Spirit Animal Message for July 2023: Stand Your Ground

Few animals have earned humanity’s admiration and respect more than the Bear. Venerated from ancient times to the present, this powerful creature is universally both loved and feared for its strength, imposing presence, and indomitable disposition.

This month, Mama Bear in particular is coming forward to hold space as we move into the summer season. To me, this is an invitation to be aware of how feminine energy is operating within ourselves and in the world at large.

Let’s explore what it could mean to have such powerful female spirit animal energy show up at this most light-filled time of the year.

mama bear spirit animal message

Bear Spirit Animal Symbolism At-A-Glance:

Positive Bear Energy: Courage, Strength, Protection, Confidence, Natural rhythms and cycles, Grounding, Nurturing, Wisdom, Dreamtime, Ancestors, Healing

Negative Bear Energy: Overconfident, Reclusive, Quick temper, Uncontrolled anger, Vengeance

Mama Bear Power Animal Message for June, 2023:

“Sniff the wind. There is much you can tell from what the air carries. Do you smell danger? Or opportunity?

Be alert. Use all your senses. Note the direction of the wind – and be aware of what is happening both downwind and up.

This is not the time to give up your territory. Own it. Own it fiercely. Do not doubt the power of your heart. The future depends on your willingness to stand your ground and protect what is yours.”

Interpreting Mama Bear’s Message:

No one messes with Mama Bear, and she’s encouraging each one of us to stand our ground this month. That much is clear. But a few of the things she brings forward merit deeper exploration:

Protecting the Future

Mama Bear embodies the Great Mother like nothing else. What makes Mother energy so powerful? The Mother is the one who not only brings forth life, but nurtures and nourishes it to ensure the continuation of life. This is the power of the positive side of the feminine: the power of Life itself.

Mama Bear knows that protecting her cubs is of utmost importance. The very future of her species – and indeed the balance of Nature itself – depends on her willingness and ability to defend them. No wonder she is such a fierce protector!

What does this mean for us humans when Mother Bear energy shows up? Mama Bear’s cubs symbolize the Child archetype: both our own inner child and actual, flesh-and-blood children. A healthy, happy, and pure Child ensures a healthy future. Mother Bear encourages us this month to protect and nurture our inner child (the fun, playful, creative side of us) as well as looking out for the well-being of children everywhere.

Stay in the Heart

Every archetype has its shadow. A mother who is overly stressed or whose instincts are weak may abandon or destroy her young. For feminine energy to stay positive it MUST remain in the heart, and fueled by Love. This will allow it to stay aligned with the life stream of the planet – which will automatically create more love, joy, abundance, and fulfillment for everyone.

It’s a popular belief that being in the heart must always feel soft and gentle. But this is a misperception. The heart space is a space of transmutation. It is what allows us to channel even lower emotions in positive ways.

Mama Bear shows us that “negative” emotions like anger have their place. Sometimes being in the heart requires us to enter into confrontation. Sometimes the most loving thing we can do is to say NO, even if it results in conflict.

Bear energy is the energy of courage and strength. Call on Bear to help you have the courage to speak up – and even fight – for what you know is right!

Awareness is Key

In her message, Mother Bear stresses how important it is to be alert and aware of what is really going on around you. This is not the month to zone out or hide your head in the sand!

Aso, she repeatedly refers to the element of air, or wind. Air symbolizes the mind. It’s also associated with communication, including mass communication (think “airwaves”). While it’s always best to be discriminating about what you hear on the news or “through the grapevine,” discernment may be especially important this month.

Notice the emotional currents around you. Use your intuition. Feel into the vibration of what shows up, not just what it appears to be on the surface. Are everyone’s eyes and ears focused in one direction? This may be a good time to look around and see what else may be happening while everyone’s attention is elsewhere. As Mother Bear says, you may discover a hidden threat – or an opportunity no one else is seeing!

Exploring Mother Bear Medicine

If Mama Bear’s message for July 2023 is speaking to you, I invite you to take it deeper. Here are a few ways you might enjoy exploring this energy:

  • Inner Child healing with Mama Bear: Connecting with Mama Bear as a spirit guide can be extremely comforting and help to heal abandonment wounds as well as strengthen your sense of confidence, creativity, and play. One way to work with her is to take yourself to a safe, quiet place where you can be alone for a while. Wrap yourself in a warm, fuzzy blanket and turn down the lights. Imagine you are in Mama Bear’s den, snuggled up against her warm fur. Feel her holding you tight, and imagine you can feel her slow, strong heartbeat against your chest or ear. Slow your breathing to match her heartbeat until you feel yourself relax deeply. Stay here for as long as you like. (You can also do this exercise with any Mother archetype such as Mother Mary.)
  • Identify your “baby bear(s)”. What do you want to nurture and protect in your life or in the world? Perhaps it may be your creative work, a child, a special relationship, your spiritual practice, or a cause that’s important to you. What actions(s) will you take this month to keep it strong and healthy?
  • Slow down. If Mama Bear could talk, one of her favorite sayings would likely be the old Amish adage: “the hurrier I go the behinder I get.” She can move fast when she needs to, but she knows that rest can be just as productive as activity – sometimes even more so! Don’t cheat yourself of rest this month, and stick to a pace that’s comfortable for you. See if you don’t get just as much done – and feel as strong and confident as a bear!

Want More?

For another perspective of the meaning of Mama Bear in July, 2023, check out my July 2023 Energy Update video on YouTube!


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