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Over the Hump by Kate Mura of Group Tarot

A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of Group Tarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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Group Tarot retreat in New Mexico

Happy Summer.

I’ve found it fascinating, since I was a kid, that Midsummer is the beginning of Summer in the US/Turtle Island.

If it’s the beginning of Summer, why the word “mid” intimating it’s the middle?

Years later, and a handful of years into my Pagan studies, I came to learn that the name came from when some of my ancestors divided the year into only two seasons, winter and summer. Midsummer was the mid point of Summer.

I wish I could remember the source for that besides my teachers… I’d love to have other sources to reference.

Today I return to Sovereign Oracle by Theresa Pridemore for Card of the Week.

We are given,


refine tarot card

  • A tweak is needed. Don’t start over just yet.
  • Consider partnering with a gifted editor or mentor.
  • A new level of mastery is calling to you.

Sometimes the cards are so literal and immediate! Before making mom and I a toaster oven s’more with vegan marshmallows and pulling CotW, I was talking with Zephyr about some tweaks for October’s Writers and Creatives Retreat!

A lot of change is happening in Hillsboro, NM. Our group is going to have such a positive impact on their community as well as each other. There’s still room, if you’ve been thinking about joining but haven’t committed for whatever reason.

Obviously, this card is about much more than October, although both Zephyr and I are available for mentorship.

What are you working on? A class? Art? Collective? That tweak needed might be a team building event, reworking mission/vision statements, changing the type of language being used, shifting colors or fonts, bringing things more into alignment. However you choose your adjustments – tarot, runes, pendulum, data points are all helpful – I invite them to be choices that come from exquisite listening; bringing yourself or the group or the event, into greater alignment.

Be willing to bring in professional help! Whether that is for branding, clothing, publishing, woodworking, taking anti-racist or non-violent communication seminars, there is always more to learn. Which in turn might inspire the edit of your idea, business, retreat, website, symphony, photo montage, doll making, and more.

Last week was graduation for a lot of folx. Are you called to go back to school or gather additional training? Now’s a great time to make that commitment to yourself and your craft.

Choose something fun! Something you’ve always wanted to try but have yet to. Pottery, bonsai, martial arts, writing, improv, engineering, motorcycle mechanics, and thought, I wonder what the cards have to add…


community tarot card

  • Say it aloud to people you trust.
  • Seek out like-minded and like-spirited collaborators.
  • Rally the support of your network. Abandon pride to receive the gift of connection.

I welcome you sharing your idea or commitment with me! Or here in the comments for our community to witness. I love being a cheerleader for new endeavors, and it helps! That’s one small part of how Sappho: The 10th Muse was in the recent OUTwright Theatre Festival.

Also, do this work in community, whether it’s a class, accountability group, book club, or October’s retreat.

It can be sharing your harebrained idea with a parent, partner, or stranger waiting with you at the bus stop. It can be done in a mundane way, or full of ritual intent and the Witness of the Divine.

Putting these cards together, we are also literally given a sentence: refine community.

Do the people you are surrounding yourself with share your vision and values? Are they helping create a world you want to live in? Are you nourished having them in your circles? Who do you want in your world? What energy do you desire that’s missing? Is everyone pulling their weight and contributing in a way that is right for them and for the collective? Is anything missing? Is anything in excess?

Like the Nine of Pentacles, who’s in our secret garden? Are they helping with the growth and care or are they just eating and draining resources? Nine’s always have a wall and a door – you may always ask people/life forms to leave if they’re not in alignment with your vision and values. You may always invite folx & living beings in who are nourishing, healing, and helpful. You may always choose to leave; you may choose to return. Threshold magick is potent. We don’t actually know what’s on the other side. We can make highly educated guesses, but until we cross the threshold and step into the next space, we don’t actually know what’s there.

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Recommended Reading: Or watching in this case! Please enjoy the first workshop reading of Sappho: The 10th Muse. Yours truly is the one on the monitor.


PS ~ Look for my upcoming article, “Mindful Actions of Rebels and Priestesses” in the Cartomancer’s Summer Edition

All the b.e.s.t,
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*b.e.s.t. = beautiful. equitable. sustainable. timely.

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