Starcodes: July 7-13


Starcodes for the week of July 7-13, 2023

This week the stars ask us how we can change minds. Mental Mercury sextiles changeable Uranus, trines Neptune, and opposes Pluto this week and makes it gently possible to appreciate new experiences, open our minds and, potentially, open another’s. The stars know our world needs more open minds and less polarized opinions.

We can’t do it through emotional pressure or drama. Though that can be tempting as Venus and Mars run together in fixed fire sign Leo where they’re always up for a good time and can bring warmth to any gathering, panache to any picnic, but also impart a truly stubborn recalcitrance to any direct disagreement and can add that melodramatic response that any setback, personal or political, is the end of the world instead of just more work. We can find ourselves locked in position and not know how we got there when all we were talking about was how to make toast. Let alone how could our country progress.

We cannot change minds now through intimidation, though it may feel good to throw a tantrum or a riot, and some may need to do so. Mercury is now in self-protective Cancer, and most people will just armor up more if they feel under attack or could feel huge stress talking to someone who does not share the same opinions. But there may lie the secret- we need to connect across the aisle or around the block. Find points of connection across a divide, ephemeral moments of agreement, and grow those. Humanize the difference. With Mercury sextile Uranus and trine Neptune find some common ground and inch towards understanding. Empathy can open up the flow, whether we’re talking to a family member, our senator, or a person on the street.

Go gently as the weekend begins under a sensitive Moon in Pisces, give people room to catch up with themselves. Our attention wanders easily. Prioritize safety and avoid irritating circumstances over the weekend as militant Mars quincunx Pluto underneath a more active, independent, adventurous, if potentially flammable under a feisty Aries Moon. Consider avoiding crowds for a few days, as this Mars in Leo has already brought too many dramatic showdowns.

Mars Leaves stubborn Leo and enters thoughtful if easily critical Virgo next week and encourages more introspection and more specific solutions. As Mercury directly opposes Pluto on Monday— get deep and realistic rather than discouraged, stay in the present moment, and check in with one another as this can be a moody time. Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday, and moves out of those early aspects and into a time of storytelling and bombast. Telling our stories and listening to theirs creates connection and can impart new ideas and bring a gentle entertainment to our family dinners.

Starcodes week of July 7 through 13Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Friday, July 7: Brave and shy, snappy rejoinders and sensitive feelings, this is a day of honestly mixed feelings as the sensitive Pisces Moon trines the Sun. We may have big plans but may not feel like pushing ourselves or being pushed. Let the day be what it is and enjoy small progress.

Moon sextile Jupiter 4:27 AM, Moon trine Sun 12:47 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 11:47 PM.

Saturday, July 8: Morning could feel inefficient and dreamy, vulnerable,and sentimental as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune. But the winds change directions midday, we can sense a new chapter starts as the Moon enters impatient, curious Aries. Prioritize safety. Don’t feed fires or ignore clues that could lead to a meltdown as Mars quincunx Pluto tonight. Walk it out, exercise, dance the night away, and avoid flammable situations.

Moon trine Mercury 3:55 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 9:21 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 12:21 PM, Moon enters Aries 1:19 PM.

Sunday, July 9: Check for overnight events, change in landscape or weather reports. Sidestep prickly feelings this morning but look any real problem squarely in the face. Take a moment to listen to souls as Mercury trines Neptune at midday, adds intuition and feeds our spiritual search. Then think about what needs to be tackled today- a safe but strenuous project furthers.

Mars quincunx Pluto 6:53 AM, Mercury trine Neptune 5:57 PM, Moon square Sun 7:47 PM

Monday, July 10: Industrious creativity gets a boost as Mars enters Virgo, the mood is less stubborn and more easily irritated. Work towards healing rather than merely venting. We may have to accept some tough reality as Mercury opposes Pluto; just deal with the present problems and don’t generalize into the future. Actually improve the situation rather than just comment on it. Get on with some personal work.

Mars enters Virgo 5:40 AM, Moon trine Venus 10:34 AM, Mercury opposed Pluto 2:47 PM, Moon square Pluto 4:49 PM, Moon square Mercury 5:11 PM, Moon enters Taurus 5:55 PM, Moon trines Mars 6:30 PM, Mercury enters Leo 10:11 PM.

Tuesday, July 11: Slow down, get grounded, look for new hope or a path beginning as Mercury enters Leo and the earthy Taurus Moon conjuncts Jupiter midafternoon. Open a mind, share an opportunity or a good meal; we could feel unusually hungry right now.

Moon sextile Saturn 6:11 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 2:04 PM.

Wednesday, July 12: Tell those stories; witness what you’ve seen- but do so with fresh eyes. Let go of some preconception of limits or privilege as the Sun squares Chiron and take a step towards a more honest assessment of the situation. Some social awkwardness or feeling out of step around dinner time resolves with a gentler attempt at communications as the Moon sextiles Mercury tonight.

Sun square Chiron 6:06 AM, Moon sextile Sun 6:30 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 10:41 AM, Moon square Venus 7:23 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 8:59 PM.

Thursday, July 13: If our worries impinge on the morning, it will further to both face that worst case scenario but also explore what could be the best case and work towards it. Communication is everything, even within our own mind, as the Moon enters Gemini and squares Mars this morning. Afternoon brings interesting conversations and potentially the need to make a concrete decision after considering all sides as the Moon sextiles Mercury and squares Saturn midday.

Moon square Pluto 12:11 AM, Moon enters Gemini 1:25 AM, Moon squares Mars 4:05 AM, Moon sextiles Mercury 10:39 AM, Moon square Saturn 2:05 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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