The Chaos and Calm of Paranormal Investigating

I used to enjoy watching a popular paranormal television show on Discovery Plus. On one upcoming “new” episode, I saw that the crew was returning to a place I had always found fascinating: the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada. I’ve been there once, and that place is legit.

These paranormal celebrities started channeling who knows what, and each apparently got “taken” over. Something else supposedly was controlling their actions. They proceeded under “possession” to start tackling each other at the location, and it basically turned into a chaotic wrestling match at the Goldfield Hotel. I was embarrassed not only for them but for the whole paranormal community. It was clearly fake. That was one of the lowest points of paranormal television I have ever seen, and that’s saying something. It became chaos.

Chaos is something that can happen on location during a paranormal investigation. Energy is running high, and so are emotions. To do the work of an investigator, medium, healer, or whatever else is truly hard work. You need to keep your composure and sometimes “reel” people back in, so to speak. It’s our responsibility to keep fellow investigators and people at events safe. Sitting in a dark place with your senses compromised can do funny things to your brain. You may see stuff that isn’t there. Your senses are heightened. Noises that you hear every day can suddenly be frightening because your surroundings have changed. Not everyone handles this well. Unlike the paranormal TV show I referred to earlier, when people lose their composure or “freak” out on a paranormal investigation, more often than not, they do so for a legitimate reason. It is our job, as seasoned professionals in our field, to do our very best to revert the chaos of an investigation back to calm.

Sometimes, the chaos brought into these paranormal locations from the outside is on purpose. I used to know a Medium who would channel and be taken over by spirits at haunted locations. Ultimately, we noticed that she could hear what people were saying nearby her about a place or specific people attached to the paranormal area, and miraculously those people would suddenly be “channeled” by her. She was only giving the same information that we already knew and had just talked about amongst ourselves. It’s not too terribly different than what was happening at the Goldfield Hotel.

chaos and calm of paranormal investigating stories

Then there was another person who occasionally got possessed during paranormal events. While under possession, he would assault people. He would use that as an excuse to do nasty things to others. These paranormal events were calm until these individuals came in with their “energy” and literally brought chaos. To paraphrase from a previous article, it’s not their story, yet they tried to make it their story, which in my opinion, is breaking the golden rule of paranormal investigation.

Is it inevitable that something can go wrong during an investigation? Absolutely! Is it chaos? It doesn’t need to be chaotic at all. Nobody is exempt from getting freaked out on a paranormal investigation. Things happen that catch us all off guard. What is important is not to go down the path of a chaotic response but remember that YOU are in control. Just try to calm yourself as much as you can and lean on everyone around you. You all should have each other’s back as part of the paranormal community. You all should be able to keep your paranormal investigating safe. You are all a team! And remember, no wrestling on a paranormal investigation!

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