Starcodes: June 9-15


Starcodes for the week of June 9-15, 2023

It’s a lovely summery week with deeper astrological undertones running underneath. The Sun in flirtatious, conversational, pollen-filled Gemini is joined by Mercury on Sunday and our thoughts can drift like petals on the wind. But our hearts could burn a steady fire with Venus now with Mars in fiery Leo, as they grow closer together, they’ll encourage us to live our emotional and creative life out large. The mood will be good when it’s good and dramatic when it’s not. Expect fabulous proms, parades, and festivals, and some truly operatic breakups or world events.

We can play with the performance elements of these Leo planets and still stay authentic with our feelings. These planets can magnify our feelings and make us self-conscious about them, create an emotional meta-verse where we have an emotional response to our very emotions themselves. Let’s be happy about our happiness but be very careful about being melodramatically sad about our sadness, or worried about our worry. Stay real, trust those valid feelings at the core. Stay in the present and make the most out of every delicious moment of the summer rather than read the terrors and joys of the future into it. There will be time enough for that later.

It will be particularly important to live in the present this week rather than borrow trouble from the future or the past as Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn until next February. Here it can bring up the shadow work of the last couple of decades. Expect a review session of problems around hierarchy and structure, control issues and dominance. But this is just a review session, we’ve been practicing, let’s learn those lessons and move on.

Mercury experiences some interesting aspects next week, so pay attention to communication. Let’s be aware how we represent and transport ourselves. Look for a narrative arc where we vision something on Friday, work it over the weekend, process the possibilities and difficulties early in the week, then make a decision by Thursday. Deal with questions around tech, transportation, and notifications, and the nuts and bolts of preparation and negotiations.

The Moon enters sensitive Pisces on Friday and calls for a real summer moment, iced tea on the veranda and dreams for the future as Mercury sextiles Neptune and gives us vision and imagination. It may be time to just process emotions and let our feelings catch up with us. If things are good, that ice tea will taste so sweet. If life is challenging, watch for a tendency to get stuck in a victim mentality or dramatization as this wastes those creative juices.

Gear up on Sunday and early in the week as Pluto returns to Capricorn, Mercury trines Pluto then enters Gemini under an activated Aries Moon and asks us to look at the tough stuff. Mercury in Gemini can help us think fast and multi-task but we can also get nervy and lose our focus. We won’t coordinate easily, so work independently and cheer each other on.

The rhythm slows down and becomes more practical as the Moon enters Taurus on Tuesday while Venus quincunx Saturn. On Thursday, use a rigorous square between Mercury and Saturn next Thursday to sharpen that focus and nail down details.

Starcodes week of June 9 through 15

Friday, June 9: Some will feel weepy as Mercury sextiles Neptune under a sensitive Pisces Moon and reminds us of both our vulnerability and our capacity for kindness. Brainstorm or connect rather than attempt efficiency this morning. Later, the Moon conjunct Saturn, though we may feel tired, or the feel the weight of responsibilities, this will help us complete those essential tasks. We’ll relax easier tonight after we’ve processed the work week.

Moon enters Pisces 4:14 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 1:02 PM, Mercury sextile Neptune 3:14 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 4:15 p.m.

Saturday, June 10: Be a teacher; be open to humbly giving and receiving good words and gentle advice, not arrogant criticism, as the Sun sextiles Chiron. Many little things need to be dealt with, don’t worry about doing them all at once, but do track carefully. Tonight, tell good stories and touch on something deeper as the Moon approaches the conjunction with Mercury trines Pluto.

Sun sextile Chiron 1:06 AM, Moon square Sun 1:31 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 3:02 PM.

Sunday, June 11: A challenging project furthers. Although we’ll be thinking about the future, discomfort can leave us achy, cranky, discouraged, or feisty, aware of how much still needs doing as Mercury trines Pluto then enters Gemini, and Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn. An independent Aries Moon can make us impatient to get on with some new phase, energetic, but not particularly good at collaboration. Work separately, if alongside. If some situation tugs at the heart or starts a rumble, take a break and let everyone take care of their own homework for a bit and then reconnect tonight as the Moon trines Venus.

Moon conjunct Neptune 3:09 AM, Pluto enters Capricorn 3:35 AM, Mercury trine Pluto 4:26 AM, Mercury enters Gemini 4:27 AM, the Moon sextile Pluto 7:20 AM, the Moon enters Capricorn 7:20 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 7:43 AM, Venus squares Jupiter 9:39 AM, Sun semi-square Jupiter 2:28 PM, Moon trine Venus 5:40 PM.

Monday, June 12: On this impulsive, willful day, we don’t want to do what we have to do; it will be easy to engage in anything we are passionate about, and hard to get started on anything without an emotional charge. Bored people will cause trouble, but don’t use anger as the default motivator. Let’s ask ourselves good questions this afternoon and look for fresh insights as the Moon conjunct Chiron. Tonight, it could be important to get out of ourselves and connect with our beloveds, check in with their day. Good relationship skills further for the next few days.

Moon trine Mars, 6:35 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 5:15 PM, Moon sextile Sun 9:59 PM.

Tuesday, June 13: Trust issues arise as Venus quincunx Saturn. Stay self-responsible and don’t read too much into this moment; most people are listening to their loud inner drummer which can drown out other voices. Look for more practical solutions and grounding actions later on as the Moon enters Taurus and approaches Jupiter. Work on clear communication, patience, and self-care while other people get their act together.

Venus quincunx Saturn 3:59 AM, Moon square Pluto 12:26 PM, Moon enters Taurus 12:31 PM, son semi-square Venus 3:08 PM, Mercury semi-square Chiron 30 1 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 11:40 PM.

Wednesday, June 14: Steady as she goes. No one wants to hurry but we can put one foot in front of the other and make good progress -if we have a clear goal. The mood is cheerfully stubborn, if an argument starts up, listen carefully but don’t expect to change minds, particularly midafternoon as the Taurus Moon squares Mars in Leo. If people feel heard, they may feel slightly more cooperative, but will still want to go their own way. Change is more possible later in the evening.

Moon sextile Saturn 1:35 AM, Moon square Venus 3:09 AM, Moon square Mars 3:15 PM.

Thursday, June 15: Mercury squares Saturn allows us the ability to handle a tough conundrum, to think rigorously, argue well, and tackle a problem until it’s done. But if we don’t give our mind something good to chew on, we’ll tend to create a problem where there wasn’t one. If we see the argumentative glint in somebody’s eye, call them on it and sidestep-unless we want to wrestle. Keep eyes open for transportation delays, be patient rather than willful.

Moon conjunct Uranus 2:54 AM, Mercury squares Saturn 10:09 AM, Moon sex tile Neptune 3:19 PM, Moon trine Pluto 7:39 PM, Moon enters Gemini 7:45 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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