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Six of Coins (Pentacles)

Give within your means.

What do you have an abundance of? Time? Talent? Money? Ideas? Connections?

Share that with those who desire and will benefit from them.

What do you need? Food? Funds? Shelter? Hugs? A listening ear? Music? Medical treatment?

Ask for it.

Share what you can share and receive what is offered graciously. Even if you can’t use it, share it with someone who will value it. Or, politely decline. Not every gift offered needs to be a gift received.

Our world is a constant flux of giving and receiving. Of being abundant in some areas and scarce in others.

Some, we have no/little control over.

Some, we do.

Be generous with what feels good to you AND is helpful to others. It may feel great to play your music really loud at all hours, but when your neighbors are trying to sleep with an easily awoken new baby, serenading them at 3am when they’ve all just gotten into REM won’t be received in the same way as going over when you hear the baby crying and playing your music successfully soothes and distract them.

I also love that the young child is giving to the elder in this card and the elder is receiving it in as balanced and centered a way as he can given his peg leg.

Generational support and mutual aid flows in all directions…

One of the Rebels and Priestesses in the adaptation of Mary K. Greer’s book and I hung out Friday night.

The same card came up, however we were looking at The History Tarot, where the Six of Pentacles/Coins is illustrated with Andrew Carnegie and a lot of financial gatekeeping is discussed in its book. The strings attached with donations, the expectations of what is received in return.

Can we give simply because we can and there is a need?

Can we feel good and trust the investment – whatever form of investment it is – will be used for the b.e.s.t. good?

If you’re new here b.e.s.t. stands for beautiful. equitable/ethical. sustainable. timely.

If you can’t give without trust, do you want to share your resources in that way to begin with?

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