Starcodes: July 14-20


Starcodes for the week of July 14-20, 2023

This week brings moments of lazy summer with birds singing and grass billowing, mixed with occasional dramatic weather and a haunting feeling of impending change sprinkled with minor setbacks and practical frustrations. Make hay and have picnics while the Sun shines and so build up reserves to handle the rest.

Mercury and Venus in expressive Leo can help us appreciate this high summer moment though they also add torque and drama to any problem which arises. The Sun now in domestic Cancer approaches an opposition to Pluto this week which brings cozy domesticity to the foreground -along with an awareness of great world problems and personal concerns percolating in the background. Pay attention to both, we need our daily joys to cope with signs of climate change and the grumbling of world events.

And in the quiet moments, sipping ice-tea in the shade, a friend may need to share their deepest worries or ponder the meaning of their existence. Some old pain could arise, and we may feel unusually sensitive to whether we feel loved, safe and connected, whether we have purpose and belong. Pluto can leave us with that haunted feeling, with those deep questions, not just to make us miserable or poke on some old wound but to encourage our healing and fuel that connection to Spirit which can help us handle our distracted world.

Mars, now in Virgo, brings our thoughts to this fall’s impending work and helps us weed our summer’s garden, we just can’t weed one another’s personalities. That Mars approaches an opposition to Saturn over the week, perfecting Thursday and can point to the work we need to do to manifest our ideas. When frustrations come up we can think of it as clearing karma rather than the world trying to get in our way. Those minor setbacks or delays could straighten out early next week.

Friday begins talkative and nervy, but we are able to work through some last minute adjustments and logistical concerns under a verbal Gemini Moon and as Mercury quincunx Saturn. We are so ready for a change in pace or resolution of recent glitches as the Sun sextiles Uranus. Over the weekend the mood grows more emotional, sensitive, and appreciative of a kind word under a waning Cancer Moon and as Venus quincunx Neptune.

The Cancer new Moon on Monday offers us a chance to reach out and offer a moment of connection to the people around us who are in doubt. Come home to ourselves, to important people in our community into beloveds; ponder on how we can feel more at home and safe in this world. People can grow quickly and hostile when they don’t feel safe but thrive and shine when they do. It can bring a shift, a new chapter around our sense of home and family. Midweek, practical things can run poltergeists as Mars opposes Saturn, but our summertime renewal ripens as Moon in Leo polishes the glory of high summer with a touch of magic.

Starcodes week of July 14 through 20

Friday, July 14: Nerves or worries are likely, but dissipate when faced directly as Mercury quincunx Saturn morning. Work through minor delays and wrangle bureaucratic details, but if people sound accidentally officious, just take it as a sign of nerves. Tend the pots cooking on the stove midday and be ready for something completely different tonight as the Sun sextile Uranus; a break in routine furthers.

Mercury quincunx Saturn 9:16 AM, Sun sextile Uranus 5:02 PM.

Saturday, July 15: Exchange interesting news early on, then drop into the heart as the Moon enters sentimental, protective Cancer midday. If memories roll in like a thick cloud, let’s choose what memories take our focus. It may be time to connect with an old friend or tend to domestic chores that make home feel homier. Some people may be feeling insecure in need reassurance that we are glad to see them. If we are feeling insecure, let’s hold our own heart rather than make our interactions feel touchy and loaded with importance. Operate from generosity instead. Evening gets busier, conversation deepens.

Moon sextile Venus 6:27 AM, Moon square Neptune 6:35 AM, Moon enters Cancer 11:13 AM, Venus quincunx Neptune 12:42 PM, Moon sextile Mars 5:48 PM.

Sunday, July 16: We’re called home to ourselves on this dark of the Moon in Cancer. Morning can bring contentment. Later on-rather than get upset if someone else does not attend our needs, let’s take personal responsibility for our own comfort and security. Self-care is important. Good food furthers, so share a meal where possible.

Moon trine Saturn 12:05 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 10:22 AM.

Monday, July 17: We can either feel disoriented, existentially homesick, or flooded by feelings on this New Moon in oceanic Cancer, or we can choose to feel deep into our roots and think about what will help us feel more at home. Let’s parent ourselves the way we wish we had been parented and work to tend the garden of our lives. Begin a new personal chapter.

Mercury squares Jupiter 6:48 AM, Moon sex tile Uranus 7:21 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 12:31 PM, Moon trine Neptune 5:52 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 9:05 PM, Moon enters Leo 10:39 PM.

Tuesday, July 18: Although the world’s storyline may get complicated, let’s play hooky if we can and live life to the fullest– whatever that means to us- as the Leo Moon approaches Mercury and squares Jupiter. People can get their feelings bent out of shape if they feel unheard or ignored; it’s hard to decentered ourselves or walk in another’s shoes, but we can take responsibility for that and really ask and notice what brings joy to our life, and share from that joy to others. Step away from unnecessary drama, step towards magic.

Moon square Jupiter 10:02 PM.

Wednesday, July 19: It’s a day to tell stories and make symbolic gestures to invoke what we want through our actions. Err on the side of generosity. Look for a change in plans or swings of mood this evening. Consider not acting on a sudden impulse or declaring an ultimatum; be in the moment and let it be what it is.

Moon conjunct Mercury 5:22 AM, Moon square Uranus 7:51 PM.

Thursday, July 20: After a dreamy, potentially inspiring morning, engage a day of inspired industry as the Sun trines Neptune. Take care of small health issues midday as the Moon enters Virgo. Tension arises between what we want and what we have to do as Mars opposes Saturn, but also can help us put muscle behind our plans. If feeling cranky, step back and do pragmatic work until the mood shifts.

Sun trine Neptune 7:06 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 8:08 AM, Moon enters Virgo 11:12 AM, Mars opposes Saturn 2:39 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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