Excerpt from The Three Waves of Volunteers – Part One with Dolores Cannon


Dolores Cannon, a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist specializing in the recovery and cataloging of “Lost Knowledge,” passed away in October 2014 at 83. In an article from August 2011, she discusses her work and research on The Three Waves of Volunteers who have come to Earth to assist humanity in the shift to a New Earth. Read the original article

Cannon explains that, during her work with clients, she began to encounter individuals who were different from most of the people she had met. They had a sense of being on a mission and a strong feeling that their time on Earth was limited. She referred to these individuals as “volunteers.”

Cannon discovered that the first wave of volunteers arrived on Earth around the time of World War II. These volunteers were the “way showers” who helped pave the way for the others who would come after them. They were the ones who introduced new ideas and concepts that were not widely accepted at the time. Many of them experienced great difficulties and challenges due to their mission.

The second wave of volunteers arrived in the 1970s and 1980s. These individuals were less focused on introducing new concepts and more on simply existing and affecting those around them. They acted as “antennas of energy,” raising the planet’s vibrational frequency.

Dolores Cannon three waves of volunteers part oneImage by Kristendawn from Pixabay

Finally, Cannon identified the third wave of volunteers, who began arriving in the 1990s and continue to come to Earth today. These individuals are often children with incredible talents, abilities, and memories of past lives. They possess the knowledge and wisdom necessary to help humanity overcome the many obstacles that lie ahead.

Cannon emphasizes that the volunteers are not necessarily from other planets or dimensions but individuals who have chosen to come to Earth with a specific purpose. She believes they are here to assist in the transition to a New Earth, a time of peace and enlightenment that many spiritual traditions have prophesied.

In Part Two of her discussion on The Three Waves of Volunteers, Cannon explores these individuals’ specific characteristics and experiences, as well as their unique roles in the planetary shift.


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