Starcodes: October 20-26


Starcodes for the week of October 20-26, 2023

Help us steer this world through an astrologically tricky month, this is not the new normal. Direct any unusual circumstance towards a healing outcome whether it unfolds in international politics or over dinner conversation.

We enter Scorpio season with a bang this weekend as both the Sun and Mercury square intense Pluto on Friday and bring our thoughts to the dire and the dark, but also to the transformation possible beyond. By Monday the Sun and Mercury join Mars in Scorpio and trine seriously competent, organized and stabilizing Saturn. The Scorpio influence stays strong and the aspects stay tricky through mid-November, so let’s find a way to navigate it.

Scorpio gets to the point; it represents the highest and the lowest of the zodiac and can help us solve mysteries, focus, transcend, and evolve on a good day. On a bad day brings relentless and unforgiving focus. Scorpio at its core encourages us to get strong and deep, get to the roots. In its more surface form, Scorpio energy feeds our suspicions which can distort the truth as much as blind faith.

To use this deep curiosity well, rather look for confirmation bias, we have to bring our dedication to the truth. It’s easy to spot that confirmation bias- that search for facts to support our opinion rather that find out what’s really going on- in someone else; it’s harder to spot in ourselves. Look inwards.

That Sun-Mercury conjunction-square Pluto brings our minds to what’s been left undone, what needs to be released, and where are world’s woes and disasters proliferating. Some of us dealing with depression could get triggered, disasters in the headlines can bring up our personal disasters and ring us like a bell. We need to be really kind our heart and watch out for our sad friends; the stars never want us to get stuck in depression, they want us to step up to the plate.

Friday brings a stabilizing, competent grand trine in earth signs which can soften and direct that Scorpio influx, and it can resonate throughout the week. The Capricorn Moon trines Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. Competence can be dangerous in difficult people, but the soft edge of this aspect encourages us to show compassion in earthy, cuddly, and practical ways. People feel more stable and feel loved when things get done.

The Sun and Mercury enter intense Scorpio on Sunday and Monday but also trine stabilizing Saturn. This can loan us sanity and help us deal with the world’s events through systems, structures, discipline, and traditions.

As the week wears on Mars, strong in its own sign of Scorpio approaches an exact opposition to Jupiter, which expands whatever it touches. This can have a paradoxical effect where we either become free of an argument or battle or magnify that argument or battle. We don’t just let it go, but we can free or expand our circumstance depending upon how we use the energy.

starcodes week of October 20 through 26

Friday, October 20: Offer practical help; people feel loved through touch and pragmatic support as the Capricorn Moon, Venus, and Jupiter form a grand trine in earth signs. We’ll need the support to face haunting thoughts, doubts, or tough news as Mercury squares Pluto. Some fear or insecurity can breed moodiness or vindictiveness. Be more curious and look under the rock, look for what’s truly going on. Support each other and step forward.

Moon sextiles Mars 5:54 AM, Moon trine Venus 2:59 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 5:29 PM, Mercury square Pluto 6:50 PM.

Saturday, October 21: Have something constructive to do on this competent, potentially ruthlessly competent, Capricorn Moon; work can stabilize us in the face of a fear of loneliness, loss, inadequacy, weird power dynamics, or just an odd mood arising as the sun squares Pluto. We want to know we are enough- but may wonder about it. We can feel alone and think where the only one, or bond together if we deal with a challenge together. Woven through this Plutonian day, Venus trines Jupiter and offers a thread social connection, creativity, and loving pragmatic compassion we can use to repair the world. Organized or formal socializing tonight can inspire real connection.

sun squares Pluto 8:09 AM, Moon trine Uranus 10:20 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 4:17 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 8:32 PM, Moon square Sun 9:29 PM, Venus trine Jupiter 10:32 PM.

Sunday, October 22: We could feel spacey and a bit out of it as the Moon enters sociable Aquarius while Mercury enters private Scorpio and trines Saturn. Feel those contradictory pulls -both inwards towards solitude and outwards into the world. Our mind activates, grows introspective, and pushes us to expand our understanding beyond an early confine. Watch possessiveness or a sullen edge midday, encourage generosity tonight as the Moon squares Jupiter.

Moon square Mercury 12 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 12:06 AM, Mercury enters Scorpio 12:48 AM, Mercury trine Saturn 10:12 AM, Moon square Mars 12:21 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:26 PM.

Monday, October 23: Halloween steps closer as the Sun enters Scorpio this morning. Although we can feel pulled into our inner world, that collaborative Aquarius Moon keeps us aware of the big picture and the needs of our team, family, or planet. Stay flexible midday, then get down to brass tacks to outline a plan as Mercury and the Sun trine organizing Saturn.

Sun enters Scorpio 10:20 AM, Moon square Uranus 1:04 PM.

Tuesday, October 24: We may feel our age, or feel the weight of the world, as the sensitive Pisces Moon conjuncts serious Saturn this morning. We’ll need to process feelings, feel a moment of safety, get organized and catch up with ourselves. Watch a flash of temper around vulnerability or guilt this afternoon, instead respond with constructive action this afternoon as the Moon trines Mars.

Sun trine Saturn 1:13 AM, Moon enters Pisces 2:32 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 3:34 AM, Moon trine Sun 3:44 AM, Moon trine Mercury 8:56 AM, Moon trine Mars 4:57 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:56 PM.

Wednesday, October 25: Be kind through potentially awkward or self-conscious moments this morning as the Pisces Moon opposes Venus in Virgo. Swim in this pool of emotions; practical objectivity could be scarce, sensitive hopes and fears run at high tide. This can slow us down in the practical world but nurtures our internal work and meditation. Be kind.

Moon opposed Venus 3:51 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 2:34 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 8:22 PM.

Thursday, October 26: If we felt vulnerable in the days before, now can be a fierce day of action. Stay proactive and competent as the Moon enters spicey Aries and Venus quincunx Chiron. If tempers flare, consider being quiet, taking a walk, and letting the heat cool before responding. Think through what would not add fuel to the fire but could actually heal and solve the problem at hand.

Moon sextile Pluto 12:39 AM, Moon enters Aries 4:01 AM, Venus quincunx Chiron 7:10 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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