Life with Abilities


You think you’re alone. You’re not, I see them too. Looking back these are the words I wish someone would have spoken to me when I was your age. In fact, I was grown up and with children of my own before I found the support of others living with abilities.

life with psychic abilities

Life with abilities can be amazing but it took me a long time to feel this way. Growing up and in my younger years I looked at my abilities as a curse. They scared me. I didn’t understand what I was experiencing, and I had no guidance. You see, when I was growing up, talking about any of my paranormal experiences or abilities was not acceptable. Many times, I was told that if I told anyone about my abilities I would be taken away from my family and placed in a hospital for the mentally unstable.

For years, I lived in fear of myself and experiences. I am sure at times you do too. I dreaded sleep, the dark, and old forgotten places. Honestly, I feared almost every place I went because I never knew when a Spirit would show up and because I knew exactly what was going “bump” in the night.

I, like so many of us, tried to hide. I tried to dim my light and then I had children. Children who are not unlike you. Becoming a parent made me realize I had to fully step into myself, accept and more importantly take part in my journey.

I have begun a long journey of self-educating, sought understanding, and advocated not just for self, or you but for Spirit. What I realized is that the fears I had are mostly based in feeling alone and the lack of control I had within my abilities. I don’t want that for you. Spirit doesn’t want that for you.

This is the start of your understanding whether you are seeking to understand for yourself or for someone you love. People like me are here – we are advocating – we are using our voice, so you do not have to hide in the shadow of yourself. Take the first step, find a mentor you trust and that feels right.

I hope that during this journey you will stop back here and check for support and knowledge that we, as guided by Spirit may be able to share with you. Be love.


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Stephanie Lynn
Stephanie Lynn has a degree in Criminal Justice and currently works in the public education system supporting special education students. She is a contributing writer for The Edge Magazine. Stephanie is a certified psychic medium and spiritual life coach. Stephanie devotes her life to work with Spirit in supporting, educating and healing of others. She also hosts a weekly podcast "Chat with Charlie" live every Thursday on WLTKDB.


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