Starcodes: July 28 – August 3


Starcodes for the week of July 28 – August 3, 2023

Summer is retrograde season here in the northern hemisphere, a time when a series of planets appear to back up against the backdrop of the zodiac because of the difference between their orbit and ours. They symbolically send us back for review. Right now- Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Chiron, and Venus are all retrograde. Mercury will join this parade Aug 24-Sept 16, and Uranus on August 30.

These retrograde planets encourage us to take the summer off, catch up with ourselves and our work, and have a life. When a planet retrogrades, it’s not time to push forward towards whatever it symbolizes. If we try to, we may run into glitches true to the nature of that planet.

This retrograde lineup can bring a real sense of déjà vu, feeling we’ve been here before on this place on the spiral. The lunar nodes also retrograded back into Libra and Aries and now square Pluto, stirring up more longing and trouble from the past. Political candidates and old emotional patterns look all too familiar, problems we thought we’d overcome circle back for more work.

We can also engage this review consciously and visit with old friends and elders, get them talking and be showered by wonderful stories. Revisit an old stomping ground, retrieve a lesson or delicious memory. But let’s not entertain fantasies about our past and pretend our life would be so much better if only we had done this, or said that, or maybe we really should call up that character from our past and try again. Remember we cannot change one iota of the past, only its effect on the future.

While these retrograde planets pull us backwards into the past, Mercury joins Mars in industrious Virgo this week and asks us to look ahead at this autumn’s work. We’re not ready to get it going, but in between now and August 4 is a good time to pitch a proposal or get a few pieces warmed up and working towards the future. Mercury enters its shadow August 4 so momentum won’t pick up until it turns direct mid-September, but we can let’s get a few things sketched out now.

The weekend begins under an active, outdoorsy Sagittarius Moon which helps us just love up the natural world and feel fed by it. It could also bring a chance to clear the air after some recent tension or disconnection. The Moon in industrious Capricorn on Sunday and Monday can help us organize in a disorganized week, help us sort and remember what needs to be done or tackle some intriguing challenge, A full Moon in sociable Aquarius on Tuesday encourages us to howl at the Moon with our friends, and encourages camaraderie and political action through midweek. The week ends under a sensitive, dreamy Pisces Moon.

starcodes week of July 28 through August 3

Friday, July 28: If an offhanded, unexpectedly frank comment hurts, find out what they really meant and ask people to clarify rather than let the barb burrow into the heart as the Sagittarius Moon squares Mars in Virgo. Our mood could be both adventurous and maudlin, engaged and reminiscent. Mercury enters Virgo, the Sun quincunx Saturn and brings our mind towards thoughts of school supplies as Sagittarius Moon wants us back out there in the natural world.

Moon trine Sun 3:21 AM, Moon square Saturn 4:51 AM, Moon square Mars 2:08 PM, Mercury enters Virgo 3:31 PM, son quincunx Saturn 11:37 PM.

Saturday, July 29: Interesting ideas may not quite gel, but we can have pleasant interactions nonetheless. Prioritize camaraderie, exchange- let go of an incipient competitiveness as Mars approaches a trine to Jupiter, it just doesn’t matter. Compete with one’s personal best and improve, compete with one another and watch the edges sharpen as the Moon enters serious and potentially cranky Capricorn tonight.

Moon square Neptune 5:32 PM, Moon trine Venus 5:51 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 9:44 PM.

Sunday, July 30: Plans and machinations are in the works, take notes on brainstorms for the future as the Moon, Jupiter, and Mars form a grand trine in pragmatic earth signs. Our common sense works well, but our romantic or aesthetic concerns get skewed as Venus quincunx Neptune. Strive for understanding, build the body, further a hopeful project, and be patient.

Moons trine Mercury 12:55 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 7:15 AM, Venus quincunx Neptune 10:24 AM, Moon trine Mars 6:18 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 7:51 PM.

Monday, July 31: Use a pushy competence to organize and wrangle some short-term agenda demanding attention. Be kind as a heavy mood passes through midday, manage a tough decision or temporary weariness as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto around dinnertime. Lean into community tonight as the Moon enters friendly Aquarius late tonight.

Moon trine Uranus 10:28 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 5:54 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 8:12 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 9:57 PM.

Tuesday, August 1: The Aquarius full Moon at 12:31 PM MDT highlights any tension between our personal needs and what the collective needs; find a balance between the two. Activity, athleticism, and competition are triggered as Mars trines Jupiter, encourages great team sports and a desire to do one’s personal best. Mercury opposes Saturn and asks us to get real and get serious. Note some political or personal denouement.

Moon opposed the Sun 12:31 PM, Mars trine Jupiter 2:44 PM, Moon square Jupiter 7:37 PM, Mercury opposed Saturn 8:17 PM.

Wednesday, August 2: Momentum is tricky, we may feel like wandering and could have frustrating trouble trying to tie up loose ends. Concentrate in bits and spurts. After tea-time, let go of the practical, catch up with personal stories and be fed by beauty as the Moon opposes Venus then enters sensitive Pisces.

Moon square Uranus 9:44 AM, Moon opposed Venus 3:15 PM, Moon enters Pisces 9:05 PM.

Thursday, August 3: Settle morning kerfuffle with both logic and heart as the Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn; don’t feelings overwhelmed the details, both are important. People could paint the world in hyperbole to express themselves, listen to the truth underneath. Consider sleeping early and avoiding prickling defenses tonight as the Moon opposes Mars.

Moon conjunct Saturn 5:52 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 9:02 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:19 PM, Moon opposed Mars 9:14 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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