Starcodes: June 23-29


Starcodes for the week of June 23-29, 2023

In these high weeks of summer, the longest days of the year, the Sun in Cancer asks us to come home to ourselves. Come home to our family, to our home within, to a home we do not yet know but we’d like to reach towards. We can use these longest days to grow and ripen ourselves as if we are a tree bearing apricots.

Venus and Mars run conjunct in Leo all week and enliven arts festivals, weddings, protests, and all public forums. They can add panache to dinner on the patio with a fine wine or iced tea, grace notes feed our sense of well-being. It’s a great time to display our feelings and share a fine moment together. This romantic combination encourages us to spend time with beloveds and be open to the spark of new friendship and romance.

But we need to feel heard and appreciated in the process, otherwise we can dramatize the situation and make a big production out of anything. And when things go wrong, they can go dramatically wrong. The world is watching the submarine drama around the haunted Titanic, a movie in itself. The weather can’t just drop a few hailstones, it has to drop record-breaking hailstones. We don’t need to exaggerate truly difficult circumstances; we have to honor the real drama involved.

The weekend begins as a thoughtful Virgo Moon asks us to attend our garden and our friendships. Although Friday is good for details and hard work, all serious thought, and thoughtful commitments as the Sun trines Saturn, we grow dreamier and less realistic over the weekend, less interested in the grit of ordinary reality as Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Tell stories, flow in the river, drift in a dream- and tend to the details early next week.

Late Sunday through early next week the Libra Moon smooths the way for those relationships and encourages balance in our life. We will need both that balance and those good wishes as Mars squares Uranus early on Monday, a difficult willful, argumentative, and sometimes accident-prone aspect that can bring a confrontation to the boil on an otherwise peaceful week. But this aspect can also give us a decisive push forward and get the ball rolling where we’ve been feeling stuck.

On Monday night we could pull back a bit, and need some more quiet family or privacy to concentrate as Mercury enters Cancer, particularly if our feelings are hurt during that Mars-Uranus square. That sense of depth and privacy deepens on Wednesday as the Moon enters Scorpio and the Sun trines Saturn, and together call us to assess what work, professional or personal, needs to be done. That work may be just to heal in the summer’s light, or it may be time to tackle a new challenge.

Starcodes week of June 23 through 29

Friday, June 23: Details need juggling as the Moon enters Virgo this morning and Mercury semi-squares Jupiter. We can feel like we’re juggling too many things to focus, but remember that people matter more than details, hearts matter the most. Make any interaction a healing moment. Seriousness around dinner time as the Moon opposes Saturn relaxes into an evening filled with joie de vivre as the Moon trines Jupiter.

Moon enters Virgo 4:35 AM, Moon sextile Venus 8:24 AM, Mercury semi-square Jupiter 11:27 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 7:07 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:53 PM.

Saturday, June 24: We have less focus, more scattered efforts, but can laugh as long as we keep our priorities clear. Don’t adapt to another person’s dysfunction, but do adjust towards healthy compromise, and enjoy pleasant last-minute changes or spontaneous plans as the Moon trine Uranus tonight.

Moon trine Uranus 11:52 PM.

Sunday, June 25: We could feel obligated, like we should be doing something but really don’t feel like it or are not quite sure what needs to be done, as Mercury squares Neptune. Rest and keep demands low and gratitude high. Pay attention to avoid misunderstandings or trouble with spilled liquids or wild weather. Tonight, the Libra Moon brings back a sociable ability to laugh with one another over good food, though some tension or impatience may be growing in the background as Mars approaches that square Uranus.

Moon square Mercury 11:25 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 12:20 PM, Moon trine Pluto 4:24 PM, Mercury square Neptune 4:35 PM, Moon enters Libra 4:57 PM.

Monday, June 26: Morning can be both friendly and difficult; we want to go along under that sociable Libra Moon but can clash over some technical problems, ego issues, delays, or frustrations as Mars squares Uranus. It pays to listen and help the other person feel heard particularly midafternoon as Mercury quincunx Pluto. We may need to let in a difficult truth and then make healthy adjustments in response; the outcome may be better than we can imagine now. Don’t hate the messenger. Don’t drive if upset, watch for in accident-prone streak when distracted. Get centered before taking the next move.

Moon square Sun 1:49 AM, Mars square Uranus 3:22 AM, Mercury quincunx Pluto 3:06 PM, Mercury enters Cancer 6:23 PM.

Tuesday, June 27: Personal or world news can make us thoughtful and ask us to reassess some position on this contemplative morning. We could be more self- protective and guarded, a bit little less outgoing in our conversation and may need to tend to some story from our personal history as Mercury enters Cancer. Share some ancient memories with one another.

morning of reassessment, personal or eventful news can bring out our contemplative streak. Mercury

Moon sextile Venus 4:56 AM, Moon sextile Mars 12:25 PM.

Wednesday, June 28: We all could walk alone even as we weave our days together on this creative but somewhat haunted Moon in Scorpio day. After our thoughtful, nervy morning as the Sun semi-squares Uranus, events can flow smoothly at midday. though we may keep our strong emotions feelings close to the chest, as the Moon forms a grand trine with the Sun and Saturn in deep-feeling water signs. Let those rolling waves of emotion flow through, we take things seriously but may not be able to find the words to say what we feel.

Moon square Pluto 2:18 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 2:55 AM, Sun semi-square Uranus 6:51 AM, Moon trine Mercury 9:31 AM, Moon trine Venus 3:49 PM, Moon trine Saturn 4:06 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 7:28 PM, Sun trine Saturn 7:42 PM, Mercury semi-square Venus 8:25 PM.

Thursday, June 29: Hit the reset button this morning as Venus trine Chiron. A little time in our own corner furthers. We may just need a little time to reset, or our feelings may have been hurt recently and we just need a moment within; it’s not a logical process but calls for self-care rather than revenge. Afternoon we can coordinate more with others but may notice plans change and people are little off-center as Mercury semi-squares Uranus. Don’t get too attached to a plan, stay adjustable. Consider going to sleep early before as people can get cranky late tonight while the Moon squares Mars.

Venus trine Chiron 2:40 AM, Moon square Venus 3:32 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 6:22 PM, Mercury semi-square Uranus 7:47 PM, Moon square Mars 10:05 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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