Diesel: A Third Eye Being


As a part of my work with animals, a great joy is helping introduce a new pet to the family. This becomes the foundation for bonding, respect, trust, and mutual understanding. Recently, I had the privilege of working with my colleague, Kelly Wagner, and Diesel, a newly adopted English Bulldog, who was about six years old. A consultation honors the past as well as builds the bridge to becoming a beloved family member.

Initially, I suggested starting with an essential oil that aids in bonding. The essential oil is formulated specifically for pets and is safe for pet use. However, because of some uncertainty about his reaction to a topical application, the essential oil was placed in a pet charm worn by the dog instead.

Consultations may not always be conducted in-person. In such cases, a picture can be helpful. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and the picture that Kelly sent of Diesel had a lot to communicate.

Immediately I said, “WOW, he’s a Third Eye dog.” I’ve worked with many animals, but very few Third Eye Beings. These Beings are especially spiritual beings, with great insight and expressive natures. They are here to share insights, foster insights and awarenesses, and help reinforce the connection with high energies.

While each Third Eye Being has its own path, they share common traits. Even through his picture, that special energy in Diesel was evident. Providing information about the uniqueness of Third Eye Beings to the family helps with mutual integration and support.

Third Eye skills mature slowly, thus, are seldom noticeable at birth. And it’s common for them to be in multiple homes before finding their ‘home.’ It was slightly different for Diesel. His multiple homes included his birth home, his previous owner’s two homes, long stays with her son, and now with Kelly’s family. Diesel’s joy of being with ‘his family’ was apparent.

Third Eye Beings are sensitive to the environment and energies around them. Creating a stable base is essential. This base bolsters their ability to interact with the outside world. Significant environmental changes require Third Eyes to adjust, adapt, and blend their energy with each change.

Diesel the bulldog a third eye beingImage by Muhammad Basas from Pixabay

A concern for Diesel was his anxious pacing. Pacing for him was a way to sense and internalize new surroundings. The family was instructed on Third Eye communication and how to use it to convey messages and information to help Diesel feel more comfortable.

Like all Third Eyes, Diesel benefits from spiritual healing music. He was gently and quietly introduced to music by tapping a singing bowl. In Third Eye fashion, Diesel crawled on his belly toward the bowl. It was evident he was captivated.

It’s important to note that Third Eyes appreciate spiritually attractive and respectful music. Different calming instruments and musical techniques hold appeal for them. Though Diesel liked a gentle ocean drum, harsh drumming disrupts a sensitive nature.

Monitoring physical, emotional, and mental health is essential. The use of flower essences can enhance and support insight and receptive skills. Additionally, regular healing sessions with other Third Eyes strengthen their bonds with their higher guidance. This can easily be accomplished through remote or distant sessions.

Generally, Third Eyes like their third eye to be kissed, massaged, rubbed, and sent energy. Diesel, however, came with red eyes and was sensitive to touch. A new treatment path is helping him. If his vision worsens, he’ll not be hindered because Third Eyes use both sets of eyes for sight. This acute perceptive sight is impressive.

What is Diesel’s path here as a Third Eye? Kelly and her family will have the joy of furthering his unique path. However, I know his path includes bringing insights, creative expressions, and connections. It would be fitting if he became the Edge Magazine’s mascot because creating connections and bringing insights to all who encounter his energy honors his purpose. The Edge Magazine’s motto is “What are you curious about?” and I’m curious about what great insights Diesel will bring to all who encounter his energy, including the Edge Magazine and his family.

If you believe you have a Third Eye Being in residence and are unsure how to best support their purpose, contact Michele Jacobson or one of our other skilled animal communicators listed in the Edge Partner Directory.


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Michele L Jacobson, PhD
Michele L Jacobson, PhD, is a lifetime intuitive, psychic, mystic, healer, and medium. Located in the Minnesota Twin Cities area, delivering information, messages, and healings, locally, nationally, and internationally, from the guidance of Masters, Angels, Guides, Esteemed Spirits, including the Faerie realm and animals.


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