Starcodes: June 16-22

Starcodes for the week of June 16-22, 2023

This sunlit Solstice week bubbles with announcements, revelations, decisions, anxiety, and new possibilities filtering through layers of nervy Gemini and theatrical Leo energy.

Our minds can buzz with mental activity over the weekend as the Moon conjuncts the Sun in Gemini. We may need to juggle and multitask a million small things, which can be a blast or can feel overwhelming, or overthink everything and still have trouble finding a solution. Our nerves could wind out over some concern or unfinished deadline. We need to bring our own calm focus to use this buzz productively.

It will be great if we are not trying to get anything done but instead are buzzing with a bouquet of personalities. Mental Mercury sextiles sociable Venus and adds a sparkle to social events and helps us tactfully discuss wild politics and juicy gossip. Gossip will proliferate, watch the twinkle in people’s eyes and scandalous headlines in the news as people share the latest revelation. Witty words are entertaining but also deeply impactful, so let’s consider consequences before repeating a story or saying too much.

Saturn turns retrograde over the weekend and, in a quieter way, brings up some unfinished work. For the next few months we may need to go back and rebuild some foundations of our work. We could also need to deal with some karmic boomerangs; what goes around, comes around. If we’ve hidden old strange boxes of documents in the corner of our house, that will out. So will our kindness and the results of decisions we’ve made. If we suddenly see the ground clearing, look for what is being planted instead.

Saturn retrogrades just in time for Father’s Day, and it is a planet we often associate with fathers and fathering, and our father within. We may need to go over some old memories, honor the people who have held that archetype well in our lives, mourn the fathers that are no longer with us but live in our psyche, and mourn the fathers that never got their act together as part of that karmic boomerang.

Sunday and Monday wants to bring relaxation and a touch of confusion; we could deal with a temporary ending or just feel our hearts touched as the sun squares Neptune and quincunx Pluto. Or we could suddenly realize how hard we’ve been working or how hard someone else has been working, and need to acknowledge and rest.

Although the week starts a little low energy, Jupiter sextiles Saturn early next week and helps new work flow, old contacts can bring new sparks, familiar work can breathe new life. Midweek, as the Moon enters celebratory Leo, those new beginnings may gain fresh life, summer starts on Wednesday at 8:57 AM MDT as the Sun enters Cancer for a day of decisions, movement and motion. Celebrate this summer bounty.

Starcodes week of June 16 through 22Image by Eberhard Grossgasteiger from Unsplash

Friday, June 16: The mood is nervy, funny, fascinating, though people may take themselves too seriously on the emotional realm as the Gemini Moon squares serious Saturn. Wrangle logistics this morning then listen for important conversations or announcements after noon as the Moon conjuncts Mercury. Evening sparkles as the Moon sextile Venus.

Moon square Saturn 9:19 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 1:12 PM, Moon sextile Venus 2:57 PM.

Saturday, June 17: This wandering morning is fabulous for farmers markets and vintage stores but could challenge our concentration. Sweet things can be said or created as Mercury sextile Venus. Saturn retrogrades and offers us a chance to repair some fundamental break. Tonight’s new Moon in Gemini can leave us all abuzz; it may be hard to sleep, but easy to talk all night.

Moon sextile Mars 2:13 AM, Mercury sextile Venus 9:29 AM, Saturn retrograde 11:27 AM, the Sun conjunct the Moon 10:37 PM.

Sunday, June 18: Naps beckon from the hammock, catch up on rest as the Moon enters sensitive Cancer and asks us to take care of ourselves and our home territory. Slow down and appreciate the moment, notice what’s good right here rather than try to figure out the future as the sun squares Neptune, because it’s probably just a story of hopes and fears. It furthers to be near water or stick our toes in the pool and let our system catch up from a busy buzzing week.

Moon square Neptune 12:23 AM, Moon enters Cancer 4:57 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 6:45 PM, Moon trine Saturn 6:59 PM, Sun square Neptune 9:53 PM.

Monday, June 19: We may be slow off the mark this morning. Don’t hurry, but do stir things up a bit and explore options as Jupiter sextiles Saturn and encourages us to invest our time, money, and enthusiasm into something worthy. Look up old business contacts, check in on projects, stir the coals. If we see a pleasant new possibility for another, let’s be generous with our suggestions and see what grows.

Jupiter sextile Saturn 9:53 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 10:33 PM.

Tuesday, June 20: Watch for odd power dynamics this morning. We can have trouble getting out of our own way and so could alienate others with a lack of empathy as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto. Be kind to the digestion, as our guts can respond to all emotional ups and downs. Spirits lift and broaden this afternoon as the Moon joins Venus and Mars in expressive Leo; consciously bring excitement rather than create drama. Evening could bring a difficult mood, bittersweet moment or dénouement as the Sun quincunx Pluto, stay in the present moment.

Moon trine Neptune 11:23 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 3:43 PM, Moon enters Leo 4:04 PM.

Wednesday, June 21: Our thoughts could churn overnight or percolate deep in our subconscious dreams while that sun quincunx Pluto. But clouds clear on this longest day of the year as the Sun enters Cancer and the summer begins at 8:57 AM this morning. Look around for what is new and wonderful, share those thoughts as Mercury sextiles active Mars and healing Chiron. Look for opportunities to bring sunlight into a situation and heal with words tonight as the Moon conjunct Venus and Mars tonight after sunset.

Sun quincunx Pluto 4:19 AM, Moon square Jupiter 7:14 AM, Sun enters Cancer 8:57 AM, Mercury sextile Mars 9:22 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 9:08 PM.

Thursday, June 22: This morning could be busy, we can feel the hustle and bustle of preparations and organization as the Moon conjunct Mars. If we don’t have anything big to prepare for, let’s make something, plan a picnic and focus this event-oriented vibe and build towards something interesting. Performing arts could scintillate all week long.

Moon conjunct Mars 6:41 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 9:51 AM, Moon square Uranus 11 AM, Mars trine Chiron 9:52 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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