July’s Buck Moon brings energies of ambition and intention


July’s Full Moon is called the Buck Moon and it’s in Capricorn. It also goes by Thunder Moon or Hay Moon. The Buck Moon gives the full moon a different energy 3 vibration that can be used to your advantage. As a full moon it is time to look over your intentions from the new moon and reflect on them, are you on the right path to reaching those goals? You will often find that there are thoughts or emotions that are preventing you from reaching the intentions you’ve set. The full moon is when you’re going to take a look at what is preventing you from manifesting your intentions.

July's buck full moonImage by JosepMonter from Pixabay

When the moon is full it offers the brightest light, and that light can be used to illuminate things, limiting thoughts and emotions we don’t want to see or acknowledge. As the moon begins to wane, we can use that time to release the feelings or beliefs that aren’t serving us.

By using July’s Buck Moon energy, we can focus on the buck’s strength and vitality to face our own fears of releasing limiting thoughts and emotions. This moon is also associated with transformations. The summer months find male deer’s growing antlers, we see nature bloom in explosions of colors, and animals in various stages of growth. This moon asks us to follow nature and release old patterns and embrace change so we can grow and step into our full potential.

Being in Capricorn gives this month’s full moon the extra energy of ambition and goal setting. It’s okay to decide at the full moon that the intentions you set during the new moon aren’t what will serve you in the long run. Capricorn’s energy asks you to look at what you’ve intended to do this lunation and refocus if your intentions are what you want. Use this Capricorn Full Moon to look at your long-term goals and formulate a plan to get there.
Takeaway July’s Buck Moon in Capricorn gives you the strength to reach your short term and long-term goals by looking at what needs to be transformed to get there.

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