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I wasn’t sure there would be a Card of the Week today.

This week my cousin’s wife’s mother died, and not even 24 hours after my father passed away, a dear friend’s father also passed.

“Play” from last week became incredibly important as a tool for handling grief. For remembering the fun and silly times. Oh the antics my mom and I have on home 8mm video!!! Laughing gives a respite from the tears. A healthy ebb and flow.

I know I, and everyone here would be completely understanding if I had made a different choice. As a society, we are getting so much better about supporting others mental health needs. I so appreciate this growth I’ve seen and experienced over my 43 years.

I realized I wanted to do it. I wanted to pull a card. For me, for us, for everyone who has lost someone recently – such a tender juxtaposition to the exuberance of Pride currently happening all over. Did you watch the Tony’s and see our first out non-binary award winners???

If the Theatre Oracle I’m working on with photographer and my union sister, Dana West was ready, I’d use it today, for so many reasons.

But it is in the super early stages. Thankfully, Lua Tarot by Maree Bento jumped out to share.

What will help us b.e.s.t. this week?

The Emperor.


Jesus and I don’t have a very close relationship, but maybe you do. This card’s wood engraving definitely looks like Jesus.

However, my dad was very Catholic, and The Emperor is my birth card.

At its core, the Emperor is about systems. Creating the pathways to get the bounty the Empress represents, dispersed to those in need. Sharing in the best ways, loving bounty. Working miracles. Listening to all facets of society. Crossing the class lines – but not the picket lines.

This week, as we move towards Father’s Day, let us parent each other and ourselves well. Maybe go back to healthy habits and schedules that were put by the wayside. Look at the resources at our disposal and find ways to share.


The Emperor doesn’t do all the work him/them/herself, they have a team of people surrounding them ready to help. Folx are ready to work as directed; to research and supply options based on data.

For those of us whose birth numbers are 4 (found by adding up your birthday numbers. For example April 8, 1945 –> 4+8+1+9+4+5 = 31 –> 4) there is an added message to be ourselves. To take time to meditate on, and act upon our purpose on this good Earth; our only home. To gaze into the past, learning lessons we can alchemize to make the future, what we are building together, better. More life centered at the heart – see the ankh at their heart center?

Those mountains in the background are reminding us of time. The vast amounts of time it takes to make mountains or climb them. Grief is a marathon, not a sprint, and like backpacking the Pacific Coast Trail, or Appalachian Trail, or Australian Alps Walking Track, it needs to be planned for. Supplies gathered, needs accounted for, joys & desires & play included.

I’m noticing that the crown does not look like thorns. To me, it looks more like sheaves of wheat, golden like our Sun, which is also represented in the ankh. Appropriate as we dance towards the Summer Solstice for those of us in the Global North. A great time and symbol of energy and rebirth, now, and especially for our kith in the Global South heading towards Winter Solstice.

Each of us gets to choose the type of leader we will be in the world, learning from the successes and failures of those who have gone before.

What type of leader do you want to be?

About the creator:
To purchase the deck: It is currently out of print.
Recommended reading: My dad loved Shakespeare, and as “rosemary that’s for remembrance” keeps running through my brain, I recommend reading or rereading Hamlet by Shakespeare. Note how much is cut from the movie versions, and probably every version you’ve ever seen live.


All the b.e.s.t,

*b.e.s.t. = beautiful. equitable. sustainable. timely.

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