Understanding your 2nd and Sacral Chakra

The second Chakra, also known as the sacral Chakra, is located about two finger widths below the belly button. It governs the reproductive system and the digestion/elimination system. Its element is water; ebbing and flowing as do our emotions. The sound of (Vam) as in Yoga, either listening or chanting it , can help to activate this chakra. A healthy and flowing second Chakra tends to be orange. If you like to use physical objects a Carnelian stone can be helpful for balancing the sacral Chakra. Chakras are like a vortex, they spin, ideally in a clockwise direction. They are continuously reading and sending out energies and messages. Communicating with our Chakras can influence change in our lives.

The second Chakra is related to creativity, emotion, boundaries and sexuality. Creativity is born in the second Chakra as it is heavily intertwined with emotion. It is very receptive. Deeply creative it seeks to fulfill its own potential in all their variations. Emotion drives us to express. When ungrounded, your second Chakra energies can become stuck causing physical discomfort, and or, the inability to express your emotions. You may express all your creativity through sex or may be consumed by the physical pleasures of life. As it is highly receptive you may become confused on who’s feelings are whose. You may relate to others through enmeshment. A feeling that you are the same as each other. You may express all your love through sex. Without psychic boundaries, you don’t develop the selfconfidence to discern who you are or what you want.

understanding your sacral second chakra

If you are empathic, you feel others’ emotions. You might walk into a room and feel sad. You may hug someone and cry. You may be with a coworker and feel angry. The emotions may feel like they’re coming out of nowhere or coming out of you, but they aren’t. In fact, they’re likely the emotions of others. Empaths have a tendency of leaving the second Chakra wide open where it becomes receptive to every emotion in the room. This makes it difficult for an empathic person to know what they are feeling. Whenever you say I should, I have to or I ought you are operating from the second Chakra. These are clues that you may want to check out what you are feeling. And you may want to close your second Chakra down a bit. Who is telling you you Should, you have to or you ought?

A wide open second Chakra can cause you to process other’s emotions as your own and bring on seemingly unsourced anxieties. The good news is that, with psychic boundaries, you can learn to differentiate between which emotions belong to you from those which belong to others.

When we are young, empathy can be a helpful trait as we learn to read what’s going on around us. Pre-verbal communication is often empathic. Empathy can help us find emotional and physical safety. You sense a sadness in your mother that doesn’t align with her words as she tells you, “Everything is fine.” Empaths have a tendency of internalizing others’ emotions and curtailing their own to make others feel better. Women are particularly good at this. Women are taught to ensure that everyone around them is happy and cared for. This often comes at the expense of her own feelings. Body workers and care takers would be wise to pay particular attention to their feelings after working with clients. They can often become exhausted and depleted without knowing why. If your second Chakra is wide open when you are working with others, you are taking their energy into your system. When you take in the energy of your client, they feel better, and you feel worse. This is not that the energy is bad, but that it does not run well in your system. It is their energy and not your energy. It is important to clear and separate your energy from your clients after each session. Find a separation ritual and acknowledge that the session is over. This can be as simple as washing your hands with the intention of clearing energy, sending their energy back to them and bringing your energy back to you. Breathe it in and out.

Good psychic boundaries are essential for relationships. As we create better psychic boundaries (also known as energetic boundaries), we define our identity. It becomes easier for us and the people around us to know who they are interacting with. When you don’t have good boundaries, all the feelings are a mishmash for everyone. You may feel unseen and get angry, however, you most likely are not allowing yourself to be seen. As you begin to define yourself with boundaries you begin to ask, and answer, whose energy is this? When you are feeling good after a run, but then walk into the house and feel anger, you ask, is this my energy? Maybe it is and maybe it is not. Be honest with yourself. Boundaries and Identity go hand in hand. Interacting with people without boundaries can feel a bit like quicksand. They can be mercurial and leave us sinking and unbalanced. As we create better boundaries, we become more trustworthy and we can have better relationships.

We tend to feel the enmeshment of our second Chakra as intimacy. However, it is not a trustworthy or lasting intimacy. It is a way of bonding and feeling close to each other by believing we are feeling the same thing. We often bond with our partners in this way until we know more. It can be very difficult to have a mature relationship if we are getting all our information through our second Chakra. “You are mad at me.” “You are sad and not dealing with your feelings.” We see ourselves as the same when in fact we can be quite different. We are always guessing or feeling what the other feels rather than consciously communicating. The other person may relate to your guesses or not. It may feel intrusive to them, like you have crossed a boundary. An empath can be relating to what they are feeling from you, and if you are not in touch with what they are feeling, it is like speaking a different language.

There are times when you may want your second Chakra wide open. It can be a wonderful experience to have your second chakra wide open during sex. Keep in mind that you are energetically having sex with all your partner’s past sexual partners. It is important to energetically separate after having sexual relations. Being in nature, at the ocean or walking in the woods, are ideal times to open your second Chakra. Commune with the elementals and spirits in the garden. Feel their lightness, joy, and play. On the other hand, it can be uncomfortable to be in a bar or at a football game with the second Chakra wide open; literally feeling the energies of “drowning sorrows”, or competition and aggression. Gage the situation and adjust your Chakra accordingly.

Grounding is essential when working with energies and Chakras. The more deeply you are grounded, the more support you will have to stabilize the energies. First Chakra grounding is connecting to the more solid earth. As we move up into the second Chakra we move into fluid emotions as liquid water. We can derive great pleasure and flow through the second Chakra. It is important to allow yourself to tap into the pleasures of the second Chakra. You just want to be conscious and be sure you are making that choice. With secure grounding, you can tap into more playful, delicious, energies.

As you see, the Chakras are separate but related. The important thing is to acknowledge them, tune into them, and listen. Listen to yourself and listen to others from a deeper place. This is what allows you to discern energies and identity.

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Sara Remke has been teaching psychic boundaries, grounding, dream work, chakras and auras for the past 13 years. She is a long time student of John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher's Psychic Psychology. This work has helped her to create better boundaries and to have deeper and more satisfying relationships. She teaches a unique meditation practice that helps people to clear their own auras, discern various energies, release anger and so much more. After owning and running the Black Dog Cafe for 24 years she has now moved into full time teaching and counseling. Sara currently is a practicing End of Life Death Doula and works with the energies of the dying as a part of her teachings. Sara lives with her cat Mama and has 1 adult son. She enjoys travel, water, dreaming and exploring.



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