Pleiadian Message for July 2023

Beloved ones we greet you,

The ‘winds of change’ begin to accelerate at the time of the full moon. This specific frequency of the full moon carries a sacred frequency of light rarely ever seen within the history of the Universe. This unique pure frequency will begin to interact electrically with your Earth’s core setting in motion the sacred prophecy that is to bring Earth into a direct alignment to what is referred as a Scahndahlah Event. This phenomenon is a rare event within the Universal planes where a profound re-alignment occurs altering the multidimensional reality of a planetary cycle. Earth’s destined path will shift completely at that juncture.

This extraordinary happening will herald in the next phase of the ‘New Dawning’ for Earth. Templates of light will be released from the higher realms and will assist with the reforming of the magnetic core of your planet. These Templates will create imprints of light that will descend and transform the ability of the sacred sites to interact with the magnetic core creating a more complete stable opening of a series of multidimensional alternate reality spaces throughout your earth plane. This imprinting light from the Templates will play a role of awakening and highlighting these multidimensional alternate reality spaces. These alternate realities are sacred arena’s where aspects of your Higher Self exist, they are pathways leading you back Home.

A picture: you can liken the magnetic core of Earth as a bud of a flower, which begins to open its petals outwards, as the bud opens a new light potential of Earth is realized. Rays of light emanate from the center of the bud flowing outwards throughout the earth plane.

Vast spaces of the purest light will arise through the release of these Templates. The light frequency of these Templets is designed to set in motion a further expansive breaking down of the old ancient density that have been in place for lifetimes. This framework of density has played the role of holding in place the 3rd dimensional expression of fear and struggle for all humanity. Creating shackles, an immovable force of intense focused illusion for those of you on Earth.

The sacred prophecies speak of this specific time being a liberation for all life force across the earth plane. These pure light Templates carry the sacred imprinting codes to Earth to play an essential role by dissolving and removing this ancient density of illusion. And simultaneously as the illusion lifts, the shackles loosen enabling the creation of a higher alignment platform of light consciousness to descend from the Universal realms to your planet.

Pleiadian July 2023 messageImage by Comfreak from Pixabay

As you begin this re-orientation beyond the illusion into a liberated space you can enter a state of natural re-alignment to Truth that is interwoven within the alternate reality spaces. You are to be enabled to re-enter this higher arena of consciousness through the stable action arising from the Magnetic core.

The sacred Templates will begin to also resonate within the cells of your Heart and create an interactive pulse within the electrical systems of your brain cells and Pineal. The pulse will be creating the electrical reformation of your systems. This process will be you returning to a different and completely natural re-synergized frequency through all the sacred systems of your physical body.

You have a crystalline structure that exists in the space between all the cells of your body. This interactive pulse will ignite the crystalline structure on a multidimensional level. This ignition is like a flame, like the relighting of your inner sacred flame. The brilliance of this flame reopens the sacred senses of your Heart center. This pure brilliance quickening of your Heart will enable you to enter a higher resonance consciousness, giving you the authority to allow a re-engagement of your sacred heritage. A remembrance of your multidimensional being returning to you your key to access these higher alternate reality spaces.

An aspect of your destiny is that you were always ultimately to be the one to activate your individual self-realization process. This is the juncture of time for the actual unveiling of yourself, for you to consciously choose to return to communion, to the collective God consciousness state.

This is the returning for you, as the doorways to the sacred arena of Earth will again become accessible to you. This entire unfolding and unveiling of you is a natural process. You are simply being repositioned back to your place of origin. Within your destined place you fit perfectly within the crystalline communion of God consciousness.

A Process of Consciously Dialing Yourself at the Time of the Full Moon:

This process is designed to reposition you with the expansive frequencies at the time of the Scahndahlah Event to enable you to realign with this next wave of resonance change.

NOTE: You should do this process once daily, beginning with the day of the full moon.

Location of the Physical Positions on the Body:

  1. PINEAL: 2.5cm or 1″ above the 3rd eye.
  2. DAP (Divine Access Point): at the base of the throat, just above the Sternum bone.
  3. SACRUM BONE: at the base of the spine just above the buttock crack. Note if you cannot physically connect to the sacrum bone with your hand then you can hold your physical awareness on this position instead.

SACRED SOUND: ZAHN TZHA… (pronounced zarn zar)

CONSCIOUS BREATH: a breath taken in the mouth and released out of the mouth.

HEART SPACE: the Heart space is your entire upper chest, which expands well beyond your physical body. Both palms of your hands should be physically connected to your chest as you make the sound.

The Process:

As you begin this process you can call us forward to support you during the process if you wish. We can make any necessary energetic adjustments necessary without entering your energetic field.

  1. Touch your Pineal with your index finger. Tap 1, 2, 3. Repeat this process five more times.
  2. Continue to hold this position and bring the sacred sound, ZAHN TZHA within the opening of the Pineal three times.
  3. Move your index finger to touch your DAP, take a Conscious breath and place the breath like a soft wind within your DAP. Repeat this breath two more times.
  4. Continue to touch your DAP and place the sacred sound, ZAHN TZHA within the opening of your DAP. Feel see or sense how the opening of your DAP responds to your sound. Repeat the sound five more times.
  5. Continue to hold your DAP with your physical finger while connecting to your Sacrum. Tap 1, 2, 3, 4. Feel see or sense an opening. Repeat this tapping process three times.
  6. Continue to hold your Sacrum and DAP. Place six sounds, ZAHN TZHA within the Sacrum opening.
  7. Tap the Sacrum 1, 2, 3, 4. See sense or feel the opening, place a Conscious breath directly within the opening that you perceive.
  8. Place six sounds, ZAHN TZHA within the opening of the Sacrum.
  9. Release your hand from the Sacrum. Continue to hold your DAP and then touch your Pineal.
  10. Bring your awareness to your Pineal. Tap 1, 2, 3, 4. Repeat this tapping five more times.
  11. Place the sacred sound, ZAHN TZHA six times within the opening of the Pineal that you see sense or feel.
  12. Bring both hands to your Heart space, bring the sound, ZAHN TZHA within your Heart. Continue to make the sound, ZAHN TZHA for five minutes while holding your Heart. Take a Conscious breath within your Heart and let go.

We witness you during this extraordinary energetic event of your Earth plane. All eyes are on Earth, the entire Universal community are with you. Know how essential it is that you choose differently at this juncture, simply because you can do everything differently than ever before.

Hold the mantle of truth closely within your Heart as you step forward into the light.

The Pleiadians


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