Midtown Global Market welcomes Autumn Equinox Psychic & Holistic Gathering



Andrea Aydt

Learn. Heal. Explore. Autumn Moon Psychic & Holistic Gathering returning to Midtown Global Market

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Join more than two dozen practitioners who provide enlightenment, self-discovery, empowerment and spiritual guidance at Midtown Global Market’s Autumn Moon Psychic & Holistic Gathering on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023, from 11 am until 4 pm.

Volunteers Needed! Contact Andrea Aydt for more information.

Let your intuition guide you through this unique experience showcasing Palmistry, Psychic, Oracle, tarot readings. Have a photo taken of your Aura and learn what it means. Relax and unwind with a chair healing from one of our many gifted healers featuring several different modalities. Guests will have the chance to engage in communication with a loved one who has passed over with one of our experienced mediums. You’ll also find jewelry, stones, pendulums, and unique gifts to help you tap into your expanded wellness. Free breakout classes will be held on-site throughout the day.


  • Andrea Aydt, Host, Spirit Communications & Co. LLC – Palm & Card Readings, Mediumship Sessions
  • Frank DiCristina – Aura Photos & Dowser
  • Nikki Bodine – Mediumship & Card Readings
  • The Eye MPLS, Minneapolis, MN – Your Gateway to the Metaphysical, Tarot & Oracle Decks, Books on Astrology, Natural fragrances & Items for Intuitive Living
  • Patti Hayes – Psychic Readings
  • HeartCentric Divine Creations – One-of-a-kind Pendulums & other Spirited Jewelry
  • Fernando Tellez – Master Shaman, Reiki Chair Healings
  • Desiree Ruvalcaba, The Eye of Light – Energy Alchemy healings, Tarot & Oracle readings, Mara Therapy
  • Grace Moon Gifts, Minneapolis, MN – Candles, Unique Stones & Art
  • Spirit Haven, Savage, MN – Stones, Sterling Jewelry with Gemstones, Fossils & Gifts
  • Jessica Karels, The Mystic Geek – Tarot & Palmistry Readings
  • Collective Dimensions, Crystal, MN – Holistic Shop & Healing Center
  • Austyn Wasko, Revitalize Chiropractic – Chiropractic services with a Holistic Approach
  • Vina Chalice, Vina Chalice Channels – Channeled Soul Guidance Readings
  • Paula Finney, Collective Dimensions – Intuitive Channeler & Mediumship Sessions
  • Rubem Lima – Avalon Card readings from a Celtic Wisdom & Native based approach
  • Paul David Stanko, Paul David’s Intuitive Readings – Intuitive Tarot Readings
  • Jeffrey Tyler, Collective Dimensions – Master Tarot & Palmistry Readings
  • Gail Glover, Angels Gather Here – Angelic Akashic Record Readings
  • D’Mchelle, Soulistic Twist – Handcrafted Metaphysical Jewelry & Cultural Adornments
  • Patricia McHenry, Collective Dimensions -Reiki Chair Healings for the Mind, Body & Soul
  • Tom Kowalski, Jewelry Design by Tom – Unique One-of-a-Kind Jewelry pieces
  • Amber Maier – Akashic Record readings & Angel Healings
  • Sue Louiselle, Collective Dimensions – Oracle, Mediumship & Reiki Chair Healings
  • Beth Jacobson, Soul Bright Wellness – Soul Alignment Mentoring/Coaching & Readings
  • Wendy Benning Swanson – Chair Healings for Empowerment & Self Mastery
  • Sarah Cledwyn, Growl Soul LLC – Energetic Soul Alignment Healings
  • Cyndy Guille, Collective Dimensions – Tarot Readings & Intuitive Drawing
  • Shelli Haft, Be Merry Wisdom Readings – Wisdom readings with the cards

Special Events

11:00 am – Frank DiCristina – Dowsing – Natures Guide to your Health

11:30 am – Nikki Bodine – Mediumship for Dummies – Stories with Nikki Bodine

12:00 pm  – Vonne Jonsson – Animal Communication – Angels & Healers in Disguise

12:30 pm – HeartCentric Divine Creations – Tapping into your Intuition with Pendulums

1:00 pm – Sarah Cledwyn – Living a life in Soul Alignment – A perspective of fullness & abundance with the universe

1:30 pm – Jessica Karels – A Practical Guide to Meditation

2:00 pm – Vina Chalice – Calling in the Angels – A Guided Meditation to rise your vibration and hear Messages from the Angels

2:30 pm – Wendy Benning Swanson – Innerpowerment through life activation – Starting your journey of Empowerment & Self-Mastery

3:00 pm – Sue Louiselle – Healing & Forgiveness, The Hawaiian way with Ho’oponopono

3:30 pm – Patricia McHenry – Healing your bio field with Reiki


Midtown Global Market, located at 920 E. Lake Street in Minneapolis, is an internationally themed public marketplace offering groceries, great food, services and unique gifts. Midtown Global Market, owned by two non-profit entities: The Cultural Wellness Center and the Neighborhood Development Center, serves as a small business incubator whose mission is to provide access and opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Together, these entities make up a dynamic community gathering place that highlights the talent, ambition and cultural assets that characterize its neighborhood, contributing to its economic and social fabric. Visit midtownglobalmarket.org




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