Discovering Your Inner Voice: Insights from Echo Bodine


Echo Bodine was gracious enough to be interviewed by Tim Miejan, editor of The Edge Magazine in 2001. In this insightful conversation with Echo Bodine, renowned for her work in spirituality and healing, she explores the power of the inner voice and the journey toward self-discovery. Echo, known nationally for her contributions as a healer and author, shares her wisdom on tuning into that “still, small voice” within us and using it as a guide through life. Read the original interview here

Understanding the Essence of the Still Small Voice

Echo Bodine describes the “still, small voice” as our intuition, that intuitive gut feeling or hunch that guides us. It’s that profound sense of knowing what we need to do. This inner voice is often overshadowed by the many other voices in our lives, and it’s crucial to recognize it.

Clearing the Clutter: Identifying and Silencing the Noise

Echo provides practical insights on how to silence these distractions and create space for authentic inner guidance and how to differentiate the inner voice from the myriad of other voices within us, including societal expectations, family influences, and self-doubt.

Empowering Everyone: Intuition Knows No Gender

Echo challenges gender stereotypes surrounding intuition. Contrary to societal beliefs, intuition is not limited to a specific gender. Embracing intuition is essential for all individuals and can positively impact their lives.

Rediscovering God’s Guidance: The Still, Small Voice

Echo references biblical passages, such as 1 Kings: 19, to highlight the presence of a “still, small voice” as a connection to the Divine. Understand how this inner guidance can bring comfort and wisdom into our lives.

Paving the Way: Strategies to Access the Inner Voice

Echo shares practical steps to ensure that your inner guidance becomes a constant companion on your journey and explores effective techniques to clear away external influences and access your inner voice.

Nurturing Relationships While Following Your Inner Voice

Echo discusses the challenges of maintaining relationships while heeding your inner guidance and how to strike a balance between personal growth and partnerships, ensuring that both can coexist harmoniously.

The True Source of Wisdom: Redefining the Role of Guides

Echo shares her perspective on spirit guides, emphasizes the importance of relying primarily on your inner voice for guidance, and discusses why trusting your own intuition is the key to spiritual growth.

Selecting Spiritual Resources Wisely: Echo’s Insights

Echo advises on choosing books, classes, and spiritual teachers with discernment and how to use external resources effectively and align them with your personal spiritual journey.

Echo’s Vision: Empowering Self-Discovery

Echo Bodine’s mission is to empower individuals to connect with their inner voice and discover their true selves. She encourages everyone to embrace this exciting path of self-discovery and personal growth.

Echo Bodine has recently launched an insightful podcast “Enough is Enough” on Bold Brave Media Talk Radio, with new episodes available weekly. Enjoy transformative discussions – listen to her podcast here


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