Follow your instincts during September’s Harvest Moon


There will be a Full Harvest Moon in Libra on September 29th.

September’s Full Moon is special. It will be the last supermoon of 2023; a supermoon appears larger and brighter than normal as its orbit is closer to Earth. This makes it a bit stronger when manifesting. It’s also the first full moon after the fall equinox marking the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. This perfectly explains September’s moon name, the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon was known in the past to offer more light allowing farmers to continue their harvest into the night hours. You might also see an orange or red hue to this moon. This happens because the moon has a slight angle in its orbit and the Earth’s atmosphere.

September 2023 harvest moon

This full moon is a time to offer gratitude for the things we have sowed and now are harvesting. The full moon this month falls in the sign of Aries. It’s a perfect time to celebrate all your achievements. Fiery Aries forces action and the expression of passion in all its shapes and forms. The Harvest Moon encourages you to follow your instincts and express yourself. You may not feel there are things for you to harvest this month or even this year, but the Aries Harvest Moon is asking you to take another look. If you can’t find anything, use this moon’s energy to offer gratitude for the chance to begin a new cycle that can be harvested later.

On this Harvest Moon spend some time to acknowledge how far you’ve come this year, what have you accomplished your goals, are you where you want to be. If not, this moon will highlight your goals and make it easier to focus on the right steps to get you there. Aries offers you the chance to feel more confident, assertive, and adventurous if you are willing to accept the energy.

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