo, Moon opposed Pluto 9:04 AM, Moon square Jupiter 12:12 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 1:20 PM, Moon sextile Sun 3:31 PM, Venus square Chiron 5:39 PM.

Thursday, May 25: Potentially awkward moments can pass quickly if we keep talking. An inner urge to move, speak, and manifest can cause us to take up other people’s space unless we stay self-aware. Debate magnifies, but before we disagree, let’s ask ourselves if it is necessary and kind, or are we just recreationally arguing.

Sun semi-square Venus 3:05 AM, Moon square Mercury 4:11 AM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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