Vivid and theatrical “In the Cobwebs of My Mind” now available


Greetings Edge Audience,

I am so excited to share this news with all of you. This is a full-circle moment and another example, of how the stars can and really do line up for us. My newly released book, titled, IN THE COBWEBS OF MY MIND: A VIVID AND MAGICAL RECOLLECTION OF SURVIVING A BRAIN HEMORRHAGE, was first written as a short essay, in 2018, after I survived my hemorrhagic stroke. It was first published in The Edge.

Tim Miejan, was the first person to ever publish me, dating back to 2012, when I wrote a story titled The Bear, and ironically it is included in my book. Tim allowed me to build my style and develop a body of work over many years. So when it came time to share my survival story, it was in The Edge and it was Tim, who launched it. In the Cobwebs of My Mind was then shared throughout some of the leading brain aneurysm foundations all around the US and It was also shared in the UK.

When the changing of the guard took place here at The Edge as Kelly and Steve took things over, they were kind enough to continue to let me share my writing here. I am so grateful for that. I want to give proper thanks to both Steve and Kelly and to Tim Miejan, (former editor and publisher), for endorsing my book. It was really cool that my publisher Calumet Editions, under the imprint of Wisdom Editions, extracted a blurb from Tim’s endorsement for the cover of my book. Also, many things that I wrote for the Edge are so true to myself and my nature, so I took a leap of faith and spontaneously added sections of my Edge pieces into the book and somehow it all tied together.

"In the Cobwebs of My Mind" book cover

“Cobwebs” teeters between two worlds. The world of ghost-dancing hallucinations and the world of mundane visitations by doctors, nurses, family, and friends. I use several artistic disciplines: It is imagined as a one woman show, a documentary film, and more; it is visually stunning with images that capture the true essence of my experience.

My book is avant-garde. It is gestalt. It is rich, vivid, and theatrical. This story ushers the reader into a world of possibilities as it creates a complex, poetic, and imaginative experience. I hope you enjoy it.

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