Traveler’s Creed


“The breath that does not repeat the name of God is a wasted breath.”
– Kabir (p.213, Essential Sufism, Fadiman/Frager)

According to tradition humanity originated ‘far beyond the stars’ and is on a journey back to its Source. While in the earth phase, there are numerous opportunities to embrace ‘our real’ or ‘lasting nature’ and begin the spiritual journey home. In this physical world, because we are in a sense estranged from our real or lasting spiritual nature, there is an unease and inner hunger that pushes us forward to search and make the inner connection.

While in this world, many become distracted and attempt to fill the inner emptiness with all manner of things and experiences; this further compounds the problem of remembering who we are.

Just like ET in the movie, we need to contact home, through our inner spiritual awareness so the factors might align and we can start the return journey.

Now while in the earth phase, because of its endless diversity, beauty and splendor, each traveler has the opportunity to create and freely join in Kingship with the Creator. Daily, we create our own multiple level reality and in this world of forms, we create multiple opportunities to express who we are. Inside each of us is a spark or piece of the Life Force; that is our guiding element and leads us through the many worlds; back to the Creator.

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The Riddle: Who We Are?

O spiritual traveler, rise-up and know who you really are; temporarily shed the identity that has been placed upon you by others and this wondrous physical body we have created. On some levels, this multi-level form is an illusion, a contrast and story, created to help, hurt, contain and even set us free. Although many were well intentioned they were fooled by this riddle of physicality and spirituality; ultimately this contrast and duality exists to help, so we may learn, experience and enjoy the wonders. Yes. We may create and experience it all, as long as we Remember; go deep within and experience who we really are- a Child of Light. We are the son and daughter of a King, and have been sent on a journey to experience all the parts of self; finding our true, lasting nature, when we help others.

The present life and experience is all about you and what you individually wish to create. That is the wonder and challenge; we were given free will so that we might freely choose to Remember and join in the creative process: alternating between our will and the will of the One.

Perhaps this riddle is confusing? Oh Spiritual traveler; set yourself free and stop thinking about it all. Go deeper and learn to experience and perceive your true lasting nature; you and the Light are one. This Oneness will set you free so you may create that which you came here to create. Enough of riddles and words that make little sense and cannot be thought out- arise and embrace your Lasting Self; then this foolishness of words will no longer be necessary.

Guidelines for Travelers

Beyond religion, beyond individual creed and spiritual form, there is a knowing that arises from the heart. The heart is our spiritual center and is connected to the Light or Life Force; the Light is most like the Creator and, while in the physical body, is the conduit through which we travel home. Make your life a song, a celebration through which you join in Kingship, Remember, and embrace your spiritual heritage.

Come join me as a Spiritual Traveler; a traveler who seeks the inner, spiritual core of religious experience and follows the Light through the many worlds. This way has always existed. It is the religion before there was religion. It is the first commandment: Love God (or the Light) with all your heart and soul. Yes, it is as easy as that.

And because we are in the world of forms, we need a structure or framework from which to begin; here for the Spiritual Traveler is a set of guidelines that have served me well. These guidelines are not of my creation, but part of the wondrous Path that has always existed; like a scribe I write them down so you might learn, experience and benefit.

And if you think I am a madman, and have lost my way, leave this writing and find your own experience and way to embrace your true lasting self. One way is not better than others. Each is a child of the universe; and each must ultimately find their own way that is both unique and the same. For we all are travelers. May your journey be glorious and your effort rewarded.

  • Love God. This is the first commandment and contains the entire journey- which is Love God (or the Light) with all your heart and soul. Some need no other instruction; traditionally these travelers have been called- the lovers. The Lovers seek to make their lives and extension of the Divine and do everything for their Beloved.
  • Citizen of the Universe. Learn to share this planet and the universe with all the many life forms; we are all expressions of the One. To hurt another is to hurt self; we all are connected in spirit. We share the same the Life Force, which is our self. When we turn toward the Light, the Light will guide and protect.
  • Align With the Highest. In each action and thought, seek to take the high road and make every moment an expression of the Divine. Listen to your heart and make your decisions based upon that which will serve your higher nature and the emerging higher destiny of the universe.
  • Love Another. The nature of God or the Light is pure Love; when we love another and seek to help and share with that person; we are fulfilling our higher destiny. Many of the ills of the world come about, because travelers are fearful and seek to fulfill their own need at the expense of others. Mature travelers know the difference between helping and hurting; their hearts will not let them intentionally cause harm.
  • Live Fully. Each traveler is a multi-level being with an assortment of feelings, thoughts, desires and dreams. Live fully and embrace the many parts of self. Also do not forget to go deeper and thank the One who gave these things to you.
  • Seek Excellence. In every action and thought seek to do your best. Each traveler has the potential to reach toward excellence; each has a unique skill set and must learn to maximize their potential by expressing individual talents and ability. A complete life merges individual and higher need.
  • Be Yourself. In knowing who you are, you will know the many parts of self and merge with the Higher. Do not let others keep you from finding out and expressing who you are; that is your gift to yourself and the universe.
  • Help Others. In helping others, we help our self and serve the Highest. Though we may forget, we are all one and have a social duty to help others of our human family. No one is suggesting that we are not to care for self or protect self, however, every one is connected and on the higher, spiritual level, when my neighbor is hungry or sick, I am experiencing this as well. In everything, we must use our common sense, and experience tells me, if one is being exploited or harmed, one day this ill will present itself at my door.
  • Do Good Deeds. Inwardly the healthy person knows the right thing; we are born with this inner awareness. It is only our fear that blocks us; learn to go beyond fear and listen to your heart. Then the promise of a better world will be achieved one person at a time.
  • Gratitude. Thank the universe, thank yourself and thank the Creator for all you have been Given. This activity will make you joyous and its energy will fill you with good health.
  • Pray. Each morning and evening and throughout the day: communicate and speak with God. Have an ongoing conversation with your higher self and the One who provided the opportunity to go through the many worlds. One of my teachers used to say, ‘if you’re going to be angry or sad, be angry and sad with God. Similarly if you’re going to be happy, be happy with God. When we are most distant from God that is when we need God the most.”
  • Travel Beyond Teachings. All we know about any great servant and their specific teachings is what others have recorded, wanting us to know about these teachings. This is both good and bad. That is why each traveler is urged to have their own experience and travel beyond teachings. Knowledge is different than teachings.

* * *

There is one thing in this world that must never be forgotten. If you were to forget everything else, but did not forget that, then there would be no cause to worry; whereas if you performed and remembered and did not forget anything else, but forget this one thing, then you would have done nothing whatsoever.

It is just as if a king had sent you to another country to carry out a specific task. You go and perform a hundred other tasks, but if you have not performed that particular task, it is as though you have done nothing at all.

“You have come into this world for a particular task, and that is your purpose; if you do not perform it, then you will have done nothing.”
– Rumi (pg. 214, Essential Sufism, Fadiman/Frager)


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