August’s Sturgeon Moon carries the energy of creativity, prosperity, and gratitude


August's sturgeon full moon

The month of August is going to be special for any moon lover. There are two full moons this month. I want to give each moon its own time to shine so this article will be about the Full Sturgeon Moon but make sure you come back at the end of the month for the Blue Moon.

August’s Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius carries the energy of creativity, prosperity, and gratitude. It’s believed the name Sturgeon Moon originates from the colonists and Algonquian-speaking people of North America from a time when sturgeon was in abundance in rivers. It can also go by the names of Grain, Corn, and Blackberry Moon. This is a great time to focus on your prosperity and abundance and creative ways to attract those energies to you. Spend time during this Full Moon to think about the things you want to continue growing or start growing. What sort of things can help you bring prosperity and abundance into your life. Don’t be afraid to be creative when planning your next steps. Remember, Sturgeon fishes were not only caught to eat as fish but were also sought (and still are) for their caviar.

It’s also a time to practice gratitude for what you have, where you have come from, and all of nature around you. Sometimes it’s hard to be grateful, so this month reflect on both the achievements and challenges of the past moon cycle. Look at where your challenges have given you new perspective and outlooks. It’s also important to remember that our challenges often lead to achievements. Using the Full Moon’s light try to look at everything differently.

The Full Moon this month is a supermoon meaning our perception of the moon is much bigger and brighter than the average full moon since it is orbiting closer to Earth. This amplifies the energy and influence and makes it more powerful and noticeable. Make sure you put your crystals, and anything else you want to increase the power of outside to charge.

This month’s takeaway. It is a perfect time to use your creativity to express yourself, the hidden, and true parts of yourself. Doing this can attract new opportunities that you may not have considered.

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