Never forget


never forget the impact poetry

Never forget the impact

Never forget
The difference
You have made
In my life
I know I am not
Your family
But in my heart
And for me
You have shown me
That family can be or is
The greatest treasure of
Unconditional love
And trust
That we may find or finds us
This is greater than
any segment of DNA
Because it is
Based on the miracle
And the gift of
Unconditional love

Image by Ichigo121212 from Pixabay


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Courtney Elford
A curious soul, who cherishes her husband, her dog, her family, friends and countless others with her whole heart. She is an adventurous spirit, who enjoys nature, being close to water, the wilderness, national parks, green spaces, long distance running, cycling, camping, exploring the world, giving back, learning and discovering new spaces and places with a camera through a love of photography.


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