September 2023 Moose Spirit Animal Message: Show Your Strength

moose spirit animal message
Moose artwork by Ona Christie Martin

Are you seeing red this month? Or maybe for you the cooler vibes of September offer a welcome invitation to slow down and look within.

Either way, you could be feeling the energy of this month’s spirit animal: Moose!

Moose Power Animal Message for September, 2023:

“There is no hurry. I can move fast, very fast if I need to. But deliberate action counts more than speed alone. Think it through. Sometimes it is good to run. But sometimes coming to a stop and showing your strength is the better way.”

Interpreting Moose’s Message:

Like the right and left antlers of this world’s largest member of the deer family, there are two sides to Moose’s personality.

Most of the time, Moose is a pretty chill dude. As much at home in the water as on land, he happily spends his days with head submerged, seeking out the choicest, tenderest morsels he can find.

His sheer size means he doesn’t get challenged often. But when he does, look out! An angry moose is not something to take lightly!

A male moose is called a bull. Like any bull animal, a bull moose embodies sheer, raw masculine protective power. But unlike the proverbial “bull in a china shop,” Moose spirit animal cautions against letting this power rage unchecked.

Righteous anger can be a powerful catalyst for healing. But to become a positive force for change it must be channeled into positive action. Moose counsels to slow down before taking rash action.

Tempering emotional reactions with logic will help you first of all determine if there is really cause for alarm. And if there is, it will help you determine how best to react.

Not everything is worth fighting for. But when it is, Moose suggests that a deliberate, quiet show of strength can be far more effective than losing it. And often, just showing that you mean business AND have self-control on your side will be enough to defuse the situation – or even send your opponent packing!

Moose Spirit Animal Symbolism At-A-Glance:

Positive Moose Energy: Austerity, Asceticism, Introspection, Clairaudience, Spiritual receptivity, Strength, Selectivity, Grace

Negative Moose Energy: Head in the clouds, weak stomach, awkward, bumbling, spiritual illusion

Moose artwork by Ona Christie Martin

Suggestions for Practice (Going deeper)

If Moose’s power animal message for September, 2023 speaks to you, here are a few ways you might enjoy exploring this energy:

  • Take a breath. A moose’s nostrils are specially adapted to facilitate breath control and retention. With Moose spirit animal showing up this month, why not consider a breathwork practice? Whether you choose Wim Hof or another type of pranayama, there are so many benefits to breathwork for body and mind – including both anger and anxiety management. If nothing else, if you find anger flaring up this month, remember to take a deep breath (or three) before flying into action!
  • Go on retreat. Moose’s affinity for water (representing intuition and dreamtime) and his huge antlers (symbolizing receptivity to divine revelation) indicate that the energies of September, 2023 are perfectly aligned for going within. This could be the perfect month to schedule a mini retreat. Or just take some time out each day for prayer and meditation. Either way, you are sure to receive the clarity you need to help you keep your actions aligned with your heart.
  • Take a stand. What in your life is worth standing up for? If you don’t do it, who will? September is not the month to give up and go home. If there’s something you feel strongly about, why not own it this month? Brace yourself in advance: not everyone will like it. But once you speak up about your convictions, you may find that others start coming forward to support you. Who’s ready to start a movement? It could be you!

If you resonate with this message and would like to hear more about Moose spirit animal and the energies of September, 2023, please check out my September energy update video on YouTube.


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