A Horrific Exorcism


My house was built in the 1960s on church ground which was consecrated, it is still a very healing place, but before I bought it it was rented out as single rooms. Houses in multiple occupation are always emotional sinkholes people end up there from broken relationships pain hurt drink and drugs are often part of this, and this creates the very environment to attract the creatures of the lower astral, and I have spiritually cleansed the Chthonian landscape several times.

A burglar will look at a house to see the weakest point to break in. Most psychics spiritually seal all house apertures, but at times will leave a weak spot.

So they know where any break ins will occur, these are called “portals”. Demonic entities like burglars seek out weak points of entry, lower realm creatures particularly delight in attacking especially good and spiritual folk. I had experienced some nocturnal scuffling around the weak point which was in a high corner of my bedroom, noises like gunshots cracks and bangs and things being thrown about at night told me something unpleasant wanted to get in.

When these initial happenings occurred I kept trying to astrally follow the creature as it left but each time it lost me. I had bathed in salt water, fasted and prayed and I would meditate and with slow deep breathing would concentrate on keeping the Chi within my diaphragm allowing my spirit body to gain weight and slide down through the planes to the lower astral realms and it was last night I saw it.

The last thing I wanted was this creature in my room, so I decided out of fear to attack it on its own ground.

The sight is still fresh in my mind, once seen some things stay there, the more repellant the harder they are to move, I walked a little closer and saw a large spider’s funnel web,

my spirit guide told me sternly
“don’t go near don’t go near”

The smell was deeply repugnant like meat that had gone off and rather like Mephitis, and my feeling and it was just a feeling, that this was Malebolge the 8th circle of hell.

I knew the danger, standing there I knew I was being watched, at last I was at the Libkin or demons lair, and I suddenly found I had a large saucepan in my hand and filled it with inflammable fuel, I felt sure my spirit guide handed me this, and I threw deep into the hole at the webs center, and then threw in a small flame, the web went up in a huge fire.

The long black legs of the creature burnt up instantly and I heard a high pitch scream from the Markataba.

But then in the center of this thing was a man’s face, i just looked at it and puzzled what on earth could make a man so evil that he would take on this form, the feeling of deep repugnancy was so great I wanted to throw up. Slowly coming back to the earth plane, and seeing the early morning sunrise was the most beautiful sight ever, and my heart leapt for joy and I knew then myself and many others were safe.

Collecting my thoughts, I used a Hindu sealing method to shut the half open gate in the high corner of my room, and a short Haddish type ceremony to cleanse and finalize the event, the term exorcism is rarely used to today most experts prefer deliverance. No noises smells or gunshot noises have been heard since.

All that remains is the dreadful memory of that thing with the man’s face.

T. Stokes “Happy Palmistry”

Whole lives read from emailed hand photos.
tstokes55@hotmail.co.uk   www.tstokes.co.uk


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