Angel Trippin’ – A Guide to Angel Adventures

When you have an elemental attempting to ‘hug’ you and a murdered priest doing the play-by-play, knowing that your Angels have got you covered means everything. That’s just one of my experiences traveling the world with angels. More on this experience in a moment.

As an angel lightworker and intuitive empath I’ve learned to trust my angel messages even when traveling – maybe more so. When checking out new adventures I always make sure they know my itinerary well in advance to get me prepped.

I’ve found that it often depends on where I am as to how the angels make me aware of their presence. It can vary from country – to – country. It can also vary depending on the energy of the localities within a country.

In Caribbean countries with their ocean breezes you’ll find your angel messages coming through in the wind and the smells floating on those winds. Wind direction often tells you which archangel is communicating. North will be Uriel. South will be Michael. East means Raphael. West means Gabriel. Listen to the wind for the messages and you will get a better idea of which angel is communicating and, based on their gifts and abilities, the message they’re bringing you.

With smells it will be those scents associated with the different archangels. As an example, Zadkiel brings us the smell of orange, lavender or rosewood where Metatron holds more of the spicy or herbal aromas. Not everyone will experience the smells just like not everyone will tune in to the winds.

Traveling the Baltic countries brings a completely different angel vibe. Angels appear more through feelings and emotions, at least for me being an empath. In Estonia and Russia in particular, I experienced heavier messages and some anxiety even though I loved Russia and look forward to going back some day. The opaque messages carried more serious thoughts, and there seemed to be some hesitation in the communication. I found that very interesting.

When I was clearing customs to leave Russia, I ended up detained by two Russian customs agents. My husband had smoothly passed through ahead of me. I began to get concerned when the first agent called over the second. I could feel angel wings wrap around me, protecting me, as I stood there silently. After what seemed like an eternity I was allowed to pass through. Once I’d cleared the area the ‘wrap’ disappeared.

angel adventures investigating Joliet prison

Sensations were the complete opposite in the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands. The whole energy field in those countries felt bright and uplifting, so messages were coming through as less serious feelings. Angel ‘gut’ guidance was pervasive and that’s always good angel guidance.

As for Finland and Denmark, angel messages here gave me moments of great discernment as we toured and visited villages and sites. I found that moments, connections to these countries, resonated more profoundly thanks to angel messages that sparked deeper reflection. Messages came through just about all claires depending on location. It always felt very open and free.

Crossing the pond and exploring England, Wales and Scotland I found angels popping up everywhere. They love to guide you both audibly and visually here. You’ll see their messages in repetitive signage, village music and conversations, and as part of historical trappings. Oftentimes I found myself wanting to become part of the moment or place thanks to the angel leadings.

And then there’s Ireland. Angels in Ireland are industrious energies. For me they were constantly talking to me. I’d see them as colors and sparkles and ‘mists’ both in my peripheral vision and boldly out in front of me. Another traveler confirmed many of those experiences and it was really fun sharing those encounters.

At the Hellfire Club just outside of Dublin (see photo below) negative forces pushed and pushed to keep me out of the ruin, and I was quite apprehensive about entering. After calling in my angels and several attempts to push in, the dark energy that I was encountering moved, and I was able to enter.

First I explored the ground floor and then moved to the second. As I was about to leave one room I happened to look up. It’s difficult to see in the photo, but above me cobalt blue sparkles hovered. Not dust. Not dirt. Not moisture in the air. I could remove those things from the angel energy hovering above me. There was Michael communicating his protective presence to me just as I had requested prior to entering the Hellfire Club.

I’m sure that you’re still wondering about the elemental and murdered priest that I mentioned earlier. To continue…

We were investigating Leap Castle near Offaly, Ireland – probably the most haunted castle in the world. My husband and I visited there 22 years earlier on our honeymoon doing a leisurely afternoon tour with the owner, Sean Ryan… This time we were with Mysterious Adventures Tours.

On this night, the setting was straight out of a Hollywood movie. Cold. Rainy. And a wind that tested the sturdiest of trees. You could almost hear the banshees screaming through it.

We’d moved up to the Bloody Chapel with a local paranormal team, Paranormal Adventures Ireland, who investigates Leap regularly. As they directed us to form a circle the wind suddenly picked up. Windows were non-existent on that top floor, so the energy sensation from this wind was palpable.

As we began our work, one para team member, a channeler, instructed the ‘woman in the white scarf’ to step into the middle of the circle. That woman was me.

It was a matter of only a couple of minutes, and I began to sway, encircled by the rest of my group. The channeler almost immediately started communicating a message to me that he was receiving – “you will be okay” over and over. The more I swayed the more muted my hearing became, something that my angels do to protect me. I felt as though I had moved into a trancelike state. For my safety, based on a previous, similar experience, the para team moved me out of the circle.

The wind had grown fiercer as I sat now on a stone ledge. With the eerie lights from the investigation, the sound of the wind, and the shadows cast on the walls it was totally surreal – for everyone. The ‘feeling’ that enveloped me, that started with the swaying, stayed with me until we left the castle even though attempts were made to clear me, even one directed by me.

Comparing notes with the para team afterwards they affirmed that the message the channeler received came from the murdered priest and it was to reassure me that I would be okay against the attempts by the elemental to overtake me. The team also affirmed that there was no doubt that I was wrapped in angel protection the entire time I was within the walls of the castle. The angels had my back.

Angels may appear differently to different people in the same place although they generally prefer certain energies. It’s a matter of being present in the moment and understanding your gifts. If you’ve experienced supernatural/paranormal moments you should be able to discern your angelic messages.

As for traveling in the US, I’m reserving those experiences and observations for a later date.

My angels know to keep their bags packed – ready at a moment’s notice for my ongoing adventures. I suggest activating your angels now to familiarize yourself with their different, revealing energies. If you want to learn more go to Chaplain Jodi – Survivor Angels on Teachable.

Then once you’re prepped, you’ll be angel trippin’ in no time.




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